She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 7 Chapter 161

Volume 7 Chapter 161 Bronze

"Oh and those conspirators? You were right all along, your highness. It was I who killed them. I froze their bodies from the inside then I used the magma's heat in order to instantly pulverize them. While using nullify in order not to leave any kind of trace of what had happened, even sir Dai," she continued with her monotonous voice.

"Will you stop that?" Raven couldn't keep listening any longer and said with a stern voice.

All her words and the way she said it, she was plainly saying to them that she is nothing but a monster, 'This is who I really am. These are the things that I have done, I can kill anyway I wanted to. So don't care for me, don't keep close with me.'

Eureka looked at him, her face saying that she has no idea what Raven meant by his sentence.

"You are not a monster," Feena said this time, she too understood the underlying meaning of how Eureka constructed her sentence and even her tone. No, not just her, in reality all of them understood what Eureka is trying to do.

"No matter what you say. No matter how many times you have shown your monstrous strength and abilities, you will always be our friend. You are you, and that is the only reason why we wanted to be with you. So stop trying to push us away, you've done that so many times and yet here we are, still by your side. So stop bothering," Karen stubbornly said this time her cheeks puffing. She looked like a child throwing a tantrum at Eureka.

"We will accept you and will pester you until you stop thinking yourself in such a way," Azusa added.

These girls are the longest friends she could call. SHe could only laugh inside for no matter what she does they just stick to her. She'll have to thank them once she had the time.

"Let me ask you then," Kaoru then opened his mouth.

"What happened to your eyes?"

EUreka touched her eyes before replying, "When Ao died, my eyesight returned. I used a blindfold in order to remain not seeing anyone. After knowing their deaths, I finally opened the letter they left to me before they sent me back here.

<'If you are reading this letter, then finally you have returned home. At the same time your eyesight have returned. ANd that only means one thing. So first of all, we apologize for giving you such a hard life. Second, let us go and accept your real family. Then finally save your world, we will truly be happy if you achieve all of these. But if by this time you still didn't wish to see any of them and is still not ready to see them, then inject your energy on this letter. I have placed another sealing here and you injecting your energy will activate it. But do remember that you can only use this once. The next time, then you have to face them properly already. They are after all still your family. Finally, do remember that all of us, especially me and Azusa, loves you dearly.'>

"So you still didn't choose us back then?" Akihiro finally spoke.

Eureka looked at him only to close her eyes and look away from him once again after seeing the pain deep within his eyes.

"I'm sorry."

Two words were the only thing she could say. If she said yes then she would hurt them even more, if she said no then she would be lying all over again. But saying sorry is still the same as saying no.

Akihiro bowed his head and took a deep breath, "And now?"

"Confused," she looked up and said. This time, she really is confused on what else she should do. She will accept them but her heart is still in turmoil and so she is still confused.

"Then could you give us time?" Haruka asked this time.

"Will you spend time with us? We know we only have a short span of time before we have to face Leo again, but would you let us be a family to you? And even after we defeat him?"

"Please don't ask. I will do my best to get used to this world, get used to my home. I have already decided it after all," she smiled warmly at them.

"So do you have any more questions?" she then asked all of those who are present.

"Your body, is it really fine now?" it was Rino who asked.

"Yes, right now it is fine. I was able to train it in accomodating the two abilities."

"Then let us return to our main problem now. How strong is Leo?" Akihiro then asked knowing full well that this is what they should face now in order to reach the peace they wanted.

"I can say that he has an ability, a unique one. It could be an ability he had achieved after his years of research. I first encountered it when he threw that ball at me, the ball he was supposed to kill you with," she explained looking at Akihiro and Haruka.

"Using the two ability swords together, I felt a different resistance from the three abilities. Like it's completely opposing each other. Ice and Magma combined is opposing that ball. It was the first time I experienced it. I haven't heard about it either. And I can tell that it must be very strong."

SHe then looked at all the people in the room, "Silver isn't using his full potential yet. Black too, they have far more abilities than the past ones. Adding to the fact that they could create puppets from dead bodies. They could create more general leveled puppets, if we face all of that then we would really be at the disadvantaged. There's also bronze..."

She paused upon remembering about Bronze. That's right, this was the first time she appeared.

"Will it be too much for you if I tell you that she is..."

She then looked at Yukimura, then Mutsumi, then Haruka before stopping her eyes at Akihiro, "Chiaki?"

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