She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 6 Chapter 141

Volume 6 Chapter 141 Little Peace

"That's why I couldn't bring myself to be known, the balance is already good. Your family is already complete. If I suddenly appear, how much more grief and guilt must they feel then? So we should really keep this for now," Eureka said after hearing everything that Rino have found out.

Rino looked at Eureka, with so many complicated emotions on his eyes. He wanted to acknowledge her and so he wanted everyone to know who she is but in the end, that would really disrupt the balance that they have right now.

"What's so special about this world?" Rino asked afterwards.

"Nothing, it just so happens that this is the NEXT world."

That's right, this is the next world, after destroying the others they would jump to the next and it so happens that this is the next. No other particular reason.

"Just… because it's the next world? But what about the ones who took you? Why?"

"I've already said this in the past, they realized their mistakes too late. Wanting to at least pay for what they have done in their world, they have decided to help this one. That is why they did their best to hide, Azusa was needed in order to help them jump to another world. After all you can't keep on using time traveling continuously when you are bringing so many people with you."

"But what took them so long on attacking?" Rino was curious about this all these time.

"Because I was stopping them. I had thwarted their plans giving us more time to prepare in facing them. In the other worlds they had used the people important to those they used in order to make them lose control. It just so happens that this world somehow have a bit of difference. In those worlds it would either be me, or you or the princess who would be born with those two abilities. But this world somehow deviated and one was born with magma, another with ice, but another was still born with both. Was it destiny? That it so happens that the Kaoru and Azusa of the other world had a change of heart and the next world is this? Was this world meant to really end everything? No one knows, after all in a world full of abilities anything could be possible," Eureka sighed after saying all these, she tried thinking of reasons why would all this happen to their world but she couldn't come up with anything, she resigned with knowing that destiny must have a hand to it. This world's destiny is to end everything.

"What would they gain then? For destroying everything?"

"There are those people, your highness. Who find delight in destroying everything."

somehow another sentence suddenly pop in his mind.

Silence engulfed them before Rino decided to leave her be. He went inside to have a chat with the others, leaving her to think for herself.

"I'm not cold," when a coat was placed on her, she said.

"You're not but obviously you are uncomfortable. Why did you suddenly allowed them to dress you up?" Raven asked as he picked up the glass he placed on the table.

"I just thought that once in a while it's not bad to let them do what they want. This is a day to be joyous after all."

Raven handed her one of the glass.

"Why are you giving me milk, right now?" after drinking, Eureka furrowed her brows and asked.

"I just thought you need it. Before and after your talk with his highness, the aura around you have tremendously changed," he gave a nonchalant reply as he drank from his own glass that contains juice.

Eureka no longer spoke and just silently drank what was given to her, he was right she feel so heavy right now. Because of some stupid wanting for destruction so many innocent lives were sacrificed, so many have suffered. If only she could do something she would have wanted to reset everything. Where all worlds will be back to normal. But at the same time she didn't want Zu and Ao and the others to forget about her, how greedy of her. She bitterly smiled.

"Why can't they just confess?" from inside Karen asked Rino, Theo is already speaking with the cousin of Natsuki, Suzuki, about archery.

"Because they both know that Eureka have a duty she must fulfill before she could think of her own. Raven respects that and Eureka didn't want to tie him with her. She had given herself a duty that could endanger anyone, if Raven is with her then he too would be in danger."

Rino understands their reason. But he too feel sad for them. They finally understood their feelings for each other but in the end, duty still ties them down.

Karen looked around and saw that even Theo and Suzuki are dancing already as well.

"Well, would you mind dancing with this lady, your highness?" she invited looking up at Rino.

Rino looked around and seeing everyone dancing he chuckles, "Then would this beautiful lady in front of him, have a dance with this gentleman?" he asked lending his hand.

"This lady would gladly dance with you, your highness," Karen replied with the same tone as what the noble ladies use.

They both laugh as they walk towards the middle of the hall and started dancing with everyone. Akihiro and the others joined in as well. All of them look so happy as if they were not in the middle of a grievous time. They tried their best to enjoy this moment at least while it still last. For they know that once the war goes all out, this little peace would remain as just a memory of the past. They didn't even know if those they are with would actually still be there.

"I wish for this to last," Raven and Eureka are watching from the outside and he suddenly heard her say this.

"Yes, I too wanted this to last."

<"We have broken up.">

Nana's words then came to her mind as she grip unto the coat that was placed on her.

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