She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 7 Chapter 159

Volume 7 Chapter 159 Guilt

"You'll have to tell them as well, you do know that right?" after they all calmed down, Kaoru finally said to Eureka.

"I know, but I am planning on saying it once his and her highness is awake. It's better to explain everything to everyone."

They all fell silent, even up to now, for the three of them, all of these are still to surreal. Despite living in a world full of abilities, there are still things that they can't comprehend.

"Allow me to take my leave for now, I want to think before they wake up. I shall stay in the house just call me there. And I really do wish to be alone," Eureka finally said before leaving. She went straight to where she lives as fast as possible, without looking at anyone.

Rino and Nana, on the other hand, went to where the group was. Which is by the lake.

"What happened? What's going on?" Karen, upon seeing them, instantly asked.

"She'll explain once the king and queen wakes up. For now she asked as to let her be, she just wanted to be alone," Nana replied with a sad smile tugging at her lips.

They could feel the heaviness of the air surrounding Eureka a while ago. She was unsure of everything, she was reluctant of speaking about the deaths of those who she stayed with. But at the same time she just had to say it.

"Is there a way for us to help her?"

Rino shakes his head, "We can't, not yet. Right now the only thing we can do for her is to comply with her wishes. She wanted to be alone, then let us leave her alone."

"So she really is your sister then?" Azusa was the one who asked this time.

"Yes, at the same time no, I guess?" Nana replied.

That's right. She was their blood related sister. But right now her heart isn't with them. She haven't completely accepted them as her family yet.


"NOOOOOO!!!" that night Haruka abruptly woke up, she was dreaming of something. That she lost something very important causing her to shout as she sat up.

Akihiro who woke up before her and is currently standing by the window run towards her instantly. Hugging her tight.

"It's alright, it's alright. It's just a dream," he said caressing her back.

"No it's not a dream, I have no idea what kind of dream it was but I can feel the lost that I felt back then," Haruka replied hugging him back tighter, the pain in her heart was real. That pain was too unbearable.

Akihiro could only hug her in comfort, this must be the reason why Kaoru have sealed her memories. The dream she must have had was about the day she lost Eureka. He didn't know how or why but he knows that that is the reason.

Guilt started creeping up in his heart. He had done so much that shouldn't have been done to ones daughter. How can he face her now? How is he supposed to call her now? What's more, he felt it already, the very first time he met her.

On that day, the day after she stopped Azusa from taking their lives. He had felt a tug in his heart, he just didn't thought too much of it. But even the feeling of worry was there when Eureka was kidnapped with Azusa. The feeling of anger when she didn't care about her safety whenever she was fighting. All of it he felt it, yet in the end he couldn't even tell.

"Please don't look like that," a voice was the heard from the opened window.

Bot Haruka and Akihiro looked towards it and there stood Eureka, as she lean in the window sill. Her eyes glitter with the light coming from the moon, this time she had left it to its original color, the Imperial Topaz color.

Sadness filled them as well.

"Please don't cry," she said once again.

"I have done you wrong. Keeping quiet of who I am, keeping quiet of my identity. But it was fine, you were all living a normal life. You were happy. I don't want to destroy that peace. Kaoru, the prince even Raven have asked me to face you. But I cannot, those guilt filled eyes, I don't want you to feel that way. Everything that had happened was all because of me, because I didn't come out."

She didn't walk closer to them, she didn't want to. She came back tonight knowing that they would wake up by then. But she also know that the king was already awake when she was explaining things to Kaoru and the others.

"But I-" Akihiro started, not knowing how to continue.

"Shouldn't I be the guilty one, your highness? I kept quiet about something very important and hid everything from you. There are so many times I could just come out and say it, but I chose not to."

"I should be the guilty one for, in reality, I *inhales* didn't want to acknowledge anyone from here. For I didn't want to accept anyone as my family. I was selfish and all. I was taken from you, you didn't throw me away but still I chose them over you. Even though they were gone I still chose them. So I should be the guilty one, not you," she smiled sadly at them, Haruka could only stare at her as tears still flow from her eyes.

"I'm sorry, I couldn't be the daughter you wished for. I'm sorry I deprive you of your daughter. But please don't hate them?"

Akihiro and Haruka looked at her confused.

"Ao and Zu and the others took care of me. They raised me as their own, they took me from you but it was also for our world. SO please don't hate them?"

Haruka stood up and walked towards her.

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