She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 6 Chapter 134

Volume 6 Chapter 134 Little Sister

"WAKE UP NOW!! We need to return to the city as soon as possible."

Rino, Nana and Raven was abruptly woken up by Eureka's shout and urgency in her voice.

"What happened?" Nana asked as move fast in fixing herself.

"I have a bad feeling, sending out all those generals away, even including Kaoru and Yukimura. We made a stupid mistake and actually left the kingdom n.a.k.e.d," Eureka replied she is already putting the things in her horse.

"Are you saying that they're about to attack?" Rino asked as they all ride their horses.

"They might be, I just have a bad feeling and so we have to return this instant."

"But we are in the western border. No one went pass this place."

"Indeed but I've heard how Silver appeared and disappeared right before your eyes during the first wave."

"They have teleport ability now?"

"It's better to assume the worst."

Their horses sped past everything, they were at full speed wishing they would be able to return earlier. The half a day travel to the western border was halved by their speed. Just as they get close, a strong explosion welcomed them.


Suddenly all three of them felt a very strong aura coming from Eureka. It was something they never felt before.

Not far from them, Silver looked back as he fight against Akihiro.

"So she's finally here, who would have thought that she would be able to realize this attack sooner."

Akihiro stomped his feet on the ground and magma errupted from beneath Silver, to which he used his wind to fly while using his water to stop it from getting close to him.

Feena and the others are engaged in a battle against Violet, his ability surpassed those whom they fought against with, having Barrier, Enhancement, Invisibility, Fire and Vines.

The tremendous aura that Eureka released doubled and this time all the others felt it as well. The fight stopped and all of them actually looked at the four who was arriving.

"You have the guts, I must say that old man really loves gambling, to actually attack knowing that I am here," she said as she jumped from her horse and arriving in between Silver and Akihiro. The limit in their energy usage is pretty visible now in Akihiro, after all his children have inherited the Magma and Ice ability causing him to have a weaker ability.

"Please leave him to me, your highness. Currently the knights that are fighting for them could be considered zombies. They took all those who were already dead and gave them energies to fight. It's just a shell without a soul only running on energy alone. We'll need your highness, the queen, the prince and the princess ability to kill them. Freeze them when they're down then use your magma to completely pulverize them."

Akihiro wanted to ask more, but he had decided to just follow her. And went to the side of the other knights giving them instructions. Of course everyone already knows about them being zombies since no matter how they penetrate them or slash at them, they just keep getting back up.

"You really are better than the other you," Silver commented from up in the air.

"Why not try it for yourself then, how different I am from them?" Eureka asked as she pulled out two swords from both her hands, one was white exuding so much coldness, the other was red orange exuding too much heat. No one noticed for everyone was already engaging in battle.

"You even have that? To think that you became this strong. We should have killed those two sooner. You do know the reason why I arrived later than the others in thus world right?" Silver mocked as he flicked his hand sending different wind blades towards Eureka.

"Indeed those two were stupid, I should thank you for killing them earlier," Eureka replied as she sent out ice blades interrupting the ones Silver sent.

She had started attacking more pushing Silver away from the battle grounds. No one might have noticed that she had brought out the swords but surely someone will notice her using these two abilities.

Ice and Magma alternately attacking Silver. From Ice spikes to Magma burst, from Ice blades to magma rocks. She didn't hold back intending to kill Silver right there and then. She knows that he is the right hand man, if she can kill him here then that would truly incapacitate Leo for a while giving them more time. But she also knows that Silver was one of those whom Leo took with him back in the day he saved the kingdom from Hesperian kingdom. He lived longer than her, enhancing his abilities more than her.

"You're in a rush, that's not good," Silver said as he flew up in the air once again.

He is indeed superior to her when it comes to techniques but her abilities are still stronger, and currently he is not unscathed.

"Are you running away now?" Eureka mocked as she raised both her sword, crossing each other and slashing it towards him. She created two blades overlapping each other, one was magma while the other was ice.

"See you soon, monster," Silver said before disappearing, he just didn't expect that he was still caught by that last attack of hers. Upon returning he coughed up a mouthful of blood as he held unto his left shoulder which was caught by her attack.

"Your injured," Leo said upon seeing him.

"I was a little bit careless, my lord," he then used his fire and water to nullify the continuous effect of Eureka's attack. His shoulder would freeze then starts melting, making his injury bigger.

"Rest for now. Violet might not return but we can still look for corpses out there. She wants time then we'll give her some. We'll prolong their agony before we shall prevail in destroying everything."

Just as Silver disappeared, Eureka returned her weapons to her body before abruptly looking back to the battle field.

Raven and the others were able to corner Violet. Being outnumbered by Raven, Feena, Hideyoshi and Mamoru even his five abilities couldn't do anything.

"I won't go down without a fight. You whose burning me shall come with me," he said as he was burned.

They were confused by his words but didn't think about it that much.


For the first time they've heard Eureka shouting, looking back she was running towards them, her face shows emotions they never saw before. Raven looked at her in confusion. Upon reaching him she jumped forward and turned him around, with her hands around his neck.


"Eureka!!" Feena seeing why she did what she did exclaimed.

Mamoru and Hideyoshi instantly move to destroy the vines that suddenly sprouted from the ground, it's speed and ferociousness was enhanced to the point that Eureka's wound were too deep. She's losing a lot of blood.

"Eu-Eureka!!" Raven stammered as he held her.

"That was… stupid… I let my body move before I… think again," Eureka said with some difficulty.

"That's right, you're stupid, why did you save me?" Raven asked as he carried her in his back.

"Don't look like… I'm dying… I won't die from… this wound."

"Shut up. Of course you can't die. We still have to finish all those enemies."

"I know."

He felt her went limp as he run faster, the made up hospital by the gate was not that far and he was able to bring her instantly.

"What happened to her?" Haruka exclaimed upon seeing Eureka covered in blood.

"Please, please help her," that's all Raven could say as he stood beside Eureka.

Akito and Haruka move fast to tend to her wound.

"It's alright, she will be fine," Nana approached Raven who was still not focused.

"She has to be. That stupid girl," he replied.

Nana could only smile,

Not long after, all the enemies were defeated. And Eureka's condition was heard by everyone.

"What happened?" Akihiro asked upon arriving to the made up hospital.

"She blocked an attack intended for Raven. There was no sign at all. But the vines suddenly sprouted and stabbed her," Feena replied, even she was shaken by it.

"We were careless, and thought that since we have killed that man already he can no longer do anything. We disregard his last words and this is what happened," Hideyoshi added.

"Your highness, it's a good thing you're here," Akito upon seeing Akihiro instantly said.

"What is it? Can I do something."

"That girl lost a lot of blood, and her blood was of the rarest, the same as you and sir Leo. We need blood transfusion."

"Then let's get to it. We no longer have any more time," Akihiro readily said.

The others didn't think much about it, since Leo and Akihiro aren't blood related but have the same blood. Only Rino changed in expression and looked around.

He then looked inside the room,

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