She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 6 Chapter 125

Volume 6 Chapter 125 Last Saw That Face

"I'll show them, I will really show them that I can also fight now in the front lines. Just they wait," Nana said as she slashed another bear in fromt of her, sending it's head flying.

She wiped the beads of sweat in her forehead. She didn't know how long she has been in the forest, she just remembered that she saw the moon and the stars twice already. There are times where she would sleep while the sun is up and would wake up when the sun was still up. That's why she had lost track of time.

At the same she is starting to notice how she barely meet those animals.

"I think you have proven yourself more than enough already, princess. All the animals are already gone."

She heard a melodious voice from above. Looking up she was stunned, it's been two years since she last saw the face of that girl who stormed out of the castle because of her stubborness, two years since she last saw the face of the girl she rarely spoke with.

Eureka thought just as she jumped down the tree she was sitting on as she watch the princess kill off the animals.

With her thoughts she didn't notice the look the princess was giving her.

Nana was truly mersmerized, Eureka's hair reached her thigh, it wasn't straight but a wavy one giving you the impression of a calm flowing water. Her face have obviously matured, anyone who'd look at her would definitely stare longer than necessary. The aura around her gives you a sense of danger but at the same time security.

she thought as she kept staring at her.

"Your highness?" Eureka called when she didn't here another word from Nana, that's when she felt that Nana was actually staring at her.

Though her call made Nana return to reality, "Eureka!!" she exclaimed.

"*chuckles* Yes princess it is indeed I, have you forgotten my face?" Eureka amusedly said.

Her chuckle was truly music to ones ears. What more if they hear her laugh?, Nana was once again mersmerized this time because of her voice.

"Your highness??" Eureka called, once again Nana went silent.

"Oh I'm sorry. I guess I was just shocked to actually see you here," Nana replied finally completely returning to reality.

"I guess, it is time for us to go home. You've been away for a week now after all," Eureka replied as she tied up her hair and twisted it to make it shorter, reaching only her lower back.

"Why did you tie it up?" Nana complained.

"Oh, uhmmm I need to move properly and with how long it currently is, I don't think I would be able to if I didn't. I am actually planning on cutting it-"

"NO!! YOU MUST NOT!! DON'T CUT IT!!" Nana suddenly interrupted her.

"I- I understand, your highness. Please do calm down," Eureka was truly startled by her sudden shout.

"Oh, I'm sorry," Nana blushed as she apologized.

"Shall we then? We really need to return, I know the king and queen must be worried by now," Eureka decided to ask instead.

"Okay- Wait, how long was it? How long was I gone?" Nana asked realizing what Eureka have said awhile ago.

"A week, princess."

"Oh no, father and mother would surely scold me. And please don't mention Rino. It will be another earful. Can we not go home instead? I think that would be more terrifying," Nana replied.

But she omce again found herself staring at Eureka upon hearing her soft laughter. Looking at her, it feels like all the flowers have bloomed and sun shined even brighter.

"You really are beautiful," Nana said before she could even stop herself.

Eureka abruptly stopped laughing and straightened herself, "I think you, your highness, is even more beautiful than I am."

"You couldn't see yourself that's why you say that- I'm really really sorry," Nana upon realizing what she had just said, apologized instantly.

"Please princess, stop apologizing to this knight. Adding to that, I am actually very proud of these eyes of mine," Eureka said warmly.

She was not shocked that the princess knew about it, and she will not be shocked even if the queen and Theo would know about it. She no longer has any reason to hide it. Back then everyone knew she was a zero if they also know that she is blind then her chance of becoming a knight would truly be slimmer and she might never maje it. But now, there's no point in hiding it any longer.

"Do you really want to be blind forever?"

"*shakes her head* No, but maybe someday I'll have the courage to see once again."

"What scares you Eureka? What is it that makes you want to leave in a black world?"

"I've seen too many deaths. Those who are important to me, I've seen their deaths, their faces, their eyes that slowly closed, their blood that dried up in the ground. I'm tired of it, your highness. I don't think I could take another sight of such hideous moment," Eureka replied with a tinge of bitterness in her voice.

"I'm sorry for asking."

"No, it is fine your highness. I have been asked about it multiple times that somehow I'm used to answering the questions."

Nana decided to change their topic, "Shall we go home now then. If we stay a little longer, I don't think that I would be able to leave the castle with my ears intact."

"But I think we should take shelter in a nearby village, you've gone quite far in your endeavor, princess. A long bath and warm food would help you recover."

"I guess your righ- Do I smell?" Nana realizing Eureka's words asked as she smell herself.

"Smell of blood that is. You may have taken a dip in the lakes and rivers within the forest but that wouldn't completely remove the smell of blood that bathed you as you went on a killing spree. The king and queen might collapse woth it. At the same time, the weather is going bad, I don't think another day would kill them with concern," Eureka replied as she started walking.

"How long do you think before we could go home?" Nana asked. It took her a week to reach the place they are in, even though it was by foot, she still went on for a week.

"Two days maxed, princess. And since we will be spending another day at a nearby inn then probably in three days."

"How... long have you been following me?"

"Since you left for the forest," Eureka replied nonchalantly.

"You've been with me from the start?!?" but she never felt it, not even for a short moment.

"I was wondering why you suddenly left just as I returned so I have decided to secretly follow you. Upon witnessing your intentions I just decided to watch over you and help you once you're in a dangerous situation. But you have truly improved, not once did I help you. I know that his royal highness would be truly proud to have such a devoted daughter like you."

Eureka's compliment gave a sense of warmth and achievement in Nana's heart. She was so happy that she had trained seriously, who would have thought that Eureka's compliment would feel this good?

"And I must completely apologize, I was truly out of line the day I left the kingdom, I really do apologize," Eureka said as she faced Nana and knelt down, bowing her head.

"No, I was at the wrong as well," Nana rushed forward and made Eureka stand up. It feels like Eureka must not kneel down to her.

"The king was right, you were a princess and have lived all your life with just you and the prince. You really deserve time to enjoy yourself. I really am sorry."

"You are also right, we are not in a time where we can just go and enjoy ourselves. Mother have made me realize this as well. So let's let it all go now, shall we? I think I really need that bath," Nana stretched and walked ahead.

"Where is that village you were talking about? Shall we go there now? The clouds have completely covered the sky now," Nana looked back and smiled at Eureka.

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