She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 6 Chapter 142

Volume 6 Chapter 142 In The End Of A Cliff

"What do we plan to do now? All of them have multiple abilities, despite Raven and the others gaining such weapons, it's still not enough. Eureka, how many more generals do we have to face? Other than Leo?"

The next day all of them are gathered in the meeting room. Shigure and Ichiro, the remaining generals of their kingdom, Akihiro, Yukimura, the generals, and Eureka's group. Of course Akihiro have already explained to the other kingdoms who their opponents are, he had apologized but they brush it off, even if the enemy came from Aurora Kingdom, in the end all of them are still in danger, so it's only natural for all of them to fight together in this.

"There's still Blue, Black, the one who have been spying on us all this time, Bronze," she paused upon speaking about Bronze.

"What is it?" Akihiro asked.

"To be more precise, there's still Chiaki," the name was like a bomb to all of them who knows her.

Of course if Leo is alive then there is a chance that those he was with back then were alive as well. But to think that Chiaki would be one of the higher ranks.

"Then Silver, who in reality was their head knight back then when Hesperian Kingdom attacked Aurora. And finally Gold, who is Leo as well. We have defeated most of them but these remaining five all have six or so abilities, at the same time Chiaki who back then have the gravity ability have upgraded it and currently she has the suction."

"Suction, that's..."

"Yes it was the reason why we have enemies who has multiple abilities. Silver has the teleportation, adding with the four elements. And finally Leo has the time travel, but not only that, he also has the four elements, and something else that we couldn't fathom. Zu and Ao have explained it to me, something else is with Leo, but no matter what they didn't know what it was."

Such terrifying enemies, they contemplated, if this five attack at once then their kingdom, no to be more precise their world would end just like that. They have to have another ace up their sleeve. But what? They've used almost everything. Akihiro and Haruka might have the magma and ice but they are weaker than before. The same goes with Rino and Nana, they have to control their energies or they'd end up dying.

"Why does it sound like we are in the end of a cliff without any other choice but to jump off?" Yukimura couldn't help but say.

<"You know, we've heard them say this once. That there is something else in every world, there is something that retaliates to them before the world would be destroyed as if trying to retaliate for the last time.">

Eureka then remembered what Zu have told her once.

She sighed catching the attention of those around her. They looked at her thinking that their end must be close as well. She could only sigh because she couldn't find a way to help them.

Rino, on the other hand, was also in deep thought. Trying to remember where had heard the sentence he once heard not knowing where or how, especially since he was only awake for the past two years. If that is so then did he hear it when he was just a wondering soul in the castle? But from who? He felt as if he was forgetting something very important.

"For now, let us keep our best in training. Strengthening ourselves in order to have a bit more hope in fighting," Akihiro said, knowing that this meeting can no longer continue for everyone have already a thought of their own.


"You do love this place don't you?" Nana asked as she approached Eureka. Currently Eureka was by the lake.

"You look like we're about to lose," she then added after getting close to her.

She noticed how affected Eureka was during the meeting a while ago and adding to the fact that she can see the two of them still evading the talk about romance she just wanted to somehow console this young lady whom she started treating as a younger sister for some odd reason.

"Want to hear the reason why I love him?"

Eureka faced her with her brows furrowed as if asking why would you tell me? She chuckled, "I just want to share it."

"You see, my brother find solace in reading books and listening to meetings when we were just souls. But I couldn't I want to do something else, and so I would always roam around the castle. That's when I met a young boy, at the tender age of six."

She smiled remembering that fateful day.


Nana was walking around with a pout, she really can't find anything to do. It has been a year since both of them accepted the fact that no one could see them. They could see their bodies and could even lie on it but they just couldn't wake up with it. It was painful at first but her brother was there, they were able to find comfort in each other. And found comfort on how their father would most of the time come to where they slumber and speak with them.

Currently a meeting was ongoing and obviously her brother was there listening. While she really hates it and decided to just roam around, if others were to roam around it and didn't know the place entirely then they would really get lost.

Just as she turn in the corner she could see a boy who's clenching his fist with a look as if trying to stop himself from crying. She then heard him say, "You're a man Raven. You'd definitely find your way back."

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