She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 6 Chapter 146

Volume 6 Chapter 146 The Her In Here

Eureka was about to leave when Nana saw her, "Eureka, just in time. We were planning of what we can do tomorrow. Why don't you join us? That would be really fun."

Nana was smiling brightly. She felt like she had become much more closer to Eureka after what happened by the lake. She even felt happy about it, compared to when Feena and the others became close to her, her feeling this time is much happier.

Eureka stood there as if thinking whether she should accept Nana's offer or not.

Rino thought as he shakes his head.

Just as he thought, Nana who couldn't contain her excitement with having all of them together, pulled Eureka who could only go with the flow and be pulled in defeat.

"So how should we spend our time?" Nana asked at all of them. The others even thought she was putting up an act for Raven and Eureka. So they could only put a complicated expression.

"Don't look at me like that, I am really happy right now. I get spend a lot of time with you guys but I never get to spend much time with Eureka. I can only imagine who she is basing on all your description. When she left we all became more focused on training that spending our days off are better spent on rest and sleep. We didn't really get to play for so long."

"Adding to that, I also know for a fact that it was you Eureka who asked father to let everyone have a week off."

Eureka chuckled, she was acting like a child throwing a tantrum for the other are not listening to her.

"Your highness, then allow this knight to accompany you during your visit around the kingdom tomorrow. It shall be my pleasure to have the princess by my side while having a walk."

She spoke like a true gentleman accompanied by her actions, everyone was left speechless. Eureka is actually catering to the princess's attitude.

Raven stared at her. He never thought that Eureka could show such expression, like she was looking after her younger sister. With this he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his head.

Raven could only sigh, he understood why she wanted to hide it. But at the same time he felt pain as she couldn't even trust him of hiding her identity.

**"She felt that the way you look at her have started becoming the same as those from where she came from."**

Magma's words suddenly came to his mind.

he was pondering so deeply that he didn't notice them calling for him asking for his confirmation of there plans tomorrow.

"Geez Raven, stop staring into space and tell us," Nana called impatiently, obviously she was too excited that she want it to be perfect or at most perfect.

"I must apologize, I was thinking something. Would you mind telling me the plans again?"

"Fine I'll repeat it one last time. We are planning to go downtown. Eureka said that that place was actually of variety. The stores range from clothing to bags to shoes to food to house appliances to office appliances and many more. We are planning on spending tomorrow on that part of the kingdom. SO are you willing to come?" Nana explained as she kept imagining how enjoyable that would be. The past places they went to were all part of the aristocratic side. But Eureka said that down there the noble and common people interact just fine.

Well obviously the others were utterly shocked, she had the time to go there?

"*sighs* Of course I know about that place. I am a common people remember? I need to find a way to live a frugal life while entering the academy. Yes, Kaoru is giving me an allowance but I really didn't want touch it so I also worked a bit of a part time to help me out."

Once again everyone gaped at her. She was working part time back then? Today they finally realized. They never knew Eureka when she was still a student of the academy. How she lived? How she survived? How she had spent her everyday life.

"I want to know more," it was of course Nana who asked the questions in their mind. She was even faster than Karen who had this job back then.

"I don't think that my life back then is interesting though, princess. There's nothing really special about it."

"For you, but for us it would be special. We spent so much time with you and we barely knew the you before graduation ceremony. So knowing you more would be very much special," this time it was Feena who spoke.

"What do you want to know then?" Eureka asked solemnly.

Everyone had there ears perked up, even back when they have those casual talks. Not once did they have a talk about who she is in the kingdom. All their talks would usually ended up to who she was before coming here.

Realization hit them, back then all they wanted to know was her past. But they don't have too. The she in that time line is not the her in this time line. What they have to know is the current her. The person who spent most of her time with Kaoru, the training she went thru just to enter the academy. That's the most important thing for them to understand.

"Why don't we start about the you who had just came out of the hospital, after Kaoru met you in the forest?" Rino was the one who asked the first question.

Not far from them, Kaoru and Akihiro are watching.

"Not just those kids but I suppose she needs this time as well," Kaoru said to Akihiro who was only watching. His heart in peace as he watch his children interacting normally with her.

"Get someone to bring them something to eat and drink," he commanded the servant near him as he and Kaoru left the scene.

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