She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 6 Chapter 136

Volume 6 Chapter 136 She Disappeared

"Nana," Akihiro knows what she means, but he didn't want to see her get hurt by this decision.

"I would get hurt father but at least it would end faster. If I stayed longer with him then my pain would never be over."

"Are you sure about this decision of yours? Don't you think you will hurt him with this?" Akihiro still asked.

"Are you aware father? Of how he looked at Eureka a while ago when they were transferring her here? His eyes told me, that deep inside he's dying, deep inside he was hurting for her. Those two are airheads after all, they're completely focused on their duties that they couldn't see how their feelings have changed."

"Feena also told me that Eureka said that she is stupid for allowing her body to move without thinking first. Doesn't that show how much her feelings for him were? They said she jumped in knowing full well that she would be hurt by doing so, but then again that was the first time they saw her shout and run like that."

"Nana," Haruka said on the side.

"Just be there for me, mother. I think I'll need a real tight hug after talking with him," Nana sadly said to her.

"Then I shall wait by the side, ready to hug this precious daughter of mine who have grown up so much," Haruka smiled back at her.

(End of Flashback)

"I want some hot milk," Nana said like a spoiled child to Haruka.

"Do you want some chocolate cupcakes to go with it?" Haruka replied as she brush up the lose hair in Nana's face.

"Let's call father?" Nana replied as she grinned back.

"Can I have some of that as well?" Rino asked as he approached them.

Upon coming closer he pulled Nana into a tight hug, "You'll be happy with your decision I'm very sure of that."

"Hmmm," Nana snuggled in his embrace enjoying the warm sensation he's giving her.

Rino thought as he caressed Nana's hair.

"Come on now, I'll prepare the hot milk and chocolate cupcakes for you," Haruka pulled the two of them by the hand and lead them inside.

"Did he return?" Nana asked Rino as they walk back.

"He stood by the door for a while then he walked away, I couldn't even speak with him."

Nana silently nodded.

"His mind is in chaos right now. He might have gone somewhere to think by himself. He was still shaken by what happened to Eureka and then he needs to comprehend the things you just made him realize."

"Was I wrong to end it now?"

"What do you think? Do you feel like you did something wrong?"

"No, for myself that is."

"Then don't think about anything else."


Three days and Eureka was still asleep. Feena and the others have visited her every time they have the time. But knowing that she would scold them for wasting time, they never neglected their training. Even the other remaining knights were trained rigorously by them. Kaoru and Yukimura's team are close already as well. They were never ambushed and that gave them a great relief.

"I haven't seen Raven recently, did something happened Nana?" Karen asked, all of them are present in Eureka's room except for Raven.

Nana smiled, "I guess his still hurt that I broke up with him?"

"Oh you broke up- YOU BROKE UP?!?!" Karen exclaimed.

"Don't tell me even you guys couldn't see how those two have something for each other?" Nana asked amuse.

"Well, that is. But you two were together and you..." Azusa trailed off.

"I do love him, but I know that I am not the one for him. Not once did he say that he loves me. He just said it once that he will protect me with his life. That's why I need to end my dream."

"Oh Nana," Feena said as she gave Nana a hug.

"Hey Natsuki, where are you going?" Theo called upon seeing Natsuki leave.


They all looked at each other and just shrugged.

"How did he take it?" Hideyoshi couldn't help but ask.

"He's confused. That is for certain. He got used that what he's feeling is already love."

"Finally, he now knows what we felt back when we still couldn't confess," Hideyoshi exaggeratedly said.

"But I think what he feels is more difficult than ours. Everyone could see that he has something for Eureka but he didn't know what that means," Mamoru answered back.

"How about you then?" Theo asked Nana.

"The same as you? Starting to move on," Nana teased him, Feena and the others told her that Theo once confessed to Eureka but to no avail.

"Why do we have to add more complications during this time? We still have war to think of."

Everyone sighed even Rino who was just listening to them couldn't help but sigh as he looked back at Eureka who is still sleeping peacefully.

"What's with the long faces? Are you trying to depress the sleeping patient?" Haruka entered and was actually amused to see all this people gathered here but with a heavy atmosphere.

"Then maybe she would wake up and berate all of us for not training. How long does she intend to sleep, Mother?" Nana replied.

"Her wound was deep but I think she has a different injury that she is recuperating from right now."

Haruka approached Eureka and stroked her hair, "It would be good if she just stopped being stubborn and enjoy her time with her family. Why can't she just tell them?"

Rino thought as he watches his mother.

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