She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 7 Chapter 155

Volume 7 Chapter 155 Didn't Know What To Do

Eureka looked at Yukimura and the others. Yukimura understanding this look tasked everyone to leave the room. Raven gave Eureka one final look before closing the door behind them.

Eureka sighed before standing up and walking towards the window overlooking the whole kingdom. Funny, this became a habit of hers, whenever she is in such a tight situation, she wanted to feel the wind. Allowing her to stay calm as much as possible.

She then looked at Nana and the others. Her look caused Rino and Kaoru to furrow their brows. Without waiting for any of them to ask, she spoke up, "It is not their fault that they kept quiet about finding out what my identity is."

Her tone was gentle and warm. Raven was right, she needs to face them now. If she kept running away, she'll just end up hurting them even more. Doing the very thing she didn't want to happen.

Nana looked up at her, the wind that sways her hair and her gentle face, combining with her eyes that finally speaks from her heart. Her turmoiled heart somehow started calming down. She looked at Eureka and didn't speak a word but listened.

"When I was born, no to be more precise, just as I was born. Azusa frombthe other world took me and brought me to theirs. Queen Haruka didn't even get the chance to properly look at me. Even Kaoru and so they didn't know what I really look like."

"In that world, I was trained by their Kaoru and Azusa. Together with those remaining fighting against Leo. I grew up knowing entirely that they are not my family and that place is not my world. Still they took care of me and raised me as their own. All of them *smiles sadly* was kind, but they always remind me that they will return me to my place soon. Their words always brought pain to me for they kept saying that I am the only one who's going back."

"I know that they really can't come with me. But they were my family. I wanted to be with them despite being kidnapped by them."

Tears are visible in her eyes. She never spoke to anyone about this, this is the real first time she started telling her story.

"If two person who are deemed to be the same on their own world, then that would bring distortion to our world. Far worst than what Leo is doing. It would instantly break the balance of everything and would cause the world for its destruction."

She inhaled deeply and paused for a moment in order to collect her thoughts. She closed her eyes once before opening them and continuing.

"Azusa used her ability to keep coming back here 5 times or so. In order to learn on what is going on and what will happen next for 30 years. Of course, those 5 times brought earthquakes and such in this world. She gave me all those informations and helped me plan on what to do with them."

She wiped her tears with her hands. And laughed for it never stopped, no matter how much she wipes them. Rino walked towards her and gave her a handkerchief.

"Then slowly, they died. Each and everyone of them died through Leo's group's hands. And the last was Azusa and Kaoru who sent me back here before the enemies could get me. And seeing that they have arrived back here, *touches her eyes* they have killed Kaoru and took Azusa to jump over here, before killing her as well."

She finally said those words. The words she never wanted to accept, that Zu and Ao were already dead. She leaned on the window sill for she felt her strength leaving her.

Rino reached out but she raised her hand stopping him.

"Upon coming back here, all I wanted to do was return there. When l was a child, I had the dream of coming here. But upon arriving my mind was filled with what had happened to them? I have return, I have to finish this and return."

"And so I never stopped training and strengthening myself. While I am still blind, it only means that they are still there. Then years passed, the graduation ceremony, the incident about those 40 ability users. *chuckles* I got away from that because of my blindness. In reality, I used ice ability back then. Killing them was nothing to me, I finished it far earlier than what sir Yukimura and the others think."

"Then the incident regarding Azusa, then Kaoru, then finally archic. Upon returning here, my eyesight returned. And that's when I knew, its over. That I have nothing to return to. That no matter how fast I finished taking care of this place, no one will be there to welcome me."

As Nana listens, tears also flowed from her eyes. Her and Rino's childhood was far milder than Eureka's, far more peaceful and quiet than her.

"That's why I decided to stay here and fight. But I'm going to apologize, for I have no idea how I should interact with you, other than being a knight and you being the royals."

Nana run towards her, hugging her so tight. Rino hugged them both. He, too, had tears in his eyes. Hearing all this, they felt like, a big hand was gripping at their hearts. Squeezing them.

"I'm sorry. I never felt anything despite you being so close to us. I should have known, that the calmness I feel towards you which is much different from Feena and the others, was already because of this. I'm sorry it has to be you, who should suffer the greatest burden in our family," Nana cried out as she hugged Eureka even tighter.

"Please don't apologize, this is just how we were born. We were just born on this family, we were just given all this twisted fates. But it's not anybody's fault."

Kaoru stood by the side, crying as well. He knew for a long while now about Eureka, but he too, didn't try to make her open up. Because he too, didn't know what to do.

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