She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 6 Chapter 140

Volume 6 Chapter 140 Roller Coaster Life

"What's taking them so long?" Hideyoshi complained.

They were already in the grand hall from the very beginning and those girls are taking their sweet time. Even the king and queen are already present.

"They'd be here, will you stop being impatient?" Mamoru reprimanded.

Just then the announcement of all their names resounded.

"Finally..." Hideyoshi couldn't finish his sentence. Upon looking up he was caught off guard he never thought that Feena could be even more beautiful, and that royal blue gown truly suits her.

The same goes for Mamoru who could only look at her, he did remember that there once where she wore such gown but it was way back when they were kids, 12 maybe? But her look back then was that of no emotion. It was a special birthday celebration that's why they were there. But not once did she smile back then, and yet now that she's all grown up. He really can't take his eyes off her.

Natsuki could only tap at Raven who was beside him, "Don't regret it."

Raven furrowed his brows as he look at Nana, yes she indeed is very beautiful. But then his eyes went past Nana and landed on that girl who was obviously feeling weird. She was not wearing the balloon type but a simple red long dress with a silver design. It was simple but it truly fits her.

"Is that?" Theo looked at Raven and seeing how lost Raven is, he could only sigh in defeat.

he had long since moved on from Eureka.

Akihiro, Haruka, Yukimura and Kaoru's eyes were also on Eureka. She looks shy but the way she walks, no one could deny that it was truly elegant.

Soon everyone rturned to reality, some have greeted them and asked them for a dance but was politely rejected, others wanted but didn't try to ask Eureka, after all she exudes aloofness telling them not to get close to her.

They walked through the mass of people and went to the guys.

"I must say, I never thought you guys would look very different," Hideyoshi teased.

Feena gave him a sharp look to which he just raised his hand. Seeing that some are already dancing.

"Come on, shall we dance?" he asked her with a smile to which she replied with a pinch before accepting his hand.

"Would you?" Mamoru lent his hand to Azusa who accepted it bashfully.

"*clears throat* Can I have the honor to have the princess first dance?" Natsuki step forward and bowed.

"It shall be my pleasure," Nana replied accepting his hand.

All three went to the center catching the attention of many.

"Those guys, they forgot that they have their friends here," Karen said looking at Eureka to which she was met with an empty space.

"The prince asked her to speak with him for a moment," Raven said as he drunk from his glass.

"Oh," that's all and she quietly stood there, Raven's indifference actually didn't allow her to ask.

Theo could only chuckle at this, Karen obviously wanted to ask something but she is stopping herself for she is scared that Raven might suddenly get mad or something. And yet the other was not even affected.


"Kaoru told me everything, of how we lost you," Rino started as he and Eureka stood in the balcony.


"She had miscarriage and was given some medicine to recuperate. After a year, she felt something was wrong and knowing that there are traitors around she decided to stop trusting those officials. She hid it even from my brother, she stopped drinking the medicine given to her. More than a year later, she became pregnant, but she kept it and decided to leave, she had used the people to make Akihiro approve of her leaving, but in reality she wanted to keep quiet about her pregnancy until such time that she would be able to deliver the baby. She would return and bring those traitors down. I had secretly followed her and witnessed how abilities attacked the carriage she was in, causing her to fall off the cliff."

"She was injured but the miracle was that the baby was there, alive and healthy. I brought her to a village far from Aurora and close to Archic. I know of her identity of course, after all, I am the one who sealed her ability. We lived there secretly, not even the villagers know of who we truly are. Until the day for her to give birth arrived. We have some of the old women in the village to help her in delivering. It was a normal delivery, we even heard her first cry but before we could take a closer look at her, before the villager could hand her to Haruka, a bright light engulfed the whole house, by the time it disappeared, she's no longer there. We lost her."

Kaoru bitterly laughed remembering that day.

"Haruka truly almost lost her mind, she was crying days after that, even her health was deteriorating. Shouting, looking for her, I had no other choice but to seal off her memories, all of the times she spent with us, even the first time she met me. Then I sent Archic kingdom an anonymous letter telling them of where she was."

"I brought her on a different village, where her family would pick her up. In that way no one from the previous village would know who we were. They'd just think that we were a couple who lost their child, and nothing more. Soon after leaving her, I had a bad feeling of what may happen next and so just as I returned to Archic, I've written myself a letter and sealed my own memories. Even about how to seal off memories. If I know about it I might try to unseal them myself. Though I guess I was really mad at my brother back then, despite not having my memories I became aloof from him. Then not long after Eureka arrived, those enemies approached me, and used me and the rest was what had happened back then when Eureka confronted me."

Rino silently sat there, absorbing everything he had just heard. Just what kind of roller coaster life does their family have to encounter more?

(End of Flashback)

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