She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 5 Chapter 122

Volume 5 Chapter 122 Peek A Boo

Abilities flew everywhere, cries of defeat could be heard. But with Feena and the others who took their training much seriously than before, Aurora Kingdom have the upper hand.

Kaoru is currently taking care of the barrier, it might be far stronger but that doesn't mean that it is impenetrable. He is currently fixing the cracks on it. Theo and Nana are doing a wonderful job at giving support to those on the ground, hitting every target perfectly giving their comrades more space to move and more time to keep on attacking. Feena, Azusa, Karen and Mamoru are defeating more and more enemies. Akito was doing great in providing assistance when wounded knights would be brought to the made up clinic by the gate.

"Mamoru, I need support here," Raven looked around and seeing that Mamoru was the only one close by he had called for him.

Just as Pink was about to deal a blow on a retreating Raven, Mamoru planted his spear on the ground, rocks jut out from the ground interrupting Pink's attack allowing Raven to safely move away.

"Where is he going?" Mamoru asked Hideyoshi just as he started attacking Pink.

"I have no idea. But right now we really need to focus," just as Hideyoshi said this, electricity suddenly run through his body.

Wiping the blood on his mouth, "Damn, I didn't notice his attack."

"I wonder if you can still keep up," Pink smirked as he used his wind to attack once again.



Nana was about to release another arrow to support the soldiers when orange suddenly appeared in front of her.

With this chaotic battle no one have noticed Orange who suddenly disappeared from the battle ground. He is currently floating right in front of Nana.

"Invisibility and gravity. Quite the combination don't you think?" Orange said as he chanted another enchantment and Nana was then placed inside a barrier cube.

"NANA!!," Theo called out. Both he and Nana were caught off guard. They were at the back most part of the battle and were on the walls. Nana who haven't trained with her senses and Theo who just started couldn't stop Orange from taking Nana herself away.

Rino and Akihiro who was engaged in a battle with some generals of the Hesperian Kingdom couldn't run to her aide. Haruka is with Akito, helping out in taking care of the wounded, so she has no idea of what is currently going on.

"If you are that woman our Lord wanted to meet, then I might be promoted and move past Pink. I should really bring you back to him, no?" Orange said as he circle the caged Nana.

"Don't belittle me," Nana reacted as she used her magma to try and break the barrier.

She was then devastated when the Magma's heat disappeared.

"I forgot to mention, my elemental ability is actually Water. But I'm amazed you have quite the ability. Too bad it seems that you are not yet used to it," Orange mocked.

"She can just go and train more, if she wanted to," Raven used the wall to jump up and use his weapon that is surrounded by fire to break the barrier.

"*laughs* Do you think that fire of yours could break my barrier?" Orange ridiculed.

"No, but I can make a crack on it," Raven replied just as an arrow flew past him hitting the barrier which was already cracked, completely breaking it.

Theo used his wind to support Raven in the air as he catch Nana. As they retreat Orange tried to pursue them but was stopped by Akihiro and Rino who was substituted by the other generals on their fights.

"You guys are no fun, I was just going to bring her to our Lord to make him happy and you actually stopped me," Orange complained.

"There's no sane person that would allow others to kidnap their daughter right before their eyes," Akihiro replied.

"Ah a princess, could she be that other girl then?" Orange asked as he used barrier to protect himself from Akihiro's attack.

Rino thought as he too attacked Orange.


"Are you alright princess?" Raven asked as he put down Nana, he brought her to the clinic.

"I'm fine I don't need to be here," she replied.

"We can't risk it again, please stay here and help the Akito and queen Haruka instead," Raven stopped her from leaving.

"Am I a burden?"

"For now, yes. Currently if you return out there, then you will be a burden," Raven answered truthfully.

"Why do they want me?" Nana wondered.

"I don't think it is you, it must have been Eureka. If my speculation is right then the woman he is referring to would be Eureka," Raven replied before he left.

"Eureka?" Nana asked Haruka who was checking on her.

While Haruka was staying in Archic for more than 20 years she had been studying medicine in order to be of some help, in reality her fall on that cliff caused her a lot, she could no longer fight the way she did in the past.

"Well know later. For now, Raven is right if they think that you are the woman they are looking for then you really would be a burden to them. Just help us out in here and take care of the wounded ones," Haruka, after checking that Nana is really okay, firmly said.


"Where have you been?" Mamoru and Hideyoshi asked at the same time.

They were focused on fighting Pink they didn't realize what had just happened.

"I felt was something is wrong and realized that Orange was missing," Raven replied as he positioned beside them.

Pink, Mamoru and Hideyoshi were already wounded..

"Come on, let's finish this now," he commanded.

"Easy for you to say," Hideyoshi said as once again both he and Mamoru were elctrecuted.

"This surely brings back some memories," Mamoru complained as he stood up once again.

Fire suddenly appeared surrounding the three of them.

"What are you doing?" Hideyoshi asked.

"You've improved but not yet enough. He had been using his wind ability to cover up the fact that he had incorporated his water ability. It's enough to allow his electric to cause damage but for you not to notice that you are wet," Raven explained just as the fire disappear.

"I really hate smart guys like you. I've noticed how you stop Orange's plan. And now you even stop my entertainment," Pink said as he released his poison gas.

"Damn, four abilities are truly troublesome," Hideyoshi complained, using his wind to disperse the gas that was coming their way.

"Damn," Raven suddenly said.

"What's wrong?" Mamoru asked.

"We need to move a little bit farther."

"What happened? Isn't that just a poisonous gas?"

"No, it is also an explosive gas. I can't use my fire right now."

"*laughs* you smell it for the first time and you already know that it is already an explosive one," Pink acknowledged as he released more.

"Don't blow it away but instead contain it here Hideyoshi," looks at Pink, "Of course I also need what types of abilities could cause my ability to die out or to lose control. I really hate losing control you see."

Hideyoshi, as per Raven's instruction, created a wind dome around the four of them.

"Don't worry about me, I can fight despite not having my ability. Just attack as much as you want," Raven said to the other two as once again all four were engaged in a battle.


"Do you think those three are okay?" Azusa asked the other two.

All three of them were wounded but with light ones, they are tired but could still fight just fine.

"Don't worry all three of them are plenty strong, for now we still have atleast 800 more to defeat," Feena replied as she raised her weapon and whipped in on one side, just as it landed, like a cactus water spikes appeared around it hitting all those enemies are close by.

"That's right, don't be too nervous and just fight," Karen followed as she stomped her feet and split the ground near them making the enemy knights to fall down before she closed it, killing them underground.

"That's true," Azusa disappeared beside them and sudden;ly screams were heard as blood sprayed everywhere.

"Don't lag behind now, we are proud generals of the Kingdom. We can't be out shined by the knights of the next generation," Osamu called out to all the others who roared in return.

Yukimura thought as he watches them at the same time pulling his sword out of the burned general in front of him.

"To think that you can put up such a fight in front of all this people, this truly amazes us, but not for long," Silver's voice was suddenly heard before he appeared in thin air and chanted something, not one have heard before.

All the remaining enemy knights suddenly bent over as their veins pop out, the aura surrounding them have tremendously increased.

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