She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 7 Chapter 160

Volume 7 Chapter 160 Revealing Everything She Did

She walked closer to Eureka before cupping her face with both her hands.

"We won't, we won't hate them. Don't worry because we won't hmm," she said before hugging Eureka.

This was the second time Eureka was hugged this day but both times she couldn't bring herself to hug them back. It's not because she didn't want to but because she couldn't, she couldn't raise her hand to hug them back. Cause not only them but even her, she feels guilt eating her up.

As Haruka hugs her, her eyes went to Akihiro who has a very complicated look on his face.

Kaoru's words run through his mind, the fact that he would be regretting so many things. And right now, Kaoru must have been referring to this moment. They all have this question in their head, Who is Eureka?

And yet the answer have always been in front of their eyes. Everything was right in front of their eyes but they didn't even realize it. The times that Eureka planned in archic kingdom, when she went out on her own to stop the conspirators in Archic Kingdom, she was so strong that she had defeated all those people within a short span of time. She had done this so many times, that all of them could tell that she has an ability. And yet she was still able to keep her identity a secret.

Akihiro didn't know what he should do. He heard her story a while ago and he couldn't bring himself to open his eyes and look at her. He heard her cry but he still couldn't open them. He didn't know what to do. He has no idea.

Not long after, Haruka who was still not in the condition fell back to sleep. After she was tucked in bed by Akihiro he faced Eureka who was once again leaning on the window sill.

"I guess we really have the same blood running through our veins, I can't face all of you. And yet you too couldn't face the situation you were suddenly thrown into."

Eureka commented looking outside the window Akihiro on the other hand could only look at her. The face she made when the conspirators of their kingdom disappeared, which was the same as his father, came to his mind.

"No wonder your eyes, were the same as father. That you have so many traits that are the same as his."

Eureka looked back at him, "Please rest now, since both of you are awake then I guess we could hold the ,eeting tomorrow."

Eureka didn't wait for his reply before jumping out of the window, she didn't want to see anyone. Alot of the people knew of her ability now, it would only cause her distraction if people would suddenly come up to her and ask her.

"Dai? How did you know?" Akihiro asked afterwards.

"I am always in the shadow, your highness. I have been observing all this time. I also know of the times she had used her ability. Back when she defeated those 40 enemies, I knew she wasn't normal. Even during that battle in Archic Kingdom. And when she rescued sir Jin's wife, I was there with her."

"Did she tell you not to say anything?"

"No, but it was not my position to tell you. And knowing full well that I was there and still using her ability. Her trust, your highness, made me decide not to say anything."

"I see, go and rest now as well."

Akihiro then fell into deep thought.


All of them are currently sitting in the grand hall. All of them are looking at one person alone, Eureka. SHe had been sitting silently their for a good five whole minutes after all of them settled down.

Akihiro, Haruka, Rino, Nana, the other eleven of squad zero, Yukimura, Shigure even Ichiro. All of them are at the edge, waiting for her to speak.

"Where do you want me to start then?" Eureka finally opened her mouth and asked.

The others could only look at each other, not knowing where to start. EUreka smiled at this before opening her mouth once again.

"Very well. Three years ago, the one that stopped Raven was me. The ability that was used during that graduation ceremony was nullifying. I nullified everything in order to stop him from losing control. And those 40 ability users? I killed them using the ice ability, I defeated them so fast. During the kidnapping? I asked the other five to throw everything they have because I didn't want them to noctice that I would lose my presence, then using nullify I stopped those two from attacking before killing them through their throats."

"WHen I said that I couldn't fight while fighting against the mind control? That was a lie, I could easily cancel the mind control then kill them. But I wanted to know back then if Leo's group was already here or not yet. When I asked you all to allow me to fight back in Archic Kingdom, I actually used the nullify to completely erase my presence as I snuck behind the enemies."

"My nullify developed when we stayed in Archich and I was able to control the ice even more. Back in that future, most that I could train was Magma for everything was already like a volcano, explosions and eruptions. When I left for two years, I first trained in Archic to have my body fully accomodate to the ice ability, I stayed there and trained myself. In order to train my Magma, I went to a sleeping volcane beneath the ground. It was a cave in between the four kingdoms."

"When we went to the border to check the east border?" she asked looking at Rino, Nana and Raven.

"I actually encountered one of them, the reason why I left the group. But I was able to kill him instant ly."

She shrugged as she explained all these.

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