She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 6 Chapter 126

Volume 6 Chapter 126 Alike

"Room for two?" the receptionist asked to the two ladies who just entered the inn.

"Yes ple-"

"One room with two beds please," the white haired lady interrupted the silver haired one.

"Geez lil sis, just because you've grown up doesn't mean we can no longer share a room. I still want to stay with you from time to time," she then said looking at the silver haired one.

The silver haired one could only smile in reply.

"What a strong blood, you look quite a like, both are tremendeously beautiful," the receptionist complimented just as she took out the key for their room.

"I thank you for that," the older one replied as she smiled brightly.

After receiving the key, they went up to their room. It was a spacious one, at the same time you'd feel at home while staying in it.

"My, this is just a perfect place. Not just the village itself but this inn as well. Don't you think so Eureka?" Nana faced Eureka with her brightest smile.

"Indeed, princess," Eureka replied.

"But that fruit is really amazing, it doesn't smell, it's not sticky, and it really changed my hair color. Despite it being orange to red, that fruit actually changed it to white," Nana said as she held her hair that reached her lower back.

"I'm glad you're happy about it, princess," Eureka replied as she put down her bag.

Nana pouted, "Stop being too formal with me, right now you are my little sister. The receptionist even said that we look quite a like. My current white hair matches yours don't you think?"

"You need to take a bath now, there's a limit on how long you use the juuce of that fruit. Or do you want to get your hair destroyed?" Eureka instead warned.

"Why didn't you say so earlier?" Nana hurriedly run to the bathroom.

Eureka could only smile in amus.e.m.e.nt, and yet as soon as the door of the bathroom closed, her smile disappeared.

"Alike, kah," she muttered as she touch her hair.


"Just why is it that you still couldn't find her? It's already been a week," Akihiro slammed his hand on the table as he shouted at the detection ability knights in front of him.

"We apologize your highmess. The forest is big and the animals ability is making it hard for us to search for her," the one who leads them replied.

"Just look for her," Akihiro replied as he sat down, he really can't blame them after all it was Nana who chose to suddenly runaway on her own.

The knights acknowledged before they left.

"Your highness," Dai spoke behind him.

"Have you found her?"

"Even I haven't found her, but I came here to report that the animals in that forest have decreased these past few days and right now I could no longer sense them."

"Did she went out to have a killing spree?" he furrowed his brows as he look at Dai.

"It seems that she wanted to prove something," Dai respectfully replied.

"She just wanted to prove to us that she can already fight. It seems she didn't want to be a medic knight," Rino entered and said.

"What do you think then?" Akihiro asked.

Rino may have been asleep most of his life but the two years he had shown a real mature way of living and Akihiro knows that Rino will be ready to be the king in no time. His wisdom and knowledge are already accepted by those in the ranks.

"I've already told you, father. She can fight, it was you who didn't want her to because of that fight more than a year ago."

"But what if she was taken again."

"Raven and sir Yukimura already said it, it was Eureka whom they wanted. It just so happens that she was not there during that time. Adding to the fact that Nana have focused more in practicing her sensing, and seriously trained with her bow and arrow, and now even her sword. I think she can already fight."

"I understand, I shall speak with her once she comes home," Akihuro could only sigh.

"Not until I give her an earful for this behavior," Rino added.

In their family, it was Rino and Haruka who always lecture Nana, while Akihiro always spoils her.

"Don't be too hard on your sister."

"No father, you should be more stern when it comes to her. That spoiled brat."


"Did you stay longer than necessary in the bath, princess?" Eureka asked, she just returned with some food and drink.

"Geez stop being formal. And no, I didn't take that long. My brother must be speaking badly of me again," Nana once again pouted.

"It's because you left on your own. You do know that it is very much dangerous for you to be alone right now. Even if you have the magma ability, your energy is still not the same as the others, to be more precise you can only use three-fourths of what others could use. We really need to be careful," Eureka replied as she prepared the food in the table.

"You're just like Rino, both of you loves to lecture," Nana complained.

"The food is ready now, you need to replenish yourself. We will be leaving early tomorrow morning."

"Fine, Hmmm are we going to hire a horse?" Nana asked as she started eating.

"No, my horse is in the stable. We can just use that one in our return."

"But you didn't have it a while ago."

"I've already left him here when you were fighting with that bear."

"Okay then. Let's go home tomorrow."

There dinner was filled with silence.

Nana thought as she glanced at Eureka.

"Do you..."

Eureka looked up upon hearing Nana speak up.

"Do you love Raven?"

Eureka's brows furrowed, "No, your highness. I don't," she still replied.

"That's good."

"What is it?"

"Well uhmmm... nah I'll tell you some other time."

Eureka did not ask any more and decided to just quietly eat her food.


That morning they left the village just as the sun was rising, they would stop for a rest from time to time and on their third rest.

"Can you check my strength?" Nana asked.

"Do you mean, about your sword?"

"Yes, can we spar?"

"It is my pleasure to spar with you, your highness."

"Why can't you remove that formality of yours. Feena and the others already removed it."

"I guess, after being scolded for being so disrespecting, it already became normal for me to be formal with those of ranks."

"That must be, father, isn't it? But can you at least have some exemption? You know, I'm not used to such as well."

"I'll do my best," Eureka replied as she pulled out her sword.

"Shall we?"


"You're a demon," Nana complained.

Eureka was indeed respectful and all, but when it comes to sparring she really is a demon. She didn't even hold back while they spar and Nana could feel how painful her body is.

"It's like my fight with those animals were nothing."

"If that were you from two years ago, I don't think you would last that long though."

"Is that a compliment or are you scolding the past me?" Nana replied as she peered at Eureka's face, she is sitting behind her.

"It is a compliment, you've really improved a lot. But sword was not your main weapon, so you should really focus on your bow and arrows," Eureka answered.

"How did you know about that? You weren't there when I started using the bow and arrow. Or were you there?" she asked suspiciously.

Eureka chuckles, "No, I wasn't there. But your hands. Being someone who uses one, I know what kind of mark a bow and arrow would leave on ones hand. Your left hand have it, the gap between your thumb and your index finger shows the mark an arrow would leave behind when constantly used."

Nana looked down at her hand, "Theo indeed told me. You weren't just great with the swords but with the bow and arrow as well. It was you who taught him, he said."

"It is indeed I, but his perseverance is the reason why he became so good at it. He's even better than I am now."

"I want to see you use one," Nana asked.

"When the time that I have to use one comes then you will see it."

"Stingy," Nana pouted to which Eureka just laughed.

"You know what, I think your two years away was a good thing."

"Why would that be?"

"Your laughing and smiling much freely right now. Compared to the stories I've heard about you. The you right now shines even brighter."

"Maybe it's because I have overcome my biggest problem? I was always on edge back then because of a certain reason. But after I've won a gamble, I finally could relax a little bit."

"Oh, what would that be?"

"My early death."

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