She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 6 Chapter 143

Volume 6 Chapter 143 Genuinely Comforting Her

Nana watched the young Raven marched forward, she followed him as he walk in circles and would end up in the same place for a few more times. Then he once again stopped, his face turned red is he tries his best not to cry and would speak to encourage himself. Then he would once again walk around in circle.

Nana could only sigh, just as what she had said, this castle is too big and someone who is unfamiliar with it would end up getting lost. Soon Raven could no longer take it and tears started streaming down his eyes. But he still stubbornly walked around searching for his way. He just wanted to tour the castle for a bit since this is the first time he came here. Who would have thought that he would end up getting lost?

Nana shakes her head before picking up a stone on the ground, Raven have actually ended up going near the dungeons and so the place only have the torches as it's light. The walls are brick walls so scratching a stone on it would leave a mark. Nana then drew an arrow on the wall in front of Raven before getting his attention.

Obviously the young child was completely scared after seeing an arrow suddenly drawn on the wall. Nevertheless Nana wrote a few words near the arrow - 'It's alright, just follow the arrows.'

She even smiled at him as if he could see her. Raven who has no other choice decided to follow the suddenly drawn arrows and was actually relieved to see that the path he was taking started becoming brighter indicating that he is close to the surface. He then found the path he first took and broke into a grin as he run to the outside where his father left him in the first place, telling him not to wander around.

Nana smiles as she watch the joyfully running back of the child.

Before stepping out, Raven stopped and suddenly turned, "Thank you so much sister," he waved his hand and smiled brightly at her before turning around and running outside where he was greeted by his father who just came as well.

Nana stood there dumbfounded, she never would have thought that on this day someone would actually see her and even smile at her, thanking her in the process. Despite being a soul, tears came streaming down her eyes. Rino arrived by her side while she was in this state.

"What happened?" Rino asked worriedly, his sister was a happy go lucky one. And despite knowing that no one could see them and they only have each other not once did she cry in front of him.

"It's so nice to be seen," she said vaguely. She wanted to treasure this moment and she wanted to keep it to herself.

Rino furrowed his brows but decided not to ask anymore and just patted her head.

Days passed and Raven didn't return to the castle, she waited and waited but to no avail. She could only smile sadly as days become weeks, and weeks became months to years. The next time she saw him, he was already a teen age boy brought to the castle by his father. And she knows that he no longer remembers that fateful day. At the same it is pretty obviois that he can no longer see her, maybe because he was just an innocent child back then.

(End of Flashback)

"That's how I fell for him," Nana smiled upon remembering that precious memory. So when she first saw him after waking up, her eyes lit up. For she knows she can finally interact with him but at the same time sadness enveloped her when she can see that his heart is already taken by someone else.

"Do you think he still remembers?" Eureka after a few moments asked her.

"No, I can clearly see it in his eyes that he has no idea that once in his life he saw me," Nana replied with exaggeration, trying to lighten up the atmosphere. Somehow saying this story something else was untied deep within her heart.

After the break up there is still a knot in her heart. She has no idea what it was, she already accepted that he couldn't return her feelings, and yet what was it? After her story she finally understood. Not once did she tell a soul about her first meeting, so it might be the reason why she still felt unsettled.

"I truly fell in love with that child," her tears once again started flowing upon saying this. That's right it was that child whom she fell in love with. That child who was still as innocent as ever. His bright smile that allowed her to hold on while remaining in that dark world of theirs

Eureka pulled her into a hug, they were of the same height so it wasn't difficult for her to place Nana's head on her shoulder. She knows that there is no word that could console her. She could only lend her shoulder. She just thought that this is the only thing she could this time.

Nana who was suddenly hugged was startled at first but the warmth Eureka is giving her now, was the same at the same time different to what Haruka has given her. And she felt so much at ease right now.

"Thank you," she smiled at Eureka. Right now she did feel much much better.

Eureka quietly returned to facing the lake. As if what she did was insignificant. But Nana smiled brightly at her, she felt it that Eureka was genuinely comforting her.


"What took you so long?" Leo asked the bronze wearing cape person in fornt of him.

"I was enjoying myself, I just never thought that you haven't started destroying this world yet," she replied.

"I don't want anymore excuses, I need you to help the others now and attack those people. Silver is still injured and recuperating, that's why I need you to lead them. Try taking that girl out first."

"Oh, that would be my pleasure."

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