She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 7 Chapter 162

Volume 7 Chapter 162 At Least 100 Meters

That name, the name where everything started for their world. The name that caused all of their despair. That's right, she was with Leo back then but they never knew what had happened to her. Eureka never said anything as well and they just didn't care, yet who would have thought that she was actually by Leo's side all along?

"If I say that I was not shock then I would be lying. I know the others felt the same way too. But I guess we can accept this more than when we found out that Leo was our enemy," Akihiro replied from his momentary shock upon hearing that name.

Yukimura have his hands clenched to which Mutsumi held tight to keep him calm.

"I think sir Yukimura is still losing his calmness once he heard that name."

Yukimura looked up at her about to rebuke when he suddenly remembered something, "You... Back when you pat my head. Did you do something?"

Eureka looked like she too remembered something, "You were being used back the sir. It might be back when I first came, you must have met someone from the outside."

Yukimura tried to remember, "Yes, I think I had a meeting with a Confederate General. It was a normal meeting, but that was the last meeting I had before you came. What of it?"

"I think that the person you met was a different person. I came here more than 10 years ago, king Ichiro?"

Ichiro who was in deep thought, "The last time our kingdom had a meeting to the other kingdoms were more than 15 years ago."

"That's right, and on that meeting they must have used mind control on you. Not a complete one for they can not do that with your strength but if it allows them to control you for a short span of time then that would be more than enough."

"Then those times that I find myself in strange places, I was actually controlled?"

"Yes sir, and that is also the reason why your judgement became so clouded. I noticed that thin aura around you when I was face to face with you the day after I stopped Azusa."

"Then that pat, you actually nullified that?"

"I have, even with Kaoru. They place a monitor on him. Using his eyes as their own. Of course he didn't know that."

They all fell silent once again, she had actually been fighting against Leo and the others for so long already.

"You could have asked us for help sooner," Akihiro muttered but was heard by everyone. Yukimura, Shigure, Ichiro and Yukimura could only sigh at this. He just found out that she was his daughter so of course he would have wanted to help her.

"There are things that couldn't be said earlier," Eureka replied meaningfully.

"For now, all we can do is strengthen everyone. That is our only choice. For I don't know if what we have is already enough to kill Leo and the others. All I was able to do now is delay them, I just hope that the three kingdoms would be enough."


"I have a question my Lord," Black said to Leo.

"What is it?"

"Why did you stop your attack? If you have killed those two during that time then we would have lesser enemies. Why did you listen to that woman's voice?"

Leo looked at Black with coldness in his eyes.

"Oh, you have the guts to question your Lord now?"

Black could only look away. That was what irritated him back then, he noticed that momentary stop of Leo when Layla shouted at him.

"Don't worry, that was the last time. I have suppressed him this him. I couldn't completely take control of him but I have suppressed him properly this time. He won't be able to hear anything or do anything from now on," Leo replied as he look at Black.

Black understanding what his Lord was saying finally nodded, "I'm sorry for questioning you my Lord."

"No, if you didn't question me you are not yet dark enough. I knew you noticed, and I'm glad you are indeed darker than I thought. You have the guts to question me after all."

Black smoke then surround Leo as he walked towards the ground where they are once again acc.u.mulating more puppets for the final wave of their attack.

"This time we will annihilate them and take over this world. Ah how happy it would be, to jump to the next."

He once again laughed evilly. Darkness surrounding him completely.


Eureka really didn't came out for the past two days and so after their meeting, their group went out of the palace and the thing that's been going on finally reached her ears.

Whispers about Azusa being the daughter of the enemy were spread. People speaks ill of her, there were insults and defaming. Eureka who heard this for the first time had her brows raised before looking at Azusa.

"It's alright, it was true after all. Plus I've learned my lesson already, about these stuffs getting to my head. Right now they just pass through my ears so don't worry," Azusa shrugged and smiled upon seeing Eureka's look. Like she's saying that I am used to it so I no longer bother.

Hearing these words Eureka's brows furrowed this time. Before anyone could react she stomped her foot on the ground, the whole place, at least 100 meters surrounding them suddenly turned cold. The floor became ice. Everyone kept quiet, they were shocked by this sudden movement of hers. Of course even those she is with were shocked.

"Another word from you about her and I swear I wouldn't mind throwing you out of this kingdom to be part of the enemy's puppets. Since you love talking about him, why don't I fulfill your wish of meeting him? What do you all think?"

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