She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 6 Chapter 149

Volume 6 Chapter 149 Deprive Them Of Their Daughter

Their time were well spent. Covered with smiles and laughters, they enjoyed every moment together. Through this time, those who didn't know about the others being together finally found out about it. Those from the other kingdoms who didn't know them, got to know them through those knights from Aurora Kingdom.

"To be more precise she was the hero of both kingdom. If she didn't finish it back then, then the two kingdoms would have killed each other," especially Eureka whose name became renowned all through out the kingdom for everything that she had done.

In summary their week off was blissful and that thing that happened in the random shop was the only incident.

"I wish next time we could do this again," Karen said as they were on their way home. To which the others agreed, it may not be long but this week off was indeed very wonderful. They get to relax, not just their bodies but their minds and emotions as well.

"Since you've got your fill. It is time to return to reality. I just wish for all of you to bring out the best that you can do. And that we could end everything here and now," Eureka, being the captain of squad zero, stood in front of all eleven of them and said.

"I don't know what may happen to all of us in this upcoming war. We could live, we could get injured badly but worst of all we could end up losing our own lives. You all have that important person beside you, losing them, I must say it would feel like thousands of knives are peircing through your hearts. But you must remember despite that pain, despite that feeling of loss, if you don't want to lose more, then keep on fighting, keep on going. That's how I survived, no matter how many of them dies, I still kept living, living for them and living for myself. I can say for certain, this time, right in front of all of you who never stopped trying to get close to me, that all of you are all important to me now. I am scared of losing more but I am also human, no matter how much I try to evade it, in the end I still found all of you becoming important to me."

She swept her gaze to all eleven of them, she can not see them but she can see their auras.

"Let's all get strong and finish this war without dying," she proclaimed flashing her brightest smile coupled with sadness.

she then thought facing the sky.

The girls have tears in their eyes, after so long she had finally accepted them openly. After so long she finally looked at them. Even Nana and Suzuki who didn't spent so much time with Eureka, especially Suzuki who just arrived.

She heard, of course she heard, her uncle told the story of how Eureka stopped the war without killing anyone. How she revealed the treacherous act of their former king. With those stories, she had admired her, she idolized and imagined what she looks like. Upon seeing her up close she became even more mesmerized, Eureka's beauty was apparent, basing on the other girls stories, even her trait was lovable.

Rino clap his hand on Raven's shoulder, he nodded at him, "When you get the chance, do take care of her. I know both of you are still waiting, both of you are still trying to time everything. But do take care of her. I know you can do just that."

"Whatever the future brings, I don't want to see her blood covered body, ever again," was Raven's reply. He too looked up at the sky.

The guys have their arms around each others shoulder.

"What do you guys think?" Eureka faced them and asked.

"Let's live." "For our future." "For the future of everyone." "Let's move forward." "Become strong together." "Fight together." "Live together."

All of them answered with enthusiast. Their spirits alighted a new, this time blazing even more than before. Blazing as if they were one. With one reason, one purpose, they all look ahead to that time where all of them could have the same time as their week off, where everything was peaceful. Looking forward to a future where they no longer fear the arrival of their enemies.


"She had truly become a great leader," Yukimura commented as he looked at the place where Eureka and the others were.

"Sometime I couldn't help but see the shadow of my father on her. The way she speaks, the way she fights for what she believes in. How mysterious," Akihiro answered as he smiled down at Haruka.

"Because your father have the same characteristics as her. If I knew better I'd say she must be the reincarnation of father," Haruka replied back.

Kaoru on the side could only look at the two of them sadly. Of course he could only do as Eureka asks. He knows that once they find out, their guilt might eat them up. She had been by their side for so long but still they didn't know that she was there. Kaoru also knows that this is the reason why Eureka didn't want to say anything to them. The balance would indeed break once they find out.

Even if Eureka tells them that she had forgiven them or something, she knows they'd still feel guilty of everything. What she wanted was this smiles.

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