She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 7 Chapter 150

Volume 7 Chapter 150 Someday I Know You Will

Eureka and Raven are currently in the cliff close to the Eastern side of the kingdom. They have built their border closer and this time, both of them were tasked to check for some activities around here, Kaoru who had set up his seal around here as well, reported that there seems to be some movement around here.

"Other than the strong waves from down below, I can't seem to sense other suspicious movement around here," Eureka commented as they were facing the ocean, whose waves are hitting hard on the rocks of the cliff.

"They must be doing some more inspections on this side," Raven replied as the wind flew. If this was a normal day this place truly looked beautiful.

"If this was a normal day, I can say that we are in a very beautiful place," Raven abruptly looked at Eureka, she had just said the same things that was on his mind.

The cliff where Hideyoshi trained with his wind was another cliff, but was far higher than this one. This one was on the right height, you can clearly hear the water and the birds, the wind was not as strong and it soothes you just fine.

Currently, Eureka's eyes were closed. As if feeling her surrounding. She inhaled deeply and even raised her hands. A smile was tugging at her lips. Looking at her with the ocean and the trees as her background, Raven could feel his heartbeat becoming faster. He haven't seen this carefree side of her. Like she has no problem at all. She stood there like a normal girl enjoying the view around her. Taking in the beauty of her surroundings engraving them on her mind.

"Back then," Eureka opened her eyes and suddenly said.

"We would always come by here."

Raven didn't speak but his brows were furrowed.

"In that future, this place was still intact, except for the trees and the calmness of the water. Ao told me that once that place was beautiful enough that anyone would be captivated by it. Zu added that whenever she thinks for herself or just wanted to runaway from everything, she would run here and just sit down enjoying the wind as it lull her numb feeling allowing her to cry to her hearts content. That's why I didn't think twice when the king asked me to come here. I didn't have the time after all. I was busy preparing everything. I was busy taking precautions."

"You could have suggested this place when we were on our week off. Why didn't you?" Raven asked confusedly. A lot of times those girls asked her where she wanted to go. Or if there is a place in particular she wanted to visit.

"It's the silence that I want to experience here. If we were all together, it would still be beautiful but the silence won't be there. Weird but I really wanted that."

In reality, Ao once told her, that Haruka would come here on her own back when she was still in the academy. When he asked her why she wanted to be alone, she said that the silence was calming and comforting. She just wanted to keep that to herself.

Eureka who, for the first time, heard a story about her birth mother, wanted to know what they mean. And yet, upon arriving she was busy doing everything in a fast pace in order to return to where Ao and Zu was currently at as fast as possible. Then she became busy with all her duties that all about the cliff slipped off her mind. She was just reminded by it when they were in that week off.

She was lucky, that the king had actually given her the chance to come here. She may not be alone but still she is enjoying this right now.

She closed her eyes and imagined Haruka sitting here on a peaceful day just like this. A smile once again tugged at her lips. She is still a daughter after all. Even just for a bit, she wants to know her parents. A heart will always look for that warmth a family could give.

Raven stepped forward and wiped a tear that drop from her eyes with his fingers.

"Are you that contented that it makes you cry? Or this silence is what made you tear up?"

She did feel him approach her and felt him wipe her tear but she didn't open her eyes, "One day, will everyone live in harmony? With no more greed?"

"That day will never come. The world is not perfect, greed will always be there, darkness will always linger. But if we stay true to ourselves, then we can live in harmony. We don't need everyone to harmonize with us. Cause they too have their own group of people to whom they can live in harmony. All of us could only keep ourselves in check, in order to live as peaceful as possible," Raven replied standing beside her closing his eyes.

She had lived in nothing but destruction, and so he understands what she meant when she asked for harmony. But if they hope for such they are only having wishful thinking. That is why he didn't want to tell her that someday that would happen, cause it will never happen.

"Talking with you really is different, yes that is indeed true. We can never have that kind of peace, that's just wishful thinking. But I want to experience it, the peace you are talking about," she faced him and smiled at him. The wind accompanied her smile as her hair despite being in a ponytail swayed with it.

"Someday I know you will," Raven pat her head and smiled back at her.

"Aww aren't you two having such a sweet time?" another voice butt in.

Eureka and Raven was caught up in their own world that they didn't notice these two people, Magma and Ice too were on their own world. Both of them were then caught up in a gravity ability, but at the same time they felt like even their energies were being sucked.

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