She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 6 Chapter 132

Volume 6 Chapter 132 Sparring

The surrounding river have lost a lot of water. Raven used his inferno but was countered by Red's move of using the water from the river. Rino attacked with his icicles while Nana showered Red with her arrows. Raven sneaked behind him and slashed down his sword leaving a trail of fire on it's way.

Red used his fire to burn the arrows and melt the icicles, while he uses his speed to dodge Raven's attack. Nana instantly pinpoint his location and shot another arrow to it. As he defend from it using his sword, the blade of his sword melted. The head of the arrow was actually incorporated with Nana's magma ability.

Magma, who is currently controlling Eureka's body, thought.

When he moved to use the river's water again. The river itself turned ice instead. He then used his wind ability to create more wind boomerangs and a tornado incorporating to it his fire ability, adding to it his speed ability. The attack was more ferocious than the others.

Rino in turn created an ice wall surrounding the three of them, protecting them from all his attacks, Nana using her sense to once again pinpoint the location of Red with their sight being obstructed by all this attacks. Upon finding his aura she stomped her foot and send a magma pool underneath.

"Tsk, what's taking yellow so long? We were just tasked to scout. I didn't expect that they improved this much," Red muttered to himself.

He felt the heat from the ground and was about to jump when an arrow hit him in the foot piercing through it preventing him from jumping. The magma then emerged and swallowed him.

Raven dashed forward and pierced his sword through his throat and caused him to start burning from within.

Rino created another ice wall on the side where Red appeared. Just as he did so, two other men were stopped from leaving, he jumped through the frozen river and attacked them with his sword, it didn't took him long as those two seemed like they were just servants who can fight a little.

"Are you injured?" Rino asked the other two.

"Not at all," Nana replied.

"I'm good, your highness," Raven answered.

"If you were already there, you could have helped us earlier," he then added looking up on a tree.

"And take the fun to myself? No way, you were doing great in your coordination if I suddenly entered then that would disrupt your pace," Eureka replied as she jumped down the tree.

"Now I know why Theo said you were an amazing archer. Despite all those chaotic attack you were able to pinpoint his foot and even piercing through it," Nana commented.

"Did you face anyone?" Rino asked.

she thought.

"Since we still have the time, can you spar with me?" Rino asked after Eureka didn't answer.

"Are you sure, your highness?"

"I've heard that you were the best, I just want to see it for myself."

"Very well."


Not waiting for anything else, Rino attacked first. Eureka defended on time. Eureka then pulled out her second sword and slashed it to Rino before jumping backwards putting distance to the two of them.

Without speaking Rino followed her attacking relentlessly, Eureka defended a bit before jumping up, turning in the air and hitting him from behind, Rino turned on time to parry her attack, Eureka smirked at him before she pushed herself away from him once again. Just as she landed, this time it was her who dashed circling around Rino, she would jump in from time to time and hit him, the next time she jumped in she actually slide down on his side which caught him off guard as she kicked the back of his knee, putting him down. Even with this sudden attack he was still able to turn and hit her with his sword, but it didn't reach her for she suddenly disappeared from behind him. Upon looking in front of him, her sword was already in front of his face.

He smirked, an ice spike appeared beneath her, yet she was not surprised and just jumped up and turned in the air, as she landed, the spikes were already cut.

"How did she do that?" Nana asked Raven.

"Just as she turned in the air her sword have already slashed through the ice spikes."

"Amazing, even her move before that, just as she slide and kick Rino, she instantly pushed herself up using her hand jumping in front of Rino in an instant. She has no wasted movements at all," Nana complimented.

"That's what she had always taught Azusa as well. Azusa have the speed and so she told her not to stop before attacking especially when she is using her ability."

"Now I understand why she was known to be the best. She uses everything she has in order to keep on fighting."

Rino and Eureka never stopped their sparring as Raven and Nana speak. Rino have started using more of his ability as he keep up with her.

"I think we should end it here," Eureka said after she placed her sword in the throat of Rino, with one quick movement she instantly arrived behind him.

"I think so too," of course Rino knows what she meant, he had came out from a fight with Red and he instantly asked her to fight with him, even using his ability. If he don't stop now then he would have problems later on due to his energy.

"Will there come a time where I can use my ability without holding back?" he asked as he put his sword back to its sheath.

"What do you want to hear from me, your highness?" Eureka asked.

"The truth? Will that ever happen?"

"Then I will apologize in advance, you will never be able to do so. The thing that had happened back when you were still inborn caused your energies to have limits. Using it way past your limit will put you back to sleep and this time you might never wake up again."

"Then there's no point in waking us up right? We will just become a burden to all of you in this war," Rino bitterly said.

"Please don't say that."

Rino looked at her, somehow her tone seems different.

"Everyone is needed in this war. Have you noticed? The king and queen was much brighter now that both of you are there. You have given them more purpose in winning this war. At the same time, it might be limited but your abilities are the strongest. If during this attack and Raven is with the others instead of the two of you, I don't think you would have finished him off that easily."

"We all have our own circ.u.mstances but in the end we all can do something in order to win. Your sword wielding is far better than the first time you held it. Your knowledge have greatly improved that the kingdom will no longer worry of who will be the next king. You see, your highness, your part in this world isn't as simple as just fighting in the battle field. Even the princess," Eureka looked at Raven and Nana who was speaking with each other, Rino followed and looked at them as well.

"If she was not there, don't you think that the three of you, the king, the queen and you, would have such a colorful everyday life? She may be a little weaker than the others but her support was very much important. All those in the front lines are not the only one fighting in a war. The supports are the ones who ensure that their comrades can fight at ease knowing that someone have their backs."

Looking up, the sky started getting darker, "I guess we should get to the check point now. Those two caused us to lose our time to eat."

"Those two?"

"Or was it three? I just thought that the strength of those whom you killed were nothing so I counted them as one," Eureka replied as she walk back to her horse.

Though suspicious, Rino decided not to ask any longer.

"Let's go to the check point, we really can't eat here now, can we? Let's just eat there and rest. What happened today only means that the western border is no longer safe. We have to move back our border, a little closer to the kingdom itself," Eureka said as she rode her horse.

"Understood," Raven replied as he put out his hand in order to help Nana in getting up. She smiled at this gesture and accepted it.

"We will return tomorrow, for now, let's rest," Eureka once again said after all of them were on their horses.

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