She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 6 Chapter 127

Volume 6 Chapter 127 Surprise

"Your highness, the princess have returned," Dai appeared before Akihiro and reported.

Akihiro didn't even speak but just jumped out of his sit and run out of his office.

Dai thought as he once again returned to the shadows.

Dai have always been by the king's side and grew up staying in the shadows. He's okay with it, he knows that if outside his ability is nothing of importance but being a shadow, taking tasks from the king is already more than enough with him. And because he had always been in the shadow watching over everyone, he knows more than what others don't. He has the best observation skill in their kingdom.

"Where is she? Where's the princess?" Akihiro asked as he went down his horse.

Since he run out without asking Dai where Nana is, he just went straight for the kingdom gates. True to his intuition, Nana was coming closer to the gates riding a beautiful white horse.

"Oh I can see father now, just hide behind me okay? We will give them another surprise," Nana said to Eureka.

She had asked Eureka just before they get close that she wants to control the horse instead and that Eureka should hide behind her. Her mischievous smile kicking in.

"You just wanted to use me in order to escape their lectures, don't you, princess?" Eureka replied but still hid herself behind Nana.

"That's not i-" Nana abruptly looked back.

"If you look back now, they'll find out that someone is behind you," Eureka commented.

"Ah, that's right."

she thought as she looked in front once again.

"What were-"

"Father I have a wonderful surprise for you," Nana interrupted.

Rino and Haruka just arrived. Raven and the others as well. Nana's attention went straight to Raven, her smile grew wider and she jumped down the horse and run towards him.

"I missed you," she said as she threw herself to him. Raven caught her but his attention was already diverted to the person left in the horse.

"Geez, princess, your surprise is no longer a surprise," Eureka said as she too came down the horse.

Those who are present were completely astounded, the same as how Nana was mesmerized by Eureka, they too couldn't get their eyes off her. The two years allowed her to mature, giving you a sense of looking at a young lady of a noble house as she walk towards them. Her face was even brighter than the last time they saw her.

"This knight greets, his and her highness," Eureka bowed down in front of the still shock Akihiro and Haruka.

"Eu-Eureka?" Akihiro finally found his voice back.

"It is indeed I, your highness. I have left abruptly two years ago and have returned, I suppose, abruptly once again."

"I gave you a wonderful surprise didn't I father?" Nana let's go of Raven and walked towards her parents.

"You," Akihiro looked at Nana, "I'll speak with you, no, Rino will take care of you. For now, Eureka *looks at Eureka* I want you to follow us to the main hall," Akihiro said as he turned his back.

Haruka hid her smile upon seeing Akihiro's look when he turned around. He looks relieved and was smiling even.

Eureka glanced at the other seven and smiled apologetically at them before she followed Akihiro and Haruka. She once again rode her horse and allowed it to follow the carriage, Akihiro and Haruka is currently sitting at.

"Let's go," Rino's expression didn't change much when Eureka appeared and pulled Nana to another carriage.

"Ah wait but," Nana's protest was of no use as she was dragged to the carriage.

"See you later guys," she still managed to smile at Raven's group before they depart.

"Uhmm, can anyone tell me what had just happened?" Karen asked as she pinched her cheek.

"Was that really her?" Azusa asked.

"I think that was indeed her," Feena replied.

"She looks brighter though," Hideyoshi commented.

"She even smiled apologetically at us," Mamoru added.

"Was she possessed?" Theo looked at them and wondered.

"Raven?" Natsuki who became close to them looked at Raven.

"That is indeed her. Her two years away is not for a naught I suppose."

"And how about you, your girlfriend was so happy to see you and yet you were mesmerized by another girl," Hideyoshi teased as he nudged at Raven.

"I think even you were stunned, let me correct you, I was stunned to see her," Raven replied.

"But did she just smile at us?" Karen decided to change their subject, after all in their group she was the only single left.

"I think we can have the answers once the king and queen lets her go," Feena replied.


Just as Akihiro and Haruka sat down, Eureka knelt down, which once again shocked them.

"This knight deeply apologizes to his and her highness. For so many times she had went out of line and disregarded your positions. She had disrespected you for multiple times that she should have been punished. She even deserted the kingdom during a very crucial moment. I have no excuse for such an act and would very much accept the punishment you shall bestow on her. And just as I have said before, you, the king of our land, is the only one who can take this life of mine. And now, it shall be the both of you. I won't defend or dodge when you deemed me unworthy of this life."

Akihiro and Haruka was lost for words. They didn't expect this from her, they were prepared to apologize to her for what had happened back then but she beat them to it and actually apologized for everything.

"Is it worth it?" Akihiro instead asked.

"My departure?" Eureka asked with respect.

"Was it?"

"It is very much worth it. If I didn't left then I won't be able to do much for the kingdom in the coming war."

"Have you been well?" Haruka asked this time.

"I have been, your highness. Thank you very much for your concern."

"Will you be leaving again?"

"That depends whether you'll throw me out or banish me, your highness. Then I would leave again. But if you won't then I promise that I shall never leave no matter what happens."

"Then stay, stay in this kingdom for the rest of your life. I am not permitting you leave this place. If there comes a time that we no longer have any other choice but to send you out. Return, make sure that you will return. That is my command for you now," Akihiro seriously said as he stood up and went close to her.

Haruka stood up and walked towards her as well and pulled her up, "This is your home now."

"Did Kaoru said something?" Eureka asked upon hearing the meaning on their words.

"It slipped in his mouth that you were actually planning on returning to that future once you helped us end this war."

"I have but I can no longer do it, no one is there for me to return to."

"Then when you leave, this time you have a place to return to and people who will be waiting for you to come back. Don't forget that," Haruka warmly said.

"I thank his and her highness, for your kindness. I shall keep that in mind."


"Are you sure about this?" Dai asked just as Eureka stepped out of the castle.

"I really shouldn't have underestimated you three," Eureka replied.

"I apologize-"

"Don't, don't use that tone. I am merely a knight you are the left hand of the king. Let's remain that way. Whatever it is that you know, please do keep it to yourself. I shall deal with it on my own."

Dai watched her back as he sighed and went back to the shadows thinking,


She was walking by the lake when she unsheathed her sword and guarded to attacks coming from behind her.

"Is this your welcome? Or are you mad?" she asked as she pushed herself back, just as an earth spike appeared beneath her.

Just as she landed, the water from the lake moved and seemed like it wanted to consume her. She smirked as she jumped forward instead, clashing with it directly. She used her sword to slash through it.

"Still a bit slow in making it into an elastic one, you can't wait for your opponent to be engulfed before you do so, just as I did, if they attack straight ahead then it would be of no use."

She then jumped up and twisted her body to push Azusa from the back, using the handle of her sword.

"You still pause before you attack, that speed of yours will be for nothing if you still pause before you attack, when you run just run and attack."

Just as she was about to land, the ground beneath her opened as if welcoming her into it's mouth, she smirked and allowed it to swallow her, but before they can rejoice, the ground was slashed into different pieces like a cake.

"It's not hard enough, is it rock or mad?"

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