She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 6 Chapter 128

Volume 6 Chapter 128 Tea Party

She sat down just as a wind boomerang went past her.

"That's too slow, do you expect your opponents to wait for your attack?"

She combined the handle of her swords and spin it creating a shield from a wind arrow.

"Your arrow is still a wind, what we need is an actual arrow not a wind one. Solidify it even more. Can't you still control it at your own free will? Didn't I tell you that, that shall be your strength?"

Two pairs of boulder hands appeared on her four sides and tried to catch her, she jumped at the tip of two hands simultaneously.

"It's hard enough but too slow. The other has the speed but just as I said it's not hard enough."

Just as she said this, the hands as if having a life of it's own, threw out ice spikes at great speed. She smiled as she dodged and defend.

"You have improved, but," upon landing in the middle of the hands, they can no longer detect her presence.

"There's still room for more improvement," they heard her voice before each of them felt a punch on their stomach.


"You really don't hold back," Karen complained as she squat and coughed more.

"If I didn't hold back you would be coughing out blood now. I must say to combine all three in a single attack, such great coordination," Eureka replied.

"Seriously? You were against the five of us and we couldn't even scratch you?" Hideyoshi asked after he recovered.

"You were holding back as well. If I was an enemy I don't think they would be able to escape from those attacks."

"How did you disappear?" it was Feena this time.

"I was always here though."

Raven thought as he listens to them.

"So how were you?" Feena finally asked.

"Shall we go to my house?" Eureka invited. Of course they were startled but still accepted her offer.


"Hmmmm Kaoru must have sent someone to clean the place. There's not even a speck of dust in here," she commented as she moved around the place.

"Am I really welcome here?" Natsuki whispered to Theo.

He had been there all along but he decided to just watch.

"It's alright, you are their friends already right?" Eureka was the one who answered.

"Oh," was all that Natsuki could reply.

"I was feeling that way when I just met the others as well," Theo consoled him.

"A tea party? I think I want to try that now. Do you want to have one?" Eureka asked brightly to them.

They all furrowed their brows.

"Are you okay Eureka?" Karen couldn't help but ask.

"Hmmm why? Do I look like I'm not okay?" she asked in return.

"A tea party? If this was back then you would have told us to train more, especially since you utterly defeated us a while ago," Karen answered.

"I wonder who's mouth have I heard that I also need to relax once in a while?" Eureka replied as she rub her chin, "Oh well never mind, I just felt like having one right now. Are you not interested?"

Raven cleared his throat, knowing this was what he had said to her when he treated her wounds after she fought with those generals just as they returned from Archic Kingdom.

"Of course we want. Let's prepare now then," Azusa answered as she pulled Eureka to the kitchen.

"Go on and prepare the tables in the garden," Karen said excitedly to the boys before she followed Azusa and Eureka in the kitchen.

Feena could only shrug her head and follow them with a smile.

"Is this weird?" Natsuki asked in confusion.

"Just as you have heard, she never wanted this kinds of things. So this is really new," Mamoru replied.

They all did the tasks given to them, not long after Rino and Nana arrived.

"What's going on?" Nana asked Raven as she approached them.

"Eureka initiated that she wants to have a tea party," Raven replied.

"That's new, base on your stories she was not that type of person," Nana replied as she went to the kitchen.


Not long after their tea party was prepared and they are all sitting. On one side wad Eureka, Feena, Hideyoshi, Azusa and Mamoru respectively. On the other side was Raven, Nana, Karen, Natsuki, Theo and Rino respectively.

"Let's eat," Eureka initiated and the atmosphere was joyous.

"I'm sorry, for us to suddenly arrive without prior notice," Nana said apologetically.

"Don't be your highness. The more the merrier," Eureka replied.

Eureka silently watched all of them.

'What are you doing?'

'What? I'm just enjoying our life.'

'Someone is definitely suspicious. No there might be two.'

'Just rest you pushed yourself a while ago to stay awake to meet the king and the queen, you even tried to stay awake just to stay with the princess. What you needed was to rest and you have to do it now. That's why just rest, leave everything to me.'

'I doubt that.'

Eureka's lips lifted a little after this secret conversation. Rino was looking at her suspiciously. Raven as well.

"How were you, Eureka?" Azusa finally asked the reason why they were there in the first place.

"Fine, I suppose."

"What kind of fine?"

"Fine in a way that I am still here in front of you. How about all of you?"

"There's a real big news," Karen answered excitedly.

"Oh, what would that be?"

"Raven and princess Nana are together."

The others looked at Eureka's expression after hearing this.

"Then I should congratulate you." Eureka said facing those two.

Her expression was nonchalant and it didn't show any change, even the slightest one.

"Karen, I should be the one who should have told her," Nana said as she blushed.

She looked at Raven but to her disappointment, he was still looking at Eureka suspiciously.

She nudged at Raven, "Should I be jealous now?" she asked teasingly.

Raven smiled at her and patted her head, "Don't be like that now."

"Sometimes I wonder who is older between the two of you," Rino said as he drunk from his cup.

"I don't want to talk to you. My ears are still aching from your lecture," Nana pouted.

"How did it happen?" After a long pause from her. Eureka finally opened her mouth once again.

"That is..." Nana started.


"You were with her, why did she suddenly disappeare?" Rino angrily asked Raven.

"I apologize, your highness. I just looked away for a bit by the time I looked back she was no longer there," Raven replied.

They were looking at the western border checking how it was after the attack five months ago. Their search didn't take for long as the bandits searched for them on their own.

"We got the princess, if you want her to return safe and sound then you have to-"

Before he could finish a sword was already on his neck.

"Give her back now," Raven said his face turned dark.

"You-" the other bandit was about to rebuke when another sword was placed in his throat.

"Give her back now," Rino said his face dark as well.


"Why was I so focused in looking at him, now I'm even in this dark bix. And I really am scared," she said as she embraced her knee. Somehow this brought back the times where they were alone all those years and she just couldn't find the strength to even use her ability.

Not long after the lid of that dark box opened.

"Your highness, are you alright?" Raven asked.

Seeing his familiar face she jumped at him, "I was so scared. It was so dark. It felt like I returned to when our bodies are sleeping."

She cried and cried.

"I'm sorry, I'm really sorry," Raven was totally worried. The past five months the two of them were together most of the time as he train her.

"I will never let this kind of thing happen again," he then looked at her face, wiped her tears and said seriously.

"Then, then will you protect me? For all your life will you protect me?" she said in between her sobs, her eyes speaking of her feelings.

Raven looked straight in her eyes before kneeling down, "If you princess would allow this knight to stand beside you and protect your life, then he will do his utmost to protect you with his life."

Nana smiled as tears well up in her eyes before she bend down and planted a kiss on Raven's forehead, "I shall leave my life in your hands," was her reply.

Raven looked up and smiled at her.

(End of Flashback)

"I never thought you have such side," Eureka said to Raven.

Raven looked away from her and drunk his coffee.

"I should be happy for the two of you. After so long you finally learned how to love. And after so long you found someone who can love you with everything he got," Eureka said to the two of them.

The others followed cheering for the two of them, except for Rino who quietly sat there drinking his tea.

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