She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 6 Chapter 138

Volume 6 Chapter 138 Grieve

"I really don't know how I'll tell her that I know. She might suddenly run away," Rino said as he looked at Kaoru defeated.

Eureka had been evading this from the very beginning. She didn't want to acknowledge that they are her family. Rino knows that they could be great friends and all if he don't say anything but at the same time knowing what she went through, what kind of life fate had given her, he just wants to tell her that they are there for her. They won't leave her alone.

"How stubborn, if she finds out that you know that she was actually your younger sister, she would surely kill me," Kaoru commented as he look back at Rino.

"Do you want me to kill you now? For openly talking about it here, of all places, in the castle?" another voice butt in to their conversation. The two of them looked at the girl on the bed.

"You're awake!!" Kaoru exclaimed and happiness is visible in his eyes.

"No I'm talking in my sleep," she replied as she sat down.

"Why is it that the more I wanted to hide it, the more people finds out?" Eureka then face Rino and said.

"No secret could be kept forever after all," Rino replied as he ruffled her hair. His warm smile made Kaoru felt like sooner their family would truly be complete.

"I'm not a kid," she snapped.

"Oh, you're awake now," Kaoru and Rino stiffened upon hearing Haruka's voice. They then look at Eureka having the same thought,

"I must apologize your highness, I was careless and ended up being in bed for so long despite just returning," Eureka eased their worry upon hearing her reply.

"Don't be sorry. But I must say you truly made all of us worry. You slept for so long. We also heard that you somehow strained your self that even your soul was affected. Be more careful from now on. I truly am happy that you're fine now," Haruka reprimanded with a warm voice before hugging Eureka.

To be honest when Eureka was brought to them covered in blood her heart started racing. She was so scared that Eureka might die. She didn't know why but even back when she stayed for a short while with Eureka and Eureka complimented her cooking, she felt truly happy. All this is somehow weird to her but not in a bad way.

Eureka who was suddenly embraced felt something different and without knowing blurted out, "Am I letting them go?"

*"Come on now Eureka, eat your food," Zu said.*

*Just a little bit more, just one more step, I'm right over here," Ao stretched his hand out waiting for a little Eureka to walk towards him.*

*"You do love getting injured do you? And you Ao, be linient will you?" Zu berated them but both of them just grinned at her.*

*"Why do you always end up having so many wounds when you're training on your own"*

*"Shut up, Zu"*

*"*smacks her head* yeah yeah."*

*"Do your best in there you understand?"*

*"No wait you're staying behind?"*

*"We have no time, I'm sending you there now"*

*"NO ZU!! WAIT!! DON'T!! ZUUU!!"*

*"Just remember we genuinely love you."*

*"But we really can't take you away from them, cause they are your real family, we're just your kidnappers. We're sorry."*

Without intending to, tears welled up and started streaming down her cheeks. Snippets of how she spent her time with Ao and Zu came rushing back when she suddenly thought about her true family. Evryone was stunned after her sudden sentence she suddenly started crying but her eyes were not concentrating on anything. Her mind was not there at all.

Even Haruka who was closest to her couldn't move, not one of them who are present have seen her cry. Just like that a shadow went past Haruka and jumped at Eureka hugging her tight.

It was actually Nana who came and rushed to her side, hugging her tightly.

"It's alright. Everything will be fine. Just cry. Go on and let everything out."

Nana came to check on them but heard Eureka's sentence then Eureka's words of why she didn't want to see came to her. What she saw back then was a lonely back but at the same time a back that is in complete pain. She hugged Eureka tighter, not crying for her. Cause she knows that if someone else cries Eureka would definitely stop. And she didn't want to take it away from her. She needs it or she might suddenly explode. Despite everything, regarding Raven, she still somehow, for some odd reason, cares deeply for Eureka whom she really haven't interacted much.


Eureka fell asleep while crying and all of them decided that it's better to let her be for now, after all she seems to be in conflict with her emotions. Regarding those who took care of her and those who she will be with from now on. Her past and her present, she still didn't know what to do with it.

That night she woke up because of a presence. Sitting down she didn't speak and waited for that person to say something first.

"*sigh* I've heard you broke down," Raven said as he looks at her with conflicted feelings.

"I'm human, I already said that to you, didn't I?"

"In the first place, why are you stopping yourself from grieving? They are important to you, yet you never truly grieved for them. If you are human just as you say, then cry. No one is stopping you to do so. Even Nana said so herself, just cry."

Eureka quietly sat there, not long after Raven said his goodbye. He just came to check on her upon hearing that she had woken up but instantly cried after doing so.

Eureka sat there contempleting his words. In reality upon realizing that they were gone she cried but because she was mad. Raven was right she never cried to grieve for them.

"If I grieve then they would truly be gone," she muttered to herself.

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