She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 6 Chapter 130

Volume 6 Chapter 130 Snow And Imperial Topaz

The next morning all eleven of them were gathered in front of Akihiro in the main hall.

"The others already knew about this, so I am informing you right now, Eureka. I have assigned all eleven of you to be squad zero of our kingdom. You shall be under Yukimura's guidance. I have discussed it with them and everyone assigned you to be the captain. Are you willing to accept such duty?"

"If that is what they wish, then I shall take this duty, your highness," she replied respectfully just as Raven's brows furrowed.

he thought as he glanced at Eureka.

"Yukimura is currently in an escort mission, everyone have accepted your proposal and willingly donated their extra clothes for those from Archic and Confederate Kingdom. The temporary houses are all done. Kaoru and Yukimura together with some generals went a month ago, so they're probably on their way back already. For now, Natsuki, Feena, Hideyoshi, Mamoru, Azusa, Karen and Theo will continue to practice with the other knights and captains. You four, Raven, Eureka, Nana and Rino. I want you to return to the western border to check if there are suspicious movements. This time I want you to be more careful. I don't need bandits in the picture once again," he sternly said referring to the incident more than a year ago where the other three was too careless.

"Yes, your highness," they all replied in acknowledgment.


Riding their horses, the four of them went on their way. Rino and Eureka were in front while Raven and Nana were behind.

"You've heard father Nana. Don't be careless this time," Rino warned looking back at Nana.

"Geez, I already payed for that carelessness Rino. I won't do it again," Nana pouted.

A few hours later.

"I think it's best for us to rest here for now," Eureka suddenly said. They were beside a river.

"But we're just a few minutes away from the check point," Rino replied.

"You know we could just rest upon arriving to the check point," he added.

"Is this river accessible in the check point, your highness?" Eureka asked.

"No, I don't think so," thinking about it he replied.

"Indeed, your highness. And that is why it's alright for us to rest here. Water is still necessary for cooking," she replied as she went down and tied her horse on a nearby tree.

Their captain already went down, there's no point in them arguing with her anymore. So each of them went down and pulled unto their horses. Raven tied both his and Nana's on another tree.

"Prepare a place for us to cook something. I will go and hunt," Eureka then commanded.

"I'll join you," Rino said.

"I'm good enough, your highness, please stay here with them," she replied before she entered the forest.

"What was that all about?" Nana asked in confusion.

"Let her be, she had always been someone who loves leaving on her own," Raven replied as he started collecting stones and woods.

Rino just followed what he was doing, Nana who didn't know what she can do just watched them.

Not long after the place where they can cook is prepared.

"Where could she be hunting?" Nana asked as she played with the fire.

Just then, "*laughs* Aren't I lucky, to actually see you people here. And it is just you three."

Looking around they saw a red caped man from the other side of the river.

"Prepare, he seems to be stronger than Orange and Pink," Raven warned as the three of them pull out their weapons.

"How about Eureka?" Nana asked as she held unto her bow and arrow.

"Let's just wish she didn't encounter one," Rino replied as she glanced at the forest.


"Took you long enough to come out," Eureka said as she turned to face a yellow caped man.

'Let me fight.'

'Are you sure?'

'I'm fine this is nothing, it won't even take us three minutes.'

"So you really did left them because you felt my presence?" Yellow commented.

"If it isn't yellow," Eureka instead said.

"You know about me?" Yellow asked in return.

"Weaker than pink and orange who appeared more than a year ago. In short, you're nothing but a weakling," Eureka replied.

"HOW DARE YOU!!" Yellow instantly lost his cool and attacked her with a water dragon.


And yet he was stupefied when his water dragon suddenly turned to ice.

"You bitch, who are you?!?" he roared as he released his own inferno.

"Yes it is a strong one. But you got the wrong opponent," Eureka said.

The fire didn't even graze her.

"Who the hell are you?" Yellow finally started feeling fear in his heart. He is indeed one of the generals of their lord. But for the first time in a long while he felt scared.

"Who I am? Are you worthy to know?" Eureka asked just as the inferno was engulfed with magma.

"Ma- Magma? But you just used-"

His eyes grew wide, "You're-"

He wasn't given a chance to finish his sentence as he was swallowed by the magma coming from behind him.

"You... You're he... here?"

"Oh still alive? I guess I didn't use much strength in it," she flick her finger and slowly Yellow's body started turning to ice.

"M.... My... Lord," he uttered before he was completely frozen.

"So there is really a 'you' in here, monster," another voice came from above.

Looking up she saw an eagle in a branch of a tree.

"Hello there, you've lost quite a lot of generals now. Aren't you worried?" she asked in return.

Her hair flows with the wind, it was as white as the snow. Her eyes turned to the color of an imperial topaz. Her white fair skin complimented these changes in her looks.

"Ah it's that face, no wonder I couldn't find you. Your hair and eye color was different from what I remember," the eagle said, it's voice was so chilly.

"Seeing as you are using this birdie to speak with me, I guess your body is starting to reach its limit hmmm?" she replied smugly as she raised her hand and she pulled her right hand to her back, her left hand stretched forward pointing at the bird. Looking closely her form was that of someone using a bow and arrow.

In the blink of an eye, her empty hands was suddenly holding an ice bow and arrow, the tip of the arrow looked like a bright molten magma.

"See you soon, princess," the bird said just as she released the arrow.

"Nah, you don't have to show yourself just go and kill yourself instead, if you please," she replied.

The arrow hit the eagle instantly, it burst to flame before it freezes and crashed to the ground breaking upon landing.

"I guess those three are facing the higher ranking one. But they can handle themselves just fine," she said as she slowly make her way back to them.

Her eye and hair color slowly changing back to silver and red.

"If not for that ability you created, your hair and eye color wouldn't change their colors."

'Be happy I even used you Magma. Even though Ice was more than enough.'

"Fine fine I apologize."

If someone would see her, they would think that she is crazy talking to herself.

'Watch over them for now. I'm going back to sleep. A few more days and I shall be fine. I guess this injury really just happened in order for your blabber mouth to tell him what I have done.'

"Well atleast I was useful. For now I'm happy for I could enjoy the outside," Eureka shrugged as she continued walking back slowly.


"What happened my lord? You seemed to be in a good mood," Silver asked.

"It seems that the person whom you felt a monstrous aura from was indeed the person we have been using all this time. I guess our presumptions were right, she was indeed brought to that last future by my stupid daughter and that stupid brother of the king. No wonder we are having more difficulties in starting the destruction of this world."

"What do you want me to do, my lord?"

"Nothing, let's continue with the plans we already created. I shall meet my past friends sooner," he laughed icily after saying this.

He looked out and there outside was thousands of knights waiting for his command.

"They were joining forces with the other two kingdoms, now I know who initiated it. But stopping it now would be useless. So why not let them enjoy each others company for a bit more before destroying them? This is the only time I actually fill enjoyment in watching them struggle. She may know about us but she is still a monster, sooner or later she will lose her mind and have a killing spree," he once again laughed, echoing all through out the land.

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