She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 7 Chapter 151

Volume 7 Chapter 151 Stop Running Away

Eureka thought. Raven on the other hand was completely caught off guard that he couldn't stop the ability from sucking his energy. He was about to bring out his sword when Eureka held his hand.

"Don't, you'll end up having all your energies being sucked faster," Eureka could also feel her energy being sucked, if this continues both of them would be in grave danger.

Knowing that they no longer have any more options, she clapped her hands and slammed it on the ground. The bronze caped woman felt her ability being canceled out all of a sudden. This actually took a toll for she felt kind of dizzy. Raven felt lighter after everything canceled out, he could even feel something in his mind being released, even his own ability felt like it disappeared from his body.

But before he could react or do anything, "Let's go."

He was suddenly pulled by Eureka, before realizing what was going on, he was already in a free fall and the one that's welcoming them was the water below. When everything became clear, Eureka actually pulled him and jump off the cliff. Having no more escape he pulled her into his arms, hugging her tight as the water below swallowed them.

Eureka felt a sense of security, for in reality she...

"Should we follow them?" Black asked Bronze.

"No need, the thing she did actually did a thing or two to me. To think she has that much control over the nullifying ability, it caused my suction ability to stop. I only got a few drops of their energy. Let's return for now. Now I know, she really is different from the others. How enjoyable," she smiled before the two of them disappeared.

After falling to the ocean, due to the strength of the waves, the two of them were separated. Raven emerged in the surface first.

"Eureka!! Eureka!! Eureka!!" he span around calling for her. And yet ten, fifteen seconds passed and there is still no sight of her emerging from the water.

he thought as he dove in once again and searched for her under the water. What caught his eye was the tie she used to tie her hair up. Following the path where it supposed to have came from he finally found her, unconscious.

He swam towards her and pulled her up in the surface, "Eureka, Eureka wake up."

Seeing as she was completely unconscious, he swam towards the shore. It took him quite a while before arriving due to the waves pulling them back to the ocean.

In the shore, "You really are stupid, you were so confident in jumping and yet you don't even know how to swim," he berated despite her being unconscious. He bent down and pushed air through her mouth before pumping on her chest. He did this a few more times before she finally coughed out water.

"Seriously, what's wrong with your head?!?" after breathing a sigh of relief, Raven shouted at her.

But before he could add more, he was taken aback by her eyes.


Eureka looked away, "Don't tell anyone."

"When?" Raven asked.

"Ever since we returned from the Archic Kingdom," Eureka replied without looking at him.


"Yes, I have another way and was able to seal them again."

"You really didn't want to know anyone from here don't you?" he said as he took the tie he had always placed in the hilt of his sword, tying it over her eyes

Eureka touched her blindfolded eyes before replying, "Even I could get scared as well."

"Scared of what? Scared of knowing us?"

"Scared of losing more," she replied.

"Why do you always think that you would lose the people around you? Isn't that the reason why you have decided to help us get stronger?"

Eureka didn't reply and stayed quiet.

Raven lost his cool and pulled her to face him removing the blindfold he had tied. Eureka closed her eyes instantly.

"Open your eyes and look at me."


"Open it Eureka."


Her eyes snapped open upon feeling the soft sensation in her mouth, Raven pulled back and looked at her wide opened eyes while still cupping her face with both his hands.

"Remember this face, remember this face properly cause I'm telling you, this face won't die. I won't let death take my life away. I won't let you lose anymore. So stop running away and face everyone properly. Those guys and most of all your family."

"You… know?"

"The thing you did a while ago, unsealed them. I remembered everything, my speculations and all the signs that you have shown."

Eureka could only bitterly smile. She had intended on keeping it as much as possible but she just couldn't. She didn't even know what will happen to her once everything was gone. And yet they just keep knowing and realizing who she truly is.

"Face them already, do you think you're giving them a favor by keeping quiet about it? No, you're just torturing them even more. Do you think guilt won't eat them once you tell them at a later time? No, they'll just be even more guilty that they didn't ecen realize that their daugter had been by their side all this time. Stop running away from who you truly are."

She stared at him, at his eyes. This is the very first time she had seen him. But she felt like she had always known how he looks. Reaching out her hands, she too cupped his face.


But before she could continue, she abruptly looked at the Aurora Kingdom. Same goes for Raven. Both of them looked at each other again before dashing to the kingdom.

A bad omen and a bad feeling creeping in their hearts. They're there, Leo and the others are there. Their enemies are there, and thinking about everyone, their steps became faster.They didn't bring any horses for this part was just an hour away by foot. And yet right now, they're regretting it, for this path looks longer than before.

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