She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 7 Chapter 157

Volume 7 Chapter 157 Six Year Old Kid

"So get back up to your feet, we have done so much in our own world. We can never return time, our only choice was to help the next. If you want to repay Eureka's kindness then repay the other her. Our world have no more chance of being saved but their's still have and the world after that."

Azusa looked at him and could only comply, that's right this is the only way for them to at least, just for a bit, pay for their sins.

Days went by as she trained with Kaoru in order to control her time travel. This way she could pin point the time she would jump to. The two of them would sometimes change their location. And during those times, they had met more people. But they kept quiet about it, their sin. They acted like a survivor as well. Cause if those whom they are with now finds out then they will have no other choice but to kill.

The day arrived for her to take Eureka.

"Be careful, make sure no one would see you when you take her. But most of all be sure to return alive," Kaoru said as he held her shoulders.

"But if I die, wouldn't that be good enough? They wouldn't be able to jump."

"You're wrong, you are just the easiest path for them. They still have other ways of jumping to the next one even without your help."

Azusa bitterly smiled, she couldn't help even with her death. Kaoru seeing this look hugged her tight.

"We'll share that burden, we'll carry the sins we have committed until our last breath. But I will be with you, I will not leave you alone. So right now, go out there and do what you can, I will wait for you here."

Azusa looked up at him and smiled, "Then wait for me."

Not long after Azusa left and arrived, it was only a few minutes. The first thing they've heard was the cry of a baby. She has a hair as white as snow and eyes as beautiful as a precious gem. Azusa looked at her longingly.

Kaoru took her and coaxed her, allowing the baby to fall asleep. He and Azusa looked at each other and resolve could be seen in their eyes. The others then came and saw this, Kaoru explained who the baby was and all of them vowed to protect her, for they too knows that their world is beyond salvation.

Eureka grew up to be a sweet child. Her smile would always bring smiles to the people who see her, she was their sunshine in the midst of darkness. Azusa also started jumping back and forth in order to gain more knowledge to Eureka's world.

"There was a problem, twins were born from the king and queen. They were just asleep but they are alive. How sure are we that Eureka would have the two abilities?" Azusa asked Kaoru one time.

"We can only hope, these worlds might have similarities but they also have their differences. We can only hope that she would be the person we needed."

"Where is she anyway?"

"The others brought her out to get some food, she insisted she wanted to come and you know those guys they love bringing her along when she pleads."


Shouts of despair resounded in a forest not near yet not far from their hide out. Six of their companions were together but only two and Eureka are the only ones left. Another attack came from their enemies and it headed to Eureka, who was only six years old, but one of the remaining two jumped in front of her and took the attack.

"Bring her back Shin," he said with his last breath.

Eureka was covered in her comrades bloods. Shin is already incapable of running for his foot was hit a while ago.

"Go and run Eureka," he said to her gently pulling her close to him.

But Eureka's eyes weren't focus and then she saw their enemies creating another attack, this time it was headed to Shin. Having witnessed five of her companions dying she had lost it.

She shouted as Ice erupted from everywhere, except only behind her where Shin sits. She shouted more and magma swallowed those who are remaining. Shin seeing as she had lost control pulled her in his embrace and knocked her out. Seeing as there were no more enemies he staggered back to their hide out with Eureka in his hands. Azusa and Kaoru were both shock seeing this and immediately cured his wounds. He had explained to them what had happened before losing consciousness. He didn't forget to tell them about Eureka's awakening.

When Eureka woke up, she instantly screamed in horror, Azusa hugged her tight as she cried non stop. She had just killed people, living people. Her whole body was trembling and no matter what Azusa do she just wouldn't stop crying. Shin then arrived and pat her head.

"You killed the enemies in order to save your friends, you didn't do anything bad. What you can do right now is to remember them, remember those who sacrificed their lives for you to live and keep on moving forward. Live and become stronger to protect those important to you. That is the only way you could say that you lived their share as well."

Eureka's tears stopped, she stared at Shin who was smiling warmly at her. She wiped her tears and her nose before looking up once again to Azusa and Shin, "Then train me. Train me to become stronger. I don't want you to die. Please train me."

The two of them stared in shock at her, she was only a six year old kid but she wanted to protect them. Guilt arise from their heart, this kid who could have lived a few years of peace was taken by them in order to live in a world full of destruction.

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