She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 7 Chapter 164

Volume 7 Chapter 164 Felt Warm Inside

Before the day ended, Rino asked Eureka to speak with him alone. The others then said

their goodbyes leaving the other two by the lake.

"I completely forgot about this matter after waking up. But when I saw those two smokes

that came from your body, everything came back to me."

Rino started, his face so serious.

"Back when we were just souls roaming around, I found a blocked path deep within the

castle. It was made for so long but the entrance towards it were blocked by a very thick

wall. And the path itself was so long, you'd eventually want to give up walking through it."

Eureka looked at him confused wondering what he really wanted to say.

"At the end was a room. And within that room were four dragon statues, in the middle was

a glass like cage. And within it was a small amount of black smoke. The glass itself looks

like a light was placed on it but it was dim."


"Oh a lost soul. But I'm amazed you found this place," an ancient voice suddenly resounded

through out the room.

Looking around, Rino couldn't see anyone or anything that might have projected that voice.

"Don't try looking. You are a soul, only a living person could see me. Opposite of the norm,

where souls see things that living people don't see. Anyway, maybe I could leave it to you,

something that could help in an upcoming war."

Rino furrowed his brows not understanding that the war the ancient voice was talking

about was actually the war brought to their world by Leo.

"When the time comes and you wake up. Bring down here the people whom you shall trust

the most. If I'm not mistaken it would be elemental ability users and another two ladies

who held your family's ability. But one would be far stronger."

Before Rino could ask anything he was blown away from that room through the path he

walked on before arriving to that place. But before he was completely thrown out he heard

the ancient voice once again, "That's a promise. You have to fulfill the promise, bring them

here. Bring her here. Then I..." the voice trailed off.

(End of Flashback)

Eureka fell into deep thought.

"Why didn't you speak of this during the meeting?" she asked Rino.

"I don't know how relevant it is. It could just be a dream I had. I don't want to raise their

spirit only to be crashed once it became apparent that it was just a dream. I saw it back

when I was just a wondering soul after all," Rino explained.

"Do you remember where you found that blocked path?" Eureka asked understanding why

he didn't want to say this to everyone.

"I still have a vague idea. Should I guide you there now?"

"No we'll bring everyone. Whether it's just your dream or not. We will go together, it might

be a one time entrance. Let's take every precaution possible."

Rino nodded in agreement. Eureka started walking but was stopped by Rino by the hand,

"Well, they wanted to have dinner with you."

He explained as Eureka looked at him inquiringly. Hearing this she could only sigh and let

him lead the way. As they walk back to the castle, people still look at them and whisper to

each other. Of course, Eureka's identity was still a big revelation to all of them. To be

honest, even Feena and the others aren't still used to looking at her as a royalty.

Of course Eureka noticed this a while ago and so she had told them to treat her the same

way as they did in the past. Nothing changed if ever a title was just added but just like

Karen's words, she is still the same old Eureka they have met more than 10 years ago.

"You really became so popular in just two days," Rino teased her.

"Please, the attention is something I don't need. I just wish they could go back to their

businesses. The stares are tiring," Eureka replied as she sighed a tired one.

Rino smiled at her before patting her head. He really is happy that he can finally act as an

older brother to her. He needed to hold back for no one knows of who she is. At the same

time, changing his attitude towards Eureka before would raise up suspicions. And those

suspicions might be towards a romantic way and not as family.


"I'm happy that you agreed to have dinner with us," Haruka happily said as they all sat

down in the table. For the first time in a while, they were actually complete, even Kaoru

was with them. Truly this is a happy day.

"I already said that I will do my best to accept everything. Though it's still a bit weird for

me sitting here with all of you," Eureka replied with a bit of awkwardness in her voice.

"Nah, just act like you always do. Don't try to change anything," Nana said encouragingly.

"I think you, Nana, should be the one acting more appropriately in here. You are the one

who doesn't seem like a royal," Rino teased.

Nana pouted at him, his brother really loves teasing her. He also loves giving her an earful.

"Enough you two. Shall we eat in peace around here?" Akihiro stopped them, knowing that

not sooner the two of them would start bickering with one another once again.

Eureka could only smile at all of this. Everything is still surreal for her. Her vision would

sometimes return to back when Zu and Ao and the others were still eating together with


She bitterly smiled, to which Akihiro noticed. He was actually sitting next to her. He

leaned to her not letting others notice, "Don't push your memories away. Accept it

together with these new ones."

He pat her head and Eureka felt warm inside somehow.

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