She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 6 Chapter 148

Volume 6 Chapter 148 Back Of The Person

They went to visit other more shops and soon the shops became entertaining even for the guys that all of them truly enjoyed the whole day. Raven was watching everyone having fun on this respective shop and currently they are in a random shop.

It has costumes or stuffs for writing or stuffs for culinary, it's truly random that they were goofing around as well.

His eyes then went to Eureka who was only watching them with him and Rino. And there on her lips a soft smile was tugging. She had been smiling a lot lately but he still find it surprising to see such kind where it shows how happy she is at the moment. She looks contented of the thing that's going on now.

Only a few could actually see this though, her thoughtfulness and how much she watches over those who she is close to. And somehow a warm feeling flowed within his heart as he watches this girl.

Rino on the side saw Raven looking at Eureka and could only shake his head. Eceryone wants these two to be together but everyone also knows that currently it is also impossible. And all of them could only sigh in their hearts feeling sadness for them.

"Hey guys, let's go eat now. I'm really hungry," Karen then called out jumping bubbly, she was even waving her hands calling for the three of them. Rino could only shake his head, compared to the others this girl is really different, she was even more energetic than Nana.

The others started walking to the door of the store, Karen was still happily waving her hand while jumping around, she really felt refresh right now. She get to be with everyone for the first time. She saw how Eureka would sometimes smile at them. She get to be with the prince for a whole day, this is truly a very happy day.

"YOU'RE TOO NOISY!!" someone suddenly shouted as some objects were thrown towards Karen.

Karen was preoccupied with her thoughts and everything was sudden that she still ended up being hit by some of the stuff that was thrown, even a knife was included grazing her arm. It was shallow, but this caused the temperature in the store to drop down so much.

Karen stood shocked looking at the back of the person who stood between her and the person who threw those things.

"I think that you're going over board now. Don't you think so as well?" he spoke as coldness eluded from his body.

In reality, that guy didn't see who was jumping and shouting but he is too irritated to even bother looking before throwing the things near him.

He just came out from a quarrel with their head knight. He had been eyeing the position of the general in their squad and asked their headknight continuously, their headknight then threw him out telling him that he shall be demoted from being the captain to a normal squad member.

Well the headknight has the right to do that. This knight actually kept pestering him for the position without thinking about their current status. At the same time, he knew that this man loves riding his high horse and would bully others with this position.

"We are not in the amus.e.m.e.nt park for her to act so unruly," he retorted looking at the person who spoke. He then froze, when he faced him the person he spoke to was actually the prince of the kingdom who took theirs under its wing.

"Oh, then I suppose we are not in a circus for you to be throwing things," Rino replied his eyes narrowed.

Mamoru and the others who was waiting outside entered once again to witness this scene.

Natsuki instantly knew who this knight is, this guys had been in his high horse when that stupid king was still reigning, his uncle just let him off for je still didn't do anything that would make him a part of the conspiration.

Seeing their prince that knight became confident, after all he is one of his people and of course he should be in his side.

"I'm just speaking up for the other customers who are being disturbed by this girl," he then confidently said pointing at Karen who was still behind Rino.

"Oh," Rino then looked at Natsuki.

"He's one of you?"

"I think so."

Rino noticed the changes in this man's eyes when he saw him and when he saw Natsuki so he already have an idea of whose kingdom this person came from.

"Do you need him?" Rinno asked pointing at the knight.

"Not really. We still have a lot," Natsuki answered knowing full well that this man was disliked by many.

Rino shrugged before swiftly throwing back the knife that was thrown at Karen a while ago. The man who was thrown aside by their prince, didn't expect this throw and it hit the side of his face piercing through his ears. A shriek suddenly engulfed the shop after this, some customers were already on the site watching. Everyone was actually enjoying how bubbly Karen was, it is after all a rare sight for a noble beauty to be having such trait. After all almost all of the customers were from this kingdom, those from the other were still either on their own home getting used to it, or on the upper part of the kingdom.

"You're too noisy," Rino said as he stood there exuding the coldest aura they ever felt from him. Karen, too, stayed quiet. She didn't expect this at all.

Just then guards came, Rino instructed them on what to do to that knight before turning to Nautsuki if its really fine for him to do this. After all that man is not under him.

Natsuki shrugged and said that, that man has no one with him and he only thinks of himself, they can just say that he had offended the prince of the kingdom taking care of them. No one would really care.

Rino then looked at Karen, seeing as she is still standing there in a daze he bopped her head, "What are you still staring at there? Let's go and get you some bandage. It might be small but it could still get infected if not treated."

Knowing how much more wounds Karen had been through, he didn't need to ask her if it hurts, for that will only insult her status as a knight.

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