She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 6 Chapter 137

Volume 6 Chapter 137 Almost Lost Her Mind

"Want a drink?" Natsuki asked as he sat down beside Raven who was sitting by the lake.

"Don't you think that it is still a bit early for a drink, your highness?" Raven replied but still accepted the bottle he was giving him.

"I needed one, but I think you do as well."

They sat there quietly drinking, after a few moments.

"I'll pursue her this time," Natsuki spoke up.

"So don't feel any guilt that you actually didn't love her, because I'll make sure that she will be the happiest with me."

"I never realized that my love was make believe. I made myself believe that I love her, but in reality I didn't. I didn't even thought about it until she pointed it out to me. And right now I'm really confused, what my real feelings are."

"Then don't think, let it come to you naturally. Don't rush it either or you might end up having the same circ.u.mstances as when you were with Nana. You were guilt stricken back then, that added to you wanting to protect her and that confused you greatly. But did you know?"

Raven looked at him.

"All of us can see how the two of you, Eureka and you, cares for each other? I might have been with her for just a few days but the chemistry between you and how much you compliment each other, I can see it quite clearly. Give yourself sometime then you would see what we all see."

"Shouldn't you be mad at me? I hurt the person you fell in love with."

"I'm two years older than you. I can see that all your actions were genuine, its just that not once did those two enter your peripheral at the same time that you didn't have the chance to see the difference. Adding to that, what's the point of getting mad when I can just use it to pursue her and make her look at me instead?"

"So you should free yourself from the responsibility of protecting her. I'll take it instead. Get back up to your feet and don't worry Nana any longer for breaking up with you."

"A brother is really good to have," Raven smiled at Natsuki and gestured him for a toast.

"Well I only have an older cousin myself, and it was a girl so I think so too. It's nice to have a brother," Natsuki replied toasting with him.


Another week and Yukimura and his group finally arrived. The same with Kaoru's who left Confederate earlier than Yukimura from Archic.

"It's good to see you, brother," Haruka happily hugged Shigure.

"I'm happy to see you too," Shigure hugged her back. He then looks at Theo who was far from them.

"Come here you brat, you actually dared to runaway from home," Shigure went ahead and closed the distance between them before ruffling Theo's hair. "I can see that you've become stronger."

"Natsuki, you actually went ahead and left your guards. Whom did you take from?" Ichiro said upon seeing Natsuki.

"Of course from your sister," Natsuki replied when suddenly someone jumped at him.

"You've grown haven't you?" she said.

"Suzuki stop squishing me," he said but still hugged her back.

"We thank you, for all the escorts you sent for us to have a peaceful travel," Shigure and Ichiro respectfully said to Akihiro.

"Don't be, we are in a perilous time. We need to help each other as much as possible. We have prepared the places for you to stay, have you seen them already?"

"We did, and it is wonderful. Thank you very much."

"Uncle, I've noticed the number of people who came. Was the fight back then did it?" Natsuki asked.

"I didn't tell you then, but we were almost wiped out by those attackers. They suddenly grew in strength and we were unprepared. We have lost so many," Ichiro replied sadly.

"Then even our people, brother?" Haruka then asked Shigure.

"Yes half of the kingdom were destroyed. Eureka warned us about the upcoming war but I guess we still took it leisurely resulting to such damage."

"Speaking of which, Eureka still didn't return?" trying to deviate the topic, Shigure then asked.

Akihiro told them then of what had happened. They spoke more for some time before Ichiro and Shigure decided to rest. Once they're gone.

"How are everyone then?" Yukimura asked.

"Worried, this is the first time she was injured in such a way after all. Your son must be completely anxious. He disappeared for three days after their break up then returned and would sometimes visit her."

"They broke up?"

"Those kids really do loves complicating things when we are in the middle of complicated situations."

"Well, they're old enough. We can only respect their decisions. Kaoru must be in her room now?"


"You're here," Kaoru greeted Rino.

"We have decided to watch over her, I'm the one on shift right now."

"Have you told her? That you know?"

"I can't."


"How did you know?" one time Rino approached Kaoru and spoke with him.

"We were born on the same parents. Both having the strongest ability. That's where she got her sensitivity towards abilities. Of course we too have it. It just so happens that Nana haven't realized it yet. But Eureka seems to know, that's why she barely interacted with us before she left back then. Even with that, I still watched her closely even when we were just wandering souls, I already have a feeling that she is someone related to us. Then when she got mad somehow she had released her aura, despite it being small I still felt that it was the same as ours."

"Then there's that war where Orange said that Nana and I were born as one, then that comment of his that other girl. Thinking back to everything, I was able to put the puzzles together."

"You sibling seriously are too smart for your own good," Kaoru could only shake his head.

"What happened? Why does no one knows? What happened more than 20 years ago?"

"It was a very complicated one, even I couldn't comprehend it fully myself, that day your mother almost lost her mind."

(End of Flashback)

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