She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 6 Chapter 144

Volume 6 Chapter 144 Feeling Giddy

"It is a very perilous time," Akihiro said exasperated.

"Precisely because it is a perilous time, your highness," Eureka answered.

After Nana and Eureka's talk Eureka went to ask an audience to his highness. Akihiro thought she had came with a plan, but instead she came to say that the others should be given a week off. Allow them to enjoy themselves first within the city and get to know all the other knights from the other kingdom.

Akihiro who didn't expect this somehow felt dizzy, this girl would always emphasize training and yet right now, she suddenly have a change of heart and wanted them to rest? To add to that, they are well aware that Leo would be attacking again not long from now. He is currently at the edge thinking about all of this and Eureka suddenly came to make him allow the others to rest.

"I have indeed emphasized the others and you as well to keep on training, but your highness, I have also emphasized that a rest is needed to have a better grasp at anything. If we tire ourselves even our minds would reach it's limit. And currently I do think that you, your highness, needed the rest more than the others."

"I know you have been blaming yourself for what happened to the other kingdoms, after all Leo came from our kingdom. But he chose this path himself, the circ.u.mstances might have been a factor for who he currently is, in the end he still allowed darkness to envelope his heart. If he had searched for a way to return then, he could have changed the future. But he didn't, he just chose to go on a rampage and forget everything. Please don't torture yourself with all this burden."

Akihiro sighed, he had indeed been on edge because of this. Ever since Eureka told them that their real opponent is Leo, he couldn't help but blame himself. If he did this or he did that, then maybe this wouldn't happen. But Haruka told him to stop thinking about the ifs, dwelling in such things won't help him either.

"But to rest for a week?" he exasperatedly asked.

"Your highness, all the others just arrived, we really can't fight well if we don't have a general idea of one another. A week of interaction would be of great help already. At the same time, you may have been with king Shigure but you haven't interacted with king Ichiro yet. All of us need time to get well acquainted to those who we will fight along side with."

"Fine, I'll make an official announcement for a week off to all, as for those guarding the walls. I can only give them a few days, they shall have shifting duties on this week."

"And I do think her highness, the princess, also needed this to have fun with the others," Eureka respectfully said before leaving the room.

Akihiro was truly stunned, Eureka actually wanted to use this to help Nana as well. He fell into deep thought not noticing the the look Dai is giving him.


"Are you serious?" Hideyoshi exclaimed upon hearing their one week off.

It's been so long since they actually felt that they have an off and to add to that it has to be for a week. This is truly unprecedented, and they are very very much happy and excited about it. They could chill for a bit before they start focusing more in the battle ahead.

"Wipe off that goofy look on your face, it's pretty obvious that you just wanted to laze off all day," Feena reprimanded him.

"Isn't that what off means?" he replied as he think about sleeping for a whole week.

Feena could only shake her head, there really is nothing she can do about this. Hideyoshi have always been like this after all. And that is also part of his charm.

"Do you want to walk around?" Mamoru on the other hand, asked Azusa.

"Why not?" Azusa replied with a bright smile. After all, they haven't truly had a proper date before. They could take this chance to be a proper couple after so long.

And to be honest, a lot were still wondering if this four were a couple. They knew about Raven and Nana but didn't know about them. That is why Mamoru wanted to walk around with Azusa. Some knights still tried to court her, some of them wouldn't even believe her when she says that she already have a lover. With this chance they could establi8sh to everyone that they are indeed a couple.

Just then another knight approach them, "Miss Feena, do you have anything planned out for tomorrow? If there's none, would you be willing to have a date with me?"

This knight was from squad 1, so he has a lot of confidence in himself. Hideyoshi who was thinking about sleep suddenly returned to reality upon hearing this. He then stood up and pulled Feena up.

"You know, other than sleep, I think walking around would be a better idea," he said as he seriously look at her holding her hand tightly.

"Hey, I asked her out first," the knight was dumbfounded at first but then regained his composure and barked.

Hideyoshi looked at him icily, "Why do you think would my girlfriend spend her time with you rather than me?"

Feena was silently feeling giddy, this is the first time Hideyoshi had actually showed his jealousy.

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