She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 5 Chapter 123

Volume 5 Chapter 123 Reward

"Brother Silver!!" Orange exclaimed upon seeing Silver appear.

"Stop playing around, I'm going," Silver reminded. Just as how he instantly appeared, he also instantly disappeared.

"Aloof as ever," Orange pouted, when another magma rock appeared above him.

With gravity he was able to evade it but was met with icicles.

"This is futile," he used his barrier to shield himself, "One is an old one, the other is not yet used to it. You think just because you have the strongest abilities you already are plenty strong?"

He rubbed his chin, "But this world is a bit different. These two abilities are born separately."

"Is it possible for you to tell us what you mean?" Rino asked as he continued attacking.

"Easy, in the other worlds. You were born as one," Orange readily replied.

Rino was the only one who heard it, Orange's voice was loud enough just for him to hear. Akihiro was attacking in long range manner, so he is a bit far.

"As one?"

"You seemed not shock about a different world. You know about it?"

"Who knows," Rino replied as he jumped backwards when the earth opened and magma shot out, attacking Orange.


"That spell, what is it? Their strengths have tripled but it seems that they have lost their control over themselves," Yukimura said as he incinerated another knight.

"Not just lost their control, they seemed to have become zombies instead attacking without a care. Like the only thing they know is that they should kill," Osamu said as he used inferno to kill the enemies running towards him.


Pink coughed up a mouthful of blood, "To think I would be pushed back to this point."

"Are you alright Raven?"

Raven couldn't use his ability because of the gas that is surrounding them so he has the most wounds among the three of them.

"How is it?" Raven asked instead.

"Almost," Hideyoshi replied.

"Keep going, once you're done we will counter attack at full force," Raven replied as he dashed forward to attack Pink. Mamoru conjured another spell to create two massive hands, clapping them on Pink.

Hideyoshi thought.

He had stopped attacking for a while now and is currently doing his best on the task Raven have secretly given him.

Pink thought as he used his wind to protect himself from Mamoru's rocks. After a few more blows.

"Now," Hideyoshi shouted.

Pink was caught off guard, the whole dome suddenly shrunk and it became a cage only at him. Mamoru and Raven placed their hands on the ground on the either side of Pink.

"What the-" the ground beneath him suddenly turned to that of a magma, his water couldn't keep up. Adding the gas within the dome, explosions added to the attack sent to him. Wind boomerangs went back and forth on his body. His abilities, water, wind, gas and electric, were of no use until he breathed his last.

The dome disappeared, and pink's body was nothing but ash.

"That took you long enough," Mamoru complained to Hideyoshi.

"That wasn't as easy as you think. I have to make sure that within that thin layer the gas is enclosed," Hideyoshi retorted.

Just as Hideyoshi created the dome, Raven tasked him to slowly contain the gas and enclose Pink with it. Hideyoshi had to make layers and layers of wind dome, at the same time it should be as thin as possible in order for Pink not to notice it. This layers would allow Hideyoshi to make the dome smaller enclosing Pink faster.

"But well you have improved a lot since the last time. That's a good achievement," Raven complimented placing his hand on Hideyoshi's shoulder.

"Let's go and help the others now."


"Those brats were able to defeat Pink," Orange was astonished upon feeling Pink's aura disappear.

"Don't get distracted now," Rino spoke as he attack him once again with icicles.

Some have grazed Orange, "This must be your favorite move, you've been using it all this time," Pink commented as he protected himself from the others.

Rino smirked while Akihiro came in and continuously attacked him. During this time Rino chanted the spell for snow storm. Orange protected himself with barrier, but Akihiro's continues attack have broke it instantly.

"What will this storm do anyway? Are you just trying to distract me?" Orange asked as he span around looking for the other two.

"No, but I'm trying to freeze you," just as Rino replied, Orange felt his limbs freeze. Slowly from the inside his body were frozen. Until he became completely frozen, Akihiro then used his magma, Orange's body cracked before it was pulverized.

"That was quick thinking of you," Akihiro complimented Rino.

He had used those simple icicle attacks to wound Orange's body, he then used the snow storm to distract Orange at the same time slowly allow the ice to enter his body. Rino thought that if he had directly did it, Orange would notice and his plan would fail. Akihiro who have noticed this instantly used his Magma to make a reaction on Rino's ice.

"Thank you, father," Rino smiled back at him.

"Come on let's finish this war now," Akihiro then went ahead and joined the others to defeat the enemies.

Rino thought as he followed his father to the on going battle.


It was already sun down when everything finally ended. They were able to kill all. But they have lost quite a lot as well. Haruka and Nana did a great job in assisting Akito. After everything have settled they transferred all the wounded to the main hospital. Raven and the others remained in the battle ground in order to check that everything have indeed been finished. Akihiro, Yukimura and the other generals returned to the castle, after being treated, in order to speak about what had happened today. Kaoru is still fixing the barrier around the kingdom.

"Raven what did you mean about the fact that it was Eureka whom they wanted?" Nana asked as she tend to Raven's wounds.

"If I am not mistaken, everything that had happened before were stopped by Eureka. She had stopped their plans multiple times allowing us to have more time to prepare. That is also why I think that this attack was pushed back so much," Raven replied.

"They didn't know that she is not in here at the moment?" Nana continued asking.

"That's not it cousin, I think that they know. Well not all of them, knowing her strength as well. If they attack now then they could create more casualties. If she is here then it would be meaningless. I also think that they must be searching for her right now," Theo was the one who answered.

"What is it, your highness?" Mamoru, noticing that Rino was quiet, well he was always quiet, but this time he looks like his in deep thought as well, asked.

"No it's nothing. I'm just trying to solve something," Rino replied, "And you really don't have to be formal right now."

"I'm really dead tired, but happy at the same time. We were able to win this war with our own hands," Karen spoke up.

"I think if this was still the past us, we would have been utterly defeated," Azusa commented as well.

"I'm happy that you trained under Eureka in using dual swords, you look great in the battle field a while ago," Mamoru, who was sitting beside her, complimented.

"Hey don't get distracted on a battle field," Azusa jokingly punched his arm, trying to hide her embarrassment at the sudden compliment.

"You should have rested in the hospital," Feena, on the other side, said to Hideyoshi who was leaning on her shoulder.

"It's fine, the wind here feels great," Hideyoshi replied with his eyes closed.

"I didn't know you have asked Eureka about sensing the auras of abilities," Feena asked once again.

"I had thought that I might be able to protect everyone even more if I become more accustomed to sensing abilities. And I'm glad I endured her demonic training," he replied.

Feena remembered how Hideyoshi stopped her from attacking. If he didn't then she would have been electrocuted.

"Yeah you did a great job," she complimented patting his head.

"Shouldn't I receive more than a pat?" Hideyoshi complained but didn't move.

His eyes snapped open when Feena lifted his head and kissed him on the cheek.

"Hey will you stop that, get a room," Karen complained upon witnessing this.

Feena laughed when Karen threw a stone at her, "Get a boyfriend then."

"Shut it, I'm happy being a single lady," Karen replied.

They continued teasing Feena and Hideyoshi at this sudden action.

"Seriously you startled me," Hideyoshi complained. He was just joking but she actually kissed him. Of course they haven't kissed yet but he is willing to wait until Feena approves of it herself. He can tell, after all, that she is still awkward with the things that lovers do. In the end this is still her first relationship.

"I just thought I really should give you a reward," Feena replied smiling warmly at him.

He smiled back and leaned his head on her shoulders once again. If this warm feeling will be his reward everytime he does his best then he would never stop doing his best.

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