She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 7 Chapter 156

Volume 7 Chapter 156 The World Before Theirs

A lone girl was laughing while crying in the middle of explosions. She would sometimes stomp her foot and glaziers would appear. She would flick her hand and magma would erupt from the ground. She would throw balls and balls of ice and magma everywhere causing more explosions. Lands crumbled, plants turned to ashes. The sky was nothing like a normal morning would look like. It was filled with nothing but black smoke. The girl kept laughing and laughing, her eyes no longer focus.

Another girl stood far from her and watches her with terror. Her face couldn't hide the horror of what she is witnessing. A man stood beside her laughing as well, as if what he was seeing was a beautiful scenery.

"Look Azusa, isn't this beautiful? *sighs happily* Truly truly you've done a very wonderful job. You really are my daughter.

He looked down at Azusa proudly. But Azusa replied with running away from him, from that girl and from everything.

"My Lord," Silver asked Leo.

"Let her be. Where can she hide from this world? We'll just search for her and then we can finally jump to the next world," Leo replied as he watches Eureka wrecking havoc at everything.

She looked everywhere, searching for even one person alive, but all she could see was dead bodies, burned houses, destroyed landscapes. She tried calling out at the top of her lungs hoping that one would answer her. Tears streamed down her eyes as she never stopped running.

At last she was tired, she could only sit inside a cave and cry, regretting everything. At first she was having so much fun with getting their lives in chaos. Causing a rip in between friendsh.i.p.s. Causing others to kill another. She found delight watching war after war, watching people grieve and cry just like her in the past.

But then, everything changed when the king and queen died. Followed by Raven. The girl who was trying her best to remain fighting for peace lost everything. That's when Azusa woke up. Watching Eureka lose control and killing everyone around her foe and friends alike. Azusa realized what she had done. It wasn't even a day yet and right now, nothing was left.

Days passed but she didn't came out, Silver and the others started looking for her. She over heard Leo and Silver speaking about using her to jump into the next world. She didn't mind it back then but now she just wanted to hide. She didn't want to help them. It might be too late but she won't allow them to do the same thing to the other worlds that are still intact. She knows that the past worlds before them were already gone. And it all started because of her.

Up to now, she still could hear the terror filled shouts of the people, if only there's a way for her to return time. She wouldn't have done this. She wouldn't have allowed Leo to use her. And yet back then when she met her father again, she was truly delighted. She was so happy that she had someone else beside her now, who can protect her from all those bullies. Her mother might have died but her father have returned.

She was so happy to get back at those who bullied her. But Eureka was different, she had smiled at her, she had greeted her, she even befriended her. Yet in the end, it was her who caused Eureka to become like this. That's what truly woke her up, Eureka was too kind that when she lost everything she had lost even her heart and mind. And now, the people she was protecting, were the same people she had killed. Her tears as she laughed must be the grieve she felt for doing so, it's just she didn't know that that was it.

"Found you."

A voice interrupted her train of thoughts, she was about to run away, knowing that she must not be found when the person stopped her byt the hand.

"Go out and they would really find you."

That's when she took a good look at the person who found her. Her eyes grew wide, it was him, Kaoru. He was also used by Leo taking over his emotions and used him until the death of Akihiro and Haruka. After that, Azusa never saw him again. She just thought he had died or something.

"I know what you're feeling right now. Cause I too felt the same way when my brother and the person I love died. And that is the reason why I runaway."

"But how were you able to stay hidden for so long?"

"Because they weren't seriously looking for me yet and that I have the seal ability. I have created one on this cave in order to stop them from seeing it. It won't last long so we have to transfer place. For now, you need to eat. You should regain your energy before we can start doing something for another world."

Azusa furrowed her brows, "What can we do for them? We can't even help our own. In the first place, it was us who did this to our own world."

"We can, your ability will help us. I have been through the same guilt and still going through it. So I thought I cannot entirely erase it but I would like to try and at least help the next one."



"No, we can't do that. I can't make her go through so much again. She was my only friend."

"That is why we must take her. She had always been the pivotal point on Leo's attacks, due to her ability, she could destroy everything once she lost control. We have to train her and teach her everything. Especially we have to make her have control over her emotions."

lone girl stood in the midst of explosions, laughing and crying like crazy. She would stomp her foot and ice glaziers would appear destroying more land. She would raise her hand and the land would erupt with magma causing more explosions.

Azusa stood not far from her, terror plastered on her face. Disbelief and Horror would show on her eyes. While Leo stood beside her laughing and applauding for her job well done.

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