She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 6 Chapter 145

Volume 6 Chapter 145 Finish Us Up

"Wha-" the knight was once again taken a back when Hideyoshi emphasized that Feena was his girlfriend. His eyes went to Feena who wasn't even looking at him but her eyes were filled with happiness as she look up at Hideyoshi, a smile playing in her lips.

"Get lost, before I decide to take out your tongue and chop it off for trying to ask my girlfriend out for a date right in front of me," Hideyoshi once again icily said. The knight could only swallow as he turned around and left immediately. He can tell Hideyoshi is serious of what he was saying.

"Why did you do that, I have nothing to do tomorrow and finally someone asked me," Feena pouted, she suddenly had the urge to tease Hideyoshi who is completely red for suppressing his anger.

"You- How dare you say that to me. I am your boyfriend and you actually wanted to go out on a date with that… that.. that horse," having no other insult in his mind, he could only call him a horse. Tears were at the edge of his eyes. He then turned around no longer looking at them nor speaking with them. He silently brought out his sword and started training as if he wasn't a lazy one at all.

Everyone was actually shocked, they didn't know he was this sensitive. He would always play around and tease them but not once did they saw him being this emotionally sensitive. Feena could only shake her head and make a mental note, Hideyoshi is childish therefore he is also sensitive. She then slowly walked over and hugged him from behind. Hideyoshi was obviously taken a back, he had always been initiating the skinship between them, the only time she initiated was when she gave him a kiss in the cheek back when they won the first wave of war.

"I'm sorry, I'm just teasing you. This is the first time you have publicly said that I am your girlfriend, even when we were on the training grounds you barely show the people around that we are indeed a couple and that is why I had decided to tease you. Of course I would never want to have a date with that horse, I was even thinking that I would invite you tomorrow myself but you actually went ahead and asked me out a while ago. I'm really happy."

She then hugged him tighter and buried her face on his back. Hideyoshi stiffened, Feena is really being too much right now. He never wanted to rush her, but what she's doing right now made him lose his mind.

In one swift motion he faced her and his lips landed on hers. Feena's eyes grew big upon this sudden action. But Hideyoshi's kiss made her mind go blank she could only close her eyes and match his movement.

The others were obviously taken a back, they couldn't speak as they watch those two displaying their affection so much that Karen and Azusa ended up blushing so hard.

"Hey gu-" Nana and Rino who just came were also shocked by this scene upon arriving. Nana obviously blushed and her whole face were bright red. Rino shakes his head and approached Mamoru, Natsuki and Theo who were like a statue.

"I think that is more than enough. You could continue that once both of you are alone. I never wanted to witness that kind of scene again, spare us will you," Raven who just finished his own training came and saw this, Rino looked at him and shrugged. He could only shake his head and remind them where they are. A few knights have witnessed it as well.

Hideyoshi and Feena who realized what they had just done blushed till their necks, Hideyoshi reprimanded himself for forgetting the place they currently are in. Feena could only hide her face. She smacked Hideyoshi in the stomach, "This is all your fault."

Hideyoshi looked down and saw her blushing face which he found too cute, he then patted her head and said, "Don't worry next time I shall think about the place before doing anything."

The word 'next time' made Feena blush even harder.

"That's enough man, spare us will you," Theo complained as he wipe his eyes as if what he had just witnessed were too dirty.

"I think my soul just left me," Mamoru added as he looked up the sky.

"Count me in," Natsuki added as he too wipe his eyes.

The ladies who finally regained their composure went in and started teasing Feena. The guys started playfully beating Hideyoshi up. Raven and Rino stood by the side but their eyes show a hint of happiness.

Eureka stood by the side speaking to Magma within her. Ice is quieter than Magma which she is thankful for. Handling Magma alone is already too much of a trouble for her. He has a playful side at the same time he do loves to chatter.

Eureka could only sigh, she couldn't restrain Magma any longer. She was thankful for them but sometimes he would just be a bit too much for her to handle.

Finally Ice decided to butt in, but her words still gave Eureka a headache.

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