She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 7 Chapter 154

Volume 7 Chapter 154 Who Didn't Know

She kept attacking just as Suzuki relayed her message. No one questioned it and did as they were told. Yukimura and the other squad zero, helped Eureka pushing the enemies away from the kingdom walls.

But no one can deny the fact that Eureka was indeed far stronger than what she showed in the past. And her strength made those who knows her finally understood what she meant when she told them that she killed all of them. She could be labled as a monster. Her strength, her abilities even her intelligence, no one could compare.

"NOW KAORU!!" Eureka gave the signal as she gave one final push to Leo and the others. On their side, all of them run back towards the kingdom walls.

"Why did you come out?" Azusa berated as she pulled Layla back inside the walls.

Giving the signal Kaoru slammed his hand on the ground, like that an invisible force pushed Leo and the others away from the kingdom.

"Let's slam through it, my lord," Black commented as he glared darkly at Eureka.

"No, not yet. Let us regroup. The next time we attack it shall be their end. This seal has a time limit, but currently it is the strongest. Not even my ability could slam through it."

Black could only click his tongue, he is irritated after all. Irritated of what he had witnessed a while ago.

Everyone from within the seal in the kingdom watched how Leo's group disappeared into thin air, the same way as when they appeared in the beginning.

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief upon knowing that the battle for this day ended. Of course, sadness still lingers, a lot of them have died. At the same time, they were dreading as to when will the next attack be.

"Eureka, come faster. The king and the queen," Raven's voice resounded in the midst of the mass of people.

He didn't went that far when he brought Akihiro and Haruka inside the kingdom walls. Eureka who heard the urgency in his voice walked through the people and squat down beside him. On both their sides were Akihiro and Haruka, barely breathing.

Clicking her tongue she didn't ask what happened for she instantly understood that the two of them have energy deficiency.

"Come out you two. I have no time on nullifying their abilities while using you as well. We might lose one," she commanded, no one understood what she was talking about.

"Eu-Eureka, I can help. We can help. We can do what father and mother did for us," Nana who is currently on the verge of crying asked beside Eureka.

"I told you, your energies aren't completely yours. If you do what they did then you would just end up reverting back to your past selves, or worst you could even die," Eureka snapped back.


"You know, you just listen to this girl. She knows what she's doing so stay silently and just watch will you?" before Nana could say anything else another voice butted in.

Two different silhouttes appeared from within Eureka. They were like smokes that formed into the shape of a human. No one could decipher what they looked like. One was white while the other was red orange.

"Let's begin," without any explanation, Eureka started her treatment on Akihiro and Haruka.

She clapped her hands and placed both hands on Haruka and Akihiro, concentrating as she nullify the remaining energies flowing within them.

Without asking when to start, Magma and Ice started injecting their energies on their own.

No one spoke, everyone was quiet. They were even holding their breaths afraid that they would distract her. Her seriousness far exceeded the seriousness they've seen in her in the past.

Beads of sweat appeared in her forehead as she concentrated on the matter at hand. Time tick very slow for all those who are watching.

After another hour or so, Eureka finally raised her hands and breathed deeply. Magma and Ice, without saying another word went in her, disappearing in her body. She then looked up at the people surrounding her.

"You all know that if you still try to hold your breaths, trying your best to breath at a long interval, you too would collapse."

As a reminder, everyone started breathing so fast.

"*sigh* Could anyone of you help me, bring his and her highness back to Akito? And those who are wounded what are you still doing? Get to the hospital this instant," she commanded.

After this series of commands, the time of everyone finally started moving. Even Yukimura and the others, her group as well.

After settling down, in the king and queen's quarters.

"Seeing your face, you're not even shocked or confused of what you have witnessed. Did the two of you know?" Nana asked both Kaoru and Rino.

The two of them could only look away at her. Shigure was there, even the whole squad zero.

"Tell me, what is going on here? What the hell just happened out there!!" anger could be heard from Nana's voice. She couldn't contain it, what she had witnessed proved something she never thought would actually be true.

"Nana, calm down," Rino sighed and asked her calmly.

"Calm down?!? You want me to calm down?!? Do you think anyone could calm down after what had happened??" Nana snapped back.

"If you don't then how are we going to explain?" Rino continued coaxing her.

Nana could only grab her hair in frustration. She looked up once again at Rino and asked, "Am I the only one who didn't know?"

"It was only us two, sir Dai, *glances at Raven* and Raven who knew," Rino said in a gentle manner.

He knows Eureka was prepared for this. She used her abilities and used the same technique as when Akihiro and Haruka woke the two of them up. The same technique as when she saved Raven using Yukimura's energy.

Of course anyone could tell who she is with all those.

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