She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 7 Chapter 158

Volume 7 Chapter 158 Why Do I Have To Be The One?

Eureka then started her training under Kaoru and Azusa's guidance, they have transferred their hide out a few more times. But that didn't stop her from strengthening herself not just physically but mentally and emotionally as well. She didn't stop, knowing full well that if she wanted for all of them to survive she needs to be far stronger.

When she turned 8, Azusa and Kaoru finally told her who she is and where she came from. Of course this was a complete shock to her. The place she thought was her home, turned out to be a place where she was just taken to. Yet she couldn't feel any kind of anger towards them. For they never stopped showering her with warmth and love despite trying not to.

"Don't focus on protecting us, our time is almost up but your real family and friends are still alive. Protect them instead. We are nothing but your kidnappers," Azusa said.

"You might be but you still raised me properly and showered me with warmth in the middle of this chaotic world. So no matter what I will protect you and all of us should return to that world together. No one has to die."

Her reply caused Azusa and Kaoru to have tears in their eyes. Of course, of course they have come to love this child, they have treated her as their own. She became so precious to them that they don't want her to die out here at the same time they don't want her to return to her home. How greedy of them.

Eureka then left to train once more.

"What do we do? I can no longer part with her," Azusa said to Kaoru as she lean on him.

"Of course I too no longer want her to leave but we did this to repay for our sins. It's just we gave her that burden in the end. Poor child, I'm sorry," Kaoru replied as he hugged Azusa. Both of them were crying, they never thought of having a child for the past years that they were together. In the end they still raised one and that one was cares too much for them.

Eureka's world revolved around training with her swords, training with her abilities, training with her intelligence.

"I told you to stop trying to strengthen only one at a time. You have to strengthen them both at the same timeor else one would try to destroy the other," Kaoru lectured Eureka.

"I know," Eureka stuck out her tongue as she stubbornly pouted.

Kaoru could only smack her in the head.

Once she reached 10 years old, Shin whom she have saved when she was six, once again died in front of her, as they try to escape from the minions of Leo.

"What do you mean by that?" Kaoru asked shocked.

"I have no other meaning Kaoru just get my eyesight off of me, I no longer wanted to see any more deaths," Eureka said with no emotions. SHe's tired of seeing the people she cared for die.

"Then how are you going to fight without seeing anything?"

"I have strong sense, I'll use that as my advantage. Just get this sight off," she replied sternly.

Kaoru seeing the pain swimming in her eyes could only sigh, "Fine. But I will only seal it. You can nullify it anytime you want."

Eureka didn't speak but she is thinking if there would come a time where she would want to see ever again. The things she have witnessed are already too much for her. She just didn't know if she could handle it anymore. She might lose her mind if she see more death.

Kaoru could only comply to her wishes.

Another six years passed, Eureka never stopped training and becoming stronger. But despite all these she couldn't stop the death of more of her comrades. Until the day she was returned to her own world.

"NO wait, you're not coming?" she exclaimed as the light of the time travelling ability engulfed her.

"We have already explained, we can't go there. If we do then the balance would be disrrupted."

Eureka's tears came out instantly, she knows what they mean. But she couldn't be alone. She didn't want to be alone. That is a place full of strangers to her.

"Please I cannot. I cannot go on without you. I don't know any one from there. I don't have anyone. Please don't leave me," For the first time in ten years she cried like a child and begged them. She is scared, despite all her training she is still scared.

"We're sorry for leaving everything to you, we're truly sorry," Azusa cried as well as she hugged Eureka.

"Be strong, you know we're just behind you. Watching over you, just stay strong. You'll have more people with you as time pass by, you will not be alone for a long time. You will have precious friends, who will fight beside you," Kaoru hugged them both and cried as he caress Eureka's hair.

Eureka could only cry even more, just as the light engulfed her, blinding her completely.

"ZUUUUUU!!!! AAAAOOOOOO!!!" she caleed out with all her might. But by the time she had realized it she was already in the middle of the forest. As the rain poured down on her. She didn't care about her wounds, she stood there facing upwards.

"You stupid Zu."

"Are you okay? You're gravely wounded. What are you doing standing here?"

She heard a voice, looking at the aura approaching her she was momentarily stunned, this aura. This same aura, just as she came she had to encounter, the Kaoru of this world. As she felt him approach her, reaching out to her. SHe swat his hand away.

"Who are you?"

"I'm the headmaster of that school, Kaoru. So at least allow me to bring you to the infirmary or you might end up losing a lot of blood."

Before she could react once again as he reached out. Her deep wounds acted up and she started coughing out blood. Before everything turned black.

was her last thought

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