She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 6 Chapter 135

Volume 6 Chapter 135 A Dream That Would End

"Her condition is stable now, she is a fighter I must say," Akito informed everyone.

"We can bring her to the hospital after letting her rest a bit more."

"Not the hospital, let's bring her somewhere else. It's not good for her," Rino suddenly said.

"Oh yes, that's right. She can feel the auras of everyone, she won't be able to rest there," Akito remembered.

"Then bring her to the castle. She will be able to rest there properly," Akihiro commanded.

"How do you feel?" Haruka asked as she walked beside him.

"I'm fine, just a little bit dizzy, the amount of blood was too much I guess," Akihiro replied smiling warmly at her.

Not long after she was brought to the castle to that same room she was in when she woke up after she and Azusa were kidnapped.

Raven and Rino were there in her room watching over her. The others were already tasked to rest.

"Raven can we talk?" Nana came in and asked.

"That is..." Raven glanced at Eureka.

"Don't worry Rino is there, nothing will happen to her now. You've heard what Akito said, she only needs rest then she will wake up," Nana, seeing this, could only say in defeat.

She knows her dream won't last long.

"Okay," Raven replied and with one final glance at Eureka he followed Nana outside, in the balcony where the moon shines brightly.

"What is it? Are you hurt somewhere?" Raven asked.

"Yes but that doesn't matter now," Nana replied.

"What do you mean doesn't matter? You should have asked Akito to check it for you."

"No, even Akito won't be able to help me with it."

She looks up before looking back at him, "Let's end it here. This dream."

"What do you mean?"

"Let's go on our separate ways Raven. I am grateful, truly I am grateful for a year of wonderful dream. But it is time for us to end it," Nana emotionally said, stopping her tears from coming out.

"Wha- I don't get it. Why all of a sudden."

"It's not, I was already prepared for it when we begun this relationship."

"Then I am not!" Raven replied completely confused by these sudden turn of events.

"Do you know why you lost sight of me back then?"

She looked out to the city where it is bustling with activities. They are in a celebratory mood, after winning another battle for the future.

"It is because you were used to it, *looks back at him* you were used to the fact that the one beside you can fight on her own, that she doesn't need your protection. And I am not that girl."

Raven was completely speechless.

"To be honest, did you ever realize that not once did you say that you actually love me? Or that you missed me? I think that the reason you accepted my proposal back then was because of the guilt and sense of protection you have towards me. You misinterpreted that to one of romantic feeling."

"I am sure of my feelings back then, I wanted to protect this girl for the rest of my life. That's what I genuinely felt back then. Looking in your eyes, that's what I truly feel," Raven answered back.

Nana suddenly moved close to him, her face inches away from his, and unknowingly he stepped back. Nana smiled, a sad one.

"Now do you see? You wouldn't have stepped back if you really are sure of your feelings. Let's end it here Raven, let's not hurt each other any more?"

"I really don't get it Nana. I actually really don't," Raven replied pain crossing his eyes.

"Please, *caresses his cheek* don't look like that. My resolution might suddenly crumble."

She walked a few steps back, "If I die what would you feel?"

Furrowing his brows, "I'd grieve, of course I would grieve."

"What if the one who dies is… Eureka."

Raven was stomped for words. Something prickling his heart, then Eureka's body covered with blood, flash through his mind. In turn Nana smiled again, "You see, if the person you really love dies, you wouldn't know what you would feel. It flashed through your mind, didn't it? Her bloodied body? You couldn't speak because you really wouldn't know how you would grieve for losing her. You would grieve for me because your mind says so, see Raven, it was your mind that tells you that you love me. But what does your heart say?"

"Nana," Raven could only say her name emotionally.

"I'll be fine. And you should be too. I know that I'll find the person destined for me, and that person is not you. Now go back. Go back to her side. I don't want to be the one who'd walk away, I want to crush these feelings by watching you walk away."


Nana smiled once more and pushed him from behind, "Go."

Her soft voice allowed his feet to start walking, walking away from her. Walking away from the first person he thought he had loved.

Nana watched him walk away, then his back turned to that of a child running, running away from her, that's when her tears started falling.

"Goodbye sweet child, goodbye," she whispered.

When she can no longer see him, that's when she broke down and cried. She felt two arms embracing her.

"It's alright, you'll be fine," it was Haruka.


"What?!? You're going to end it with Raven?" Akihiro exclaimed. Nana looked for him and Haruka and suddenly dropped this sentence to them.

"I already told you father, what we had was just a dream and that soon I'll have to end it. I can't tie him down to me. In the first place, the only reason he saw me was because she left. I just used that as an opportunity to be closer to him. But everything is still a dream father, it was nothing but a dream, a dream that would end eventually."

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