She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 5 Chapter 121

Volume 5 Chapter 121 Orange And Pink _

A sudden explosion by the main gate resounded in the middle of the knight, which awakens the whole kingdom. Akihiro, Yukimura and the other generals were already on their way to the main gate when it happened. There was no report from the border, but the ones on guard by the main gate was uneasy by the sudden quietness. One had been sent to report to the king while the others remained alert so when a sudden attack came their way, they were able to deflect it but didn't expect for it to be so strong.

"Who's attacking?" Akihiro upon arrival asked.

"Go and keep all the people in their houses, tell them to remain inside until a further instruction is given," he then commanded on the other knights who instantly followed and left on different sides.

"They are currently hidden, your highness. We haven't seen them yet," Asao, general of squad 12, replied. He had been using his vision ability since the whole place was suddenly silent but he can't seem to see anyone.

"Yukimura, go on and throw attacks up front. We'll see if they are using barriers or something to cover themselves," Akihiro once again commanded.

Yukimura and Osamu, who is currently the squad 1 general, followed and threw attacks on all sides.


A crack was heard not long after and just like a glass that's breaking apart, the whole seen was displayed to them. There behind the glass wall was thousands of men, ready to attack them.

"Hello there," an orange cloaked man greeted them.

"We are here for a party, can you accommodate us?"

"Kaoru," Akihiro called.

"I understand, I'll remain here strengthening the barrier," Kaoru answered.

"Let's all protect our home!!" Akihiro shouted to all the knights behind him. Everyone have gathered and is currently waiting for Akihiro's instruction. Half of them are already outside the main gate, while the other half are the long range ones.

Raven and the other six are in the front line. Theo and Nana are with those who are using long range attacks.

"Oooohhhh you don't seem that shock?" Orange amusingly said after seeing how they could instantly be on position at the same time how they could instantly be there as if they were actually lying in wait for them.

"Now I see, no wonder those few from the border run for their lives when everything seems bleak, it was part of your plan isn't it?" a pink cloaked man who step out and stood beside Orange said.

"No wonder that explosion we created didn't even damage anything," Orange added.

"Who knows," Akihiro replied.


2 weeks before Eureka left.

"Is it because of what had happened in the past? That's why we are not going to propose an alliance to Hesperian Kingdom?" Akihiro asked after calling for Eureka.

Haruka, Kaoru and Yukimura are present as well.

"No," Eureka replied instantly.

"Then why?"

"Because they are still our enemy. They are going to attack us not long from now."

"How can you be so sure?"

"Do you think that, that 'man' would just be with his minions all this time? Just kidnapping knights from the different kingdoms?"

"So basically, he is actually in Hesperian Kingdom? And the places that I would meet them weren't actual places and that they were more like illusions in order to deceive me of where they truly are?" Kaoru asked.

"Yes, that is indeed correct. And all this time they were there preparing for an ambush."

"But how did you know about it?"

"I have been away a lot lately, and that is because I am tracing where those who are spying on us came from."

"You mean those who had been watching all over the kingdom all this time?"

"So you knew about them?"

"Of course I know. Dai had been watching them closely. I just thought that it was not yet the time for him to follow them and so I didn't risk it."

"You did the right choice, your highness. If it was sir Dai or anyone else trying to trace their footsteps back then it would be dangerous. To be honest those watching over us were in reality just one person."

"One person? But I could feel more than one."

"The one spying on us is left hand man of that 'person'. He has five abilities, illusion, enhancement, detection, fire and wind. He was able to utilize the first three in order to become a great asset to that 'person'. But his use of fire and wind are no joke either. His detection is his best ability, and that also means that sir Dai could be noticed even if he was one kilometer away from that person."

"But Dai was always close by as he watches some of that guy's illusion."

"Yes but at the same time Sir Dai is inside the seal Kaoru have placed around the kingdom. SO that person couldn't touch him."

"He could have just destroyed the barrier."

"Don't belittle my barrier brother. I made sure that it is strong enough to protect our kingdom after all."

"I'm not belittling it, but I'm just asking."

"Kaoru have said it. Of course he had tried infiltrating but failed to do so because of the barrier. He couldn't risk coming in, he might be strong but that doesn't mean he can take everyone in here on his own."

"Then how did you trace him?"

"I did the same thing as what I did back in Archic Kingdom."

"So you're not going to tell us how. I see. But there will come a day that I won't accept such answers," Akihiro said firmly.

"I know and I hope by then I could also answer it already."

"Then shall we place a lot of knights on the western border?" Akihiro inquired.

"No, let's assign only a few. Then tell them to runaway after fighting for just a little bit."

Eureka's reply greatly shocked everyone.

"If we do that then they will be able to infiltrate us."

"Indeed but we'll have lower casualties. If we all go to the border then they could have some of their people to go in a round about manner to attack the kingdom itself. But if we make them think that their ambush have succeeded then we can protect the kingdom at the same time have all the help we need as we battle them," Eureka explained.

"That is reasonable enough, I suppose."

"Well, that is my opinion. The final decision shall still be in your hands, your highness."

(End of Flashback)

"Maybe a little bird informed us that you have infiltrated our border?" he then added as he pulled out his sword.

Pink narrowed his eyes, "I suppose it was that woman. Lord said there is someone he needs to meet in here."

"Could it be that one over there? The one who is far behind?" Orange replied referring to Nana.

"Who knows, we have no description of her. But she will surely appear here and now, that is if she still want all this people to remain alive," Pink replied as he started chanting.

"Your conversation tells me that I know who you are referring to," a voice interrupted their thoughts.

Just as Pink turned around, a sword flashed by his face. He was able to dodge it but the fire that it brought caused his cape to be on fire. He jumped backwards, but was met with another sword but this time it was the wind that accompanied it.

"Silver was right. You guys do have this weapons. I wonder if this world have more similarities with the other?" Pink commented as he parried more attacks coming from Hideyoshi and Raven.

"Don't attack," Hideyoshi called out when Feena was about to join in, "He has electric ability, it will backfire if you attack with water, even if it is your water."

Feena and Raven was momentarily startled by this. All of them have indeed trained their sensing, but not to the point where they could tell an enemy have a certain ability, despite him not using it yet.

"I'll tell you once we get the chance," Hideyoshi said as he receive a wind attack from Pink.

"Go on and help the other knights. We have more than a thousand to defeat," Raven commanded to Feena as he rushed forward to help out Hideyoshi.

"Do you think you two could defeat me just like that?" Pink commented as he conjured water falls and got them wet, he soon used electric to deal more damage.

Both of them used their abilities to dry up the water then their sword to deflect the electric.

"Yeah? Well at least we know how to deal with your combinations," Hideyoshi replied as he jumped in once again to attack.

"Tsk those weapons are truly irritating. We couldn't have them so how come you could?" Pink replied before parrying with them once again.

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