She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 7 Chapter 153

Volume 7 Chapter 153 She Gallantly Walked

Everyone was focused on their own battle not realizing the plan that Leo came up with. He knows that Eureka will always have a part of her heart where her family is the most important. If he could kill these two now then she'll start crumbling even more. If that happens then her abilities would errupt and wreck havoc all through out.

Just as he had planned, Akihuro and Haruka who are two busy in their fight didn't realize that they had stepped into the encirclement of Black's barrier ability. Taking this opportunity, black instantly activated his barrier, the same goes with Bronze who used her suction, taking their energies.

Akihiro and Haruka were both down for the gravity of suction was too much for them. Their energies are being drained so fast that their vision begun getting blurry.

Nana and Rino saw this and went up to help but Silver have stopped them, he had unleashed all his abilities, different elemental ones came in their way. He even created Magma and ice by combining his abilities. Feena and Hideyoshi answered him with Ice and Mamoru and the others kept attacking with their own abilities.

Their trainings have started paying off for they were able to fight him with all these, compared to the first time thy fought against him.

But still the amount of puppet zombies are stopping the others from coming to Haruka and Akihiro's rescue. These zombies have no fear, they were only programmed to fight and not to hold back. Like their energies were limitless.

Unlike those who fear death, these undead ones would always rush forward and that's what makes them terrifying.

"Damn, those Hesperian bastards, they actually allowed these people to make them into puppets. I bet most of thise we are fighting are from Hesperian Kingdom," one general said as he slashed through another group of puppets.

But what can they do? They can only grit their teeth for these puppets have no minds. If they want to live the they can only fight.

Akihiro and Haruka are already on the verge of losing consciousness. But not even Shigure or Ichiro could come to their aid.

Leo momentarily looked at the eastern direction, before laughing like a madman.

"Let's end it here then. I bet she knows what is going on already and her heart must be in chais. If I kill them while she was already close, then..." without finishing his words he laughed once again. Azusa who was not so far could see all his twisted expressions and her heart felt like it's being squeezed.

Her kind father, the father she idolized, the one who guided her all through out. Right now looks like a madman, despite her words a while ago, of course, who's child wouldn't feel anything when you see your father doing the complete opposite of what he had vowed the last time you saw him.

Fighting against all these puppets, her tears never stopped falling. Even though her vision became blurry with the tears, she still kept fighting and wishing that this would end already. What she's seeing is just too painful. It's too painful that she just wanted to close her eyes and block her ears.

And now seeing him, raising his hand creating a black ball of ability, she started panicking, if he kills them, if he kills them. She tried to run and help but was still surrounded by the puppets.

"NO!!!! Please stop!!! DON'T KILL THEM!!!"

She shouted at the top of her lungs, she has no idea but she felt like, once this man kills the two of them. She will never be able to face Nana or Rino or even... Eureka.

still using her ability she tried her best to finish off as many puppets as possi le that are blocking her way.

Just as Leo was about to throw the black ball in his hands, "STOP LEO, PLEASE!!"

That voice reached his ears and momentarily he stopped. He glanced, just a quick glance, but still this few seconds of him stopping and glancing allowed Eureka to activate the protection spell she gave to Kaoru before she disappeared for two years.

Without warning, ice spikes emerged from all through out the walls of the kingdoms. Magma flowed like a volcano suddenly errupted. And yet the curious thing was that this atta ks didn't touch the knights or even those from Archic and Confederate. It's like it has a mind of its own attacking only those puppets and Leo and the others.

"KAORU, ONCE I GIVE YOU THE SIGNAL USE THE SPELL I TOLD YOU BEFORE," Eureka shouted as she pulled out both of her swords.

The white one that exudes coldness and the red orange that exudes heat far hotter than that of Raven's. Those who are close by were stupefied when her hair turned from silver to white and her eyes turned from red to imperial topaz.

She walked so gallantly that no one could take their eyes off her. Despite being inthe middle of the battle.

"I won't let you touch them any further," she looked at Leo icily, stomping her foot on the ground causing more ice spikes to emerge, this time it was faster and bigger.

Leo couldn't do anything other than to throw at her the black ball he was holding, to which Eureka sliced with both her swords. Upon contact, Eureka's brows furrowed. She shrugged it oof for now as she continued attacking Leo. Pushing him away from Haruka and Azkihiro.

Eureka slashed her white sword on Bronze's way, ice boomerangs flew towards her. She cancelled her suction and jumped away from the attack. The two boomerangs upon landing created an ice glazier. She then slashed her red orange sword towards Black, this time magma emerged from behind him, wanting to eat him whole.

Shielding himself with his barrier and pushing himself away using his water ability. The explosion coming from the magma and water making contact allowed him to evade faster.

Eureka made eye contact with Raven, who run towards Akihiro and Haruka. Carrying them both on his shoulder before running towards the kingdom walls.

"Suzuki!!" she shouted, her attacks didn't stop. Doing her best to keep Leo, Bronze and Black busy with far range attacks.

realizing what Eureka wanted, Suzuki used her telepathy to speak with her throught her mind.

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