She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 6 Chapter 139

Volume 6 Chapter 139 Take Their Breaths Away

In a few more days, Akihiro and Haruka decided to have a grand ball. This is to atleast let those who are fighting to have a little bit of entertainment. After all, their war is not yet over.

Eureka was about to leave her room. She had stayed too long already and she just want to get up and have some exercise. Feena and the others suddenly came in and pulled her into another room, she was then welcomed by different gowns and some make ups. Her brows instantly furrowed, she couldn't see but even those inanimated objects have their own aura and seeing their shapes she instantly knew what they were planning.

"I have-"

Her words were cut short when Nana pulled her in front of a full length mirror and started taking gowns and checking it on her.

"I won't allow you to miss this one. We all must attend this ball," Nana said as she took another and placed it in front of Eureka.

After checking more than 10 dresses. All four girls still couldn't find a good match to her.

"This won't do, we need more dresses," Nana announced, she's about to got out and call for a servant when a red dress caught her eyes. It was at the edge of the rack, it wasn't a balloon one and so it was hidden by those that are. Taking it out, all five of them gasp. It was a long dress mostly red but its sleeveless was that of silver. And just around the waist were silver designs like a belt, that's all but placing it in front of Eureka, its simple style actually accentuated her cold look. It's fabric was soft and somehow flowing down, and if Eureka's hair is down then it would be perfect.

Eureka just stood there letting them do whatever they please, for she knows that she really can't escape them this time.

"Yup, made just for you. Go on and wear this then we shall fix you up then were good to go to that ball," Nana pushed Eureka inside another room.

Eureka who could only sigh in defeat put it on. Upon wearing it she somehow felt at ease, she wasn't someone who loves balloon type of dresses after all, she felt like she wouldn't be able to move.

"Here's your shoes," she heard them say as she felt them place the shoes inside. It was a high heeled one, but does she have a choice?

Nana and the others were already changed as well. Nana wore a red orange gown, it was a tube one paired with gloves that reached past her elbow. Her hair was then braided on one side.

Feena wore a royal blue off shoulder long sleeve gown. Her hair was then tied up in a ponytail and her bangs was fixed, while leaving a few strands on both side of her face.

Azusa wore a green long sleeve v neck ball gown. Her hair was straightened and was curled at the edge.

Karen wore a light brown high neck sleeveless layered gown, the front reached her knees while the back reached the ground. Her hair put up into a curly twisted bun.

All five of them truly looked mesmerizing, they were chatting happily as they wait for Eureka. She had told them that she shall do her hair on her own.

As she come out, no one could talk, they could only stare at her. The long dress fit her upper body perfectly, the lower part flows on her every move, her hair was let down reaching her thigh, at the top was styled into a water fall braid.

Feeling their stares, she couldn't help but feel weird, "Do.. I look weird?"

She wasn't the girly type in the first place and she rarely, very rarely uses a dress. There was only a few times when Zu insisted that she wore one, even though there's no special occassion, she just said, "You're still a girl and I don't want you to forget that just because we're in the middle of fighting."

"No, you look truly beautiful," Nana said as she walked around Eureka.

Eureka in the first place have a snow white skin. So the dress truly looks like it was made for her. Her skin color accentuated the colors of the dress. Giving it more radiance.

"I can't wait to see their reactions," Karen couldn't help but be excited, Eureka not once shown this side of her. She was never girly ever since she came.

"I, too am excited. Shall we go then? The party have already started, let's make a grand entrance," Feena added as she pulled Karen and Azusa out.

Nana was about to step out, when she noticed that Eureka is still hesitating, "You look more than beautiful, it truly suits you, and right now even I can't take my eyes off of you. Don't deprive yourself with this kinds of things, once in a while its good to have a different pace."

"This time, we can just enjoy ourselves. Let's not think about anything else and just enjoy, okay?"

She then pulled Eureka to the grand hall. Just outside the grand door the servants saw them and opened it for them, just as they entered the whole place went quiet. All of them stared at the five of them.

The first four was people they've seen before in such balls but their breath were still taken away. Especially those guys who were just playing around a while ago.

Mamoru, Hideyoshi and Natsuki were completely bewildered. Raven's eyes, on the other hand, went to Nana before going to the one behind her. Same with the others.

"Is that?"

Some were completely shocked. Somehow even they have forgotten that she was also a lady. This event made them remember. And right now, she had taken breaths away more than what the others did. Her elegance was truly there, the way she walks, her straight back, her confidence, everything was there. She became the center of attention of all those who attended.

Seeing all their eyes, Nana stepped back beside Eureka and whispered, "One more thing..."

Eureka abruptly faced her, Nana despite knowing Eureka couldn't see it, still smiled and nudged her to continue walking.

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