She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 7 Chapter 152

Volume 7 Chapter 152 Long Time No See

That time, all knights were training, Akihiro and the others continued their office works. But this little peace was suddenly interrupted by a laugh. A laugh that is very much familiar to Akihiro, Yukimura and the others. During this time, everyone was within the kingdom.


All of them went out and was greeted by Leo, Silver and those under them. Thousands once again of puppet knights are with them. They suddenly appeared, as if a door opened for them and Aurora was the destination.

Of course, their minds were ready but their hearts aren't. Seeing and hearing are two different things. And now seeing a crazed look at the once oh so serious friend of theirs, they couldn't help but feel a knife peircing through their hearts.

The face was the same, the voice, the built. Everything was the same except for the heart and mind. He truly changed for the worst.

"I must say, I should compliment that little girl for trying her best in stopping us. Even reducing our number to this. Wow, she really is good. So tell me? How much of her heart is still intact?" Leo laughed asking this.

No one understands what he meant. What did he mean by her heart? Eureka is doing great she's even smiling more and more.

"Oooohhh seeing your looks, I can say that she have indeed acted quite well. Ah poor child, returning to a world where she is a complete stranger. Returning in a world where her existence, no one knows. How painful it is to always be so near yet so far from her parents. To always be outcasted by her own family. I wonder how much more of her heart is intact?" Leo asked as he sneers, looking at all of them full of insult.

His smug smile suddenly disappeared when a laugh errupted. Looking at the person, it was no other than Kaoru.

"Her heart may not be whole but I tell you, most of it are intact. She had her friends by her side. Despite being a stranger no one left her. Despite pushing them away, those kids kept her company. So if you think that she's on the verge of collapse, then sorry for she is far stronger than before she returned to us. Not even you could bring her down. And she shall be the one who will bring you down."

Kaoru even pointed at him, sneering in the same way as he did, looking at him with insult just as he did.

And yet before Leo could rebuke, another voice came, "Who cares how much more we should put together in order to make her heart whole. How many more pieces should we look for her? Stop belittling her, she is not the same as those people whom you've broken, whom you used in order to destroy everything. She is the strongest person we ever knew and we, in turn, shall strengthen ourselves to be able to stand beside her."

Leo's eyes narrowed, the person who spoke after Kaoru was Azusa. She looked at him with no emotion.

"Friends? *laughs* Oh please my dear daughter. Look at your father, this is what happens when you trust so much in that so called friendship of yours. Something you treasured is what will stab you in the back. Why not come with father? Let's rule over everything and make these useless people disappear instead?"

"*smirks* Who do you think you are? My father have died more than 10 years ago. What kind of nonsense are you spouting? Oh and by the way, allow me to say this to you now, I hate my father. He left me and mother alone. If we were as imporatnt to him as he had always said, then he wouldn't have left and just fought in another way."

He clicked his tongue in irritation, "Seeing all your reactions, it seems that girl have already told you about who I am? Hmmm that's too bad I had actually wanted to watch how your faces would distort upon seeing who your enemy was. Those from the other worlds have done so and it was truly entertaining."

Without any more words, abilities errupted non stop. People could only stay within their homes in fear and praying for it to be over.

"What took you so long? Have you done what I asoed of you?" Leo asked to bronze who appered beside him.

"I must apologize for I failed, her nullifying capabilities far exceeded all of us. She was able to cancel my ability and escaped through jumping off the cliff with that young man," Bronze explained.

Once again, Leo clicked his tongue. Everything's not going as he had planned. His daughter should have looked happy seeing him again but she actually looked at him with anger. Those friends of his should have shocked plastered on their faces but what he saw was complication. Then bronze returned unable to even suck at the energy of Eureka who is so stubborn of not wanting to succ.u.mb to the sadness she had felt.

Looking around he then saw Haruka and Akihiro fighting together. Since they appeared so close to the walls even Haruka had no other choice but to fight, she had fought back when Silver first fought against Eureka.

He smirked before instructing black on creating his strongest barrier around those two. Silver is already fighting against Feena's group. The others are fighting with the thousand of zombie armies. So Leo, Bronze and Black are still on stand by.

"Once they're inside don't wait for them to react just use suction on them. Those two are afr weaker now since they have their children. But still to think that there are worlds who actually gave birth to two magma and two ice abilities. I didn't consider this one."

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