She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 5 Chapter 124

Volume 5 Chapter 124 Best Aming The Best

The very next day, Akihiro, Yukimura, the generals, the captains and Raven's group are gathered in the meeting hall. Even Natsuki was there, yesterday he was held inside the kingdom, Akihiro said that they haven't explained things yet to Confederate kingdom and he didn't want to include him in the current fight. Understanding this, Natsuki followed the order and remained inside the castle.

"What happened yesterday was the first wave of war we are about to face. We don't know how long this will last. We don't know how many more waves we will have to pass. But you have seen their strength, they have the capability to strengthen those under them with just a chant, but you have seen that with that they also lost their minds. We don't know what else they have up their sleeves but it is better that we should prepare even more. I want all of you to have a round robin of training, this time not just between your groups but as a whole. The generals will also spar with the knights and the captains, and so on."

Everyone nodded in unison.

"At the same time, Raven, Mamoru, Hideyoshi, Feena, Karen and Azusa. Your group shall be the squad zero from now on. That also includes Eureka who is currently not around, I shall speak with her regarding this disappearance of hers once she returns. Theo, you are still the prince of Archic Kingdom, so as much as possible I don't want to see you in the front lines."

"Your highness, I must apologize, I might be the prince but this war is no longer just with your kingdom, they have started their move. That also means that sooner or later they will be attacking ours as well. Which means that we are already in it. I shall fight and if needed I shall be in the front lines. Prince or not I am a part of this world. The alliance created between our kingdoms is for this war. Please don't give me any special treatment or anything," Theo interrupted.

Akihiro could only sigh. This is the same reason he had given Natsuki, especially since Natsuki only have himself in here. He decided to ditch all his guards and came to the meet up point alone. He had even left a letter saying that if his guards would follow then he will run to Archic instead.

"I too," just as he was dreading Natsuki spoke up.

"I too didn't want to receive any special treatments. I just want to fight along side everyone. My ability may only be the same as my uncle, a chain, but I know that I can fight well enough to help out."

"I understand, then when the time comes. Please do help us out," Akihiro could only answer in defeat.

"Then squad zero will be composed of Raven's group adding to them Theo, Natsuki, Nana and Rino. This group shall be under Yukimura's guidance. This group will have a round robin fight with each group, this will help the other knights at the same time you as well. I want all of you to take everything seriously now."

Everyone answered in unison once again.

"Your highness, three letters have arrived," Dai said.

Akihiro furrowed his brows, if these letters weren't an urgent matter then Dai wouldn't interrupt the meeting.

"Give them te me."

The first letter came from Archic Kingdom.

'A thousand troupe had suddenly attacked our kingdom, we have lost quite a lot but we still won it. I can feel that we didn't encounter a leader in their group except for the head knight of Hesperian Kingdom. I hope that you are doing well, I've heard that you were also attacked.'

The second letter came from Confederate Kingdom.

'We were attacked by thousands of knights, I'm just glad that Natsuki is there with you, we have lost too much by this sudden attack, adding to the fact that they suddenly grew in strength after a silver caped man appeared and chanted something we don't know of. Please take care of him for us, we didn't know what may happen but he is the future of our kingdom.'

Confederate was a little farther to them than Archic, so this letter must have been sent three days ago. Archic have sent it just last knight.

Akihiro then opened the third letter.

'If you received this letter, your highness, that only means that they have started their attack while I was away. It also means that the other kingdoms were attacked. What I request with this letter is that please expand the kingdom, create more houses on the northern and southern side of the kingdom. I wish that you would do this in the fastest possible way. This first wave was just their testing of our strength, the next ones will be to annihilate us. It is better for the three kingdoms to be united during this time, and I mean it as a whole. Even their common people shall be moving to ours. If they don't then death shall await them and we will have nothing to do with it. Once you have created everything please send some of the generals and the captains to be a part of the escort, of course moving a whole kingdom will be a lot of work, and you might be thinking that those enemies would attack during this time, but please be rest assured that they won't. My thinking is almost the same as theirs. Having everyone gathered will be to their best interest, they could kill everyone with one shot. But it is also to our best interest as we could defend everyone with everything that we've got without worrying of those outside. I don't know when my training would end but it is for sure that I shall return and be there on their next movement."

Akihiro have read all letters aloud, allowing the others to hear everything.

"The plan she had proposed is very dangerous, but at the same time I see her point. What do you all think?" Akihiro asked them.

"I think that it is indeed for the best, if they attack while a whole kingdom is moving we can still fight. But this should be discussed between each kingdom, your highness," Yukimura replied.

"I shall send a letter to each king and discuss this thoroughly. For now, let's create more place for them to stay. We will use the southern half for all accommodations, and the northern half for livelihood. We will be needing more supplies once they arrive. I shall speak about this to all the people tomorrow and make them understand our current situations. For now, meeting adjourned."


"What do you think?" Shigure asked Sana.

"It is dangerous but also reasonable. We can't fight separately now. But you should still speak with the people about it."

"I know," Shigure answered. To be honest half of their kingdom was destroyed, the attack wasn't just a simple attack but he didn't want to make Haruka or Akihiro or Theo to worry that's why he didn't say anything about it.


"I'll make the announcement tomorrow," Ichiro said to all the remaining higher ups of Confederate kingdom.

Their kingdom has the most casualty, not just half but three-fourths of it were destroyed and a lot have died. Half of the castle was destroyed as well.

"Truly we have such a terrifying opponent."


"I wonder how she sent that letter?" Nana asked the others as they were resting from their training.

"I think it was with sir Dai all along," Raven replied.

"How did you know?" Hideyoshi asked.

"The other two letters were already in his hand, but that letter came from his clothes."

"That is indeed true. She must have entrusted it with him before she left," Rino added.

"But how did she tell him when to give it to the king?" Theo asked this time.

"Who knows, but it must be along the lines of, 'When I am not around and the kingdom was attacked please give this letter to his highness once everything is settled.'" Rino answered.

"I hope she returns soon though, not because we will be facing so many enemies but because I wanted to make sure that she is actually safe and sound. We haven't heard from her for so long already," Feena said as she picked up her normal sword.

"I feel the same way, I actually misses her. We haven't spoken about her for so long, I suppose it's fine now?" Karen added.

"We have been able to improve because we stopped relying on her presence. Why not this time let's improve by making her our motivation. Once she returns let's battle her and show her how much we have become stronger," Azusa said as she too picked up her swords and stood up.

"Come on now, let's return to our training. We need to improve more and more. For us to also be worthy of the title the king have given us. Let's make squad zero the best among the best," she added as she pulled Feena and Karen up.

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