She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 6 Chapter 147

Volume 6 Chapter 147 Genuinely

Whispers surrounded a certain group. All of them were good looking, no, that would be an understatement. All of them were truly beautiful adding to the fact that they were all famous knights. And to top it off they were either, royals or nobles.

Their group didn't care though, especially Nana who is so happy for their group became even bigger, adding Natsuki and Suzuki. It was truly a happy occassion.

They walk around the place without care. Of course, the thing about Hideyoshi and Feena being together have already spread like fire. Everyone was specially looking closely at the two of them, then their eyes went to Mamoru and Azusa.

"Oh my gosh... The four of them were actually together. We actually didn't notice," one observer said.

"My idol, my love, he's already taken."

"Our goddess is... Our goddess is..."

Some even exaggeratedly placed their hands on their hearts trying to show how heartbroken they were.

Some even looked enviously at Karen who could talk normally with the prince. She would sometimes skip around as she tell him something, Rino would nod and sometimes answer her, even smiling for her.

"Since when did they get close?" another observer asked as they all looked enviously at Karen.

Karen thought hearing the on lookers comments.

That's right these two weren't like this before. Karen still keep her distance for he is after all the prince. But still she had been infatuated. Rushed? Too sudden? Not really, she had been infatuated with him ever since the first time she had seen him. That day that the prince and the princess were introduced, she was completely infatuated. She just couldn't show it in the past for they have been into so many battles and barely had the chance to interact in a daily basis.

In the first place, her idol was the queen, the only woman knight who had subdued all those higher officials. And became their queen, gaining even the respect of those other generals.

Having someone who looks exactly like her and having a different air, truly mesmerized her. But still she knows her limit, she can only look from a far right now. But once all of this is over she'd definitely jump in and start pursuing him.

For now she will just happily enjoy the time.they spend. Rino on the other hand didn't think much of it, after all Karen is the only one among them who has no strings attached. He just thought of giving her company for now.

He has no idea that this time is the beginning of something for the two of them. Being always alone other than his sister with him. He got used to not spending time with so many people. Even now, it was only because of Nana that he ended up in their group as well. But it would be Karen, who constantly smile around him, sometimes goof around as well, who would bring a different color into his life.

Their group entered a clothing shop first, the girls were all excited. Well except for Eureka, she just like Raven and Rino stood by the side, waiting for the others to have their fill of everything in this shop.

But it was only wishful thinking for her that the girls would ignore her. For instead they pulled her along making her change clothes for who knows how many times.

"Here try this one next, we would like to see you wear this one next," Nana happily said.

Suzuki who had just arrived not too long ago were already at ease being with them. Especially since Natsuki, her closest cousin, would always bring her along to spend time with them.

She is among those five who kept giving Eureka clothes for her to change into.

"*sigh* Should I runaway now? You made me change for so many times," Eureka said, not accepting the clothes Nana's handing her.

She had decided to start changing her attitude towards them. They have genuinely stayed true to their purpose of being with her and so she should in turn treat them the same way. Back when she was in the future, she also had a fill of fun in the company of those people who remained trying their best to fight back. She had laughed until she cried.

Right now, she just want to experience that with these people. Where she genuinely wanted to stay with them and be with them all through out their lives.

She's even thinking of whether she should reveal her true identity. But upon thinking this, she would instantly stop herself. She needs to take things one step at a time.

"But you are so cute in everything, like all these clothes were made just for you," Feena pouted when Eureka stopped changing.

"That's right Eureka. All those clothes you tried suit yiu and so we are going to buy them all," Karen added.

"If I have your body, I would surely change clothes every hour," Suzuki chimed in.

"Don't add another word Azusa. Seriously, guys I'm not the type of person who loves clothes. So shall we go to another shop? The others are already too bored," Eureka stopped Azusa when she was about to speak and pointed out the guys.

Rino and Raven are obviously just standing there talking about the knights. Mamoru and Natsuki were looking outside trying to guess the color of the clothes of the next person who'd appear.

Theo and Hideyoshi are, what you'd call, in the worst condition. Both of them are already dozing off in the floor near the mannequins. Some ladies are already giggling, looking at the two of them.

"Well, I guess it is time for us to change place," Nana said as she returned the cloth she's holding.

The others agreed instantly. Really they never thought about time whenever they are in a clothings shop. Of course they are still noble ladies who love dressing themselves up.

Eureka sighed in relief. She really was saved by the guys this time. If they were still watching attentively then the girls wouldn't let her off the hook.

"Your patienece is really something. I've noticed it in the past but the evidence was as clear as day today," after coming out of that shop, Raven commented to her.

"Let's just say I just want to genuinely change for them."

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