She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 7 Chapter 163

Volume 7 Chapter 163 A Decree

One by one the people started returning to their senses.

"*scoffs* How bold of you. Just because you're strong? What? We were all speaking the truth, if you can't accept it then it's none of our business. Adding to that, everything started because of that woman's father, we wouldn't have to leave our home if it is not because of him. Now we are being cramped in another kingdom-"

Before he could finish his sentence, Eureka stomped her foot and a block of ice suddenly appeared beneath the man's foot then a force threw him out of the shields protecting the kingdom. No one knows if he had survived the fall of that throw or if he will survive the outside but once again everyone was speechless.

"Who's next?" Eureka scanned those around her.

Some step backed upon seeing her display.

"I told you, I don't mind throwing you out. And hearing his words he wasn't even a people of our kingdom, how bold of him indeed."

The people swallowed a mouthful of saliva upon seeing her smile that didn't reach her eyes and the coldness swimming in her eyes.

"Wh-Who are you to just throw someone out?" another person had the guts and asked.

"Who I am? Oh my, you didn't hear? I wonder who couldn't put two and two together, when I am using both Magma and Ice. I wonder just who am I?"

Her group are suppressing their smiles. They didn't mind throwing that man out as well, to be honest. He is after all someone who was just waiting, all of them were fighting with their lives, Azusa as well. But he had the guts to insult her just because of a stupid reason? Just who does he think he is?

"E- Even if you are the p-p-princess of Aurora Kingdom, you still have no right to throw someone out just like that," he still replied but his voice was shaking.

"Oh who do you think came up with the plan of joining the three kingdoms? Who do you think allowed you to live longer within our kingdom?"

The man took another step back as he gulped, swallowing everything he wanted to say. He was a Confederate person, when he looked at Natsuki he saw the disapproval their prince are showing. Of course Natsuki couldn't memorize all of his people but whether this man is from Archic or worst from his kingdom then another word from him and he would definitely throw him out as well.

He speak to the person who have been saving everyone's ass with accusation when he was just a free loader, how bold.

"Any more questions?"

No one raised their voice any longer. Seeing as even their princes have their eyes filled with disapproval.

"Let me tell you this even if she is his daughter, she is still her. A separate person from her father. You have no right to criticize her for she is putting her life on the line in order to fight her father and save your lives. And even if you can do half of what she had done, you still have no right. This shall be a decree from the second princess of Aurora Kingdom, spread this to all the people. 'Another insult towards the knight Azusa shall be deemed as treason to the kingdom and they shall be thrown out of the kingdom, giving them freely to the enemies.'"

The way she stood, her group and even those who weren't speaking ill of Azusa, find the current Eureka mesmerizing and gallant. She deserve the title of being a princess and a knight.

"Then spread this as well, that shall be a decree coming from the first princess of Aurora Kingdom."

"A decree coming from the first prince of Aurora Kingdom."

"A decree from the first prince of Archic Kingdom."

"A decree from the first prince of Confederate Kingdom."

Not long after her announcement, Nana, Rino, Theo and Natsuki stepped forward and announced as well. The people could only bow their heads for the decree came from each kingdom already. If there would be no other announcement in the next few hours then this decree shall be set in stone.

"Let's go," Eureka held Azusa's hand and guided her away from the crowd. The others followed.

Everything that had happened was actually witnessed by the kings and queens of the three kingdoms.

"I must say all our kingdoms are in good hands after us," Shigure said as he watched his son who have grown so much.

"No, the best hands were Aurora Kingdom. You have quite a child don't you?" Ichiro added as they looked at Akihiro.

Akihiro though not smiling but his eyes were swimming with pride. Just as the meeting ended he actually whispered to Eureka, "No matter what you do just freely use your title as the princess. You are after all the princess of this kingdom, it's about time for the people to understand the weight of your words."

She just nodded at him. But seeing as she actually listened to him made him so happy. He still has no idea how to interact with her as his daughter but he will take it one step at a time. He can't rush her but he can't rush himself either.


Upon arriving by the lake Eureka sighed before letting go of Azusa's hand, just as she turned around she was greeted by five pairs of arms hugging her from every direction.

"I can't breath," was all she could say.

But she was only answered by their wailing, they didn't say anything but could only wail. She had just shown to all of them that she had finally opened her heart to them. After more than 10 years she finally opened her heart. Even Suzuki cried for she had heard their stories.

"Geez, your snots are getting into me. Could any of you help me out here?" Eureka defeated, looked at the guys and asked for help.

The guys smiled before they started pulling the girls away from her.

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