She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 7 Chapter 165

Volume 7 Chapter 165 This Prince Didn't Realize

The whole squad zero, with Akihiro and Yukimura, were standing in a hall way, down below. It was a path leading to one of the castle's dungeon. The others were quietly watching Eureka as she touches the walls surrounding them, it wasn't her but Magma and Ice who is searching through the walls.

Ice said just as Eureka approached the door of the last dungeon.

Hearing that the path started with stairs she could only chuckle, just how much did the people who did this wanted to hide it? Looking back to the perspective of the castle, the hidden place seemed like it was already near the centre of the world.

"What is it?" Akihiro noticing the change in her asked.

"I found the path, it's just that it starts with stairs. So basically it will be another path down. Those people really created a well hidden place."

After answering him she placed her hand on the wall and used Magma to literally melt the brick wall, she didn't let it fall down the stairs but instead collected the melted wall and placed it by the side. It looked like a boulder after it cool down.

"Seriously I'm still not used on seeing you use an ability," Karen said as she shakes her head.

Eureka shook her head and looked at Akihiro, "We shall be heading down now, your highne-," she stopped as she realized the way she addressed him. Really it's very difficult to change the way you're used to call the people around you.

Even Akihiro had his brows furrowed, he already told her to stop calling him in such a way but, "*sighs* It's alright, I was the one who instilled that to you after all."

He really regretted it, the way he treated her. He was the one who pushed her to call him in a respectful way. And that is why she got used to it.

Eureka could only look down, she is hurting them no matter how much she tries she just kept hurting them. Akihiro once again placed his hand on top of her head, but even this action looks awkward for him. Even last night, it might seem natural to others but for him it's not.

"Go now but return safe. No matter what happens down stairs, get back up here. The three of you make sure to take care of yourselves, that same goes with all of you."

A few more rounds of speaking about them taking care before the group departed. Natsuki and Suzuki didn't join them. They have a different ability after all. After a deep breath the ten of them walked down the stairs.

It was so long they could no longer say how many steps they have descended and somehow it started becoming hot, this shows that they are indeed going down close to the centre of the world.

"Is this place created in the middle of the world?" Karen asked as she wiped her sweat.

Seeing this Rino nudged Eureka. Eureka looked at him before sighing, "Why involve me? If you wanted to you could just do so yourself."

"Come on now, I really can't do it on my own right?"

Eureka raised her brow, does this prince didn't realize that he was just taking action after Karen have complained? The other girls have already speak up what was on their mind since a few minutes ago. Karen, for some odd reason, was the last one who complained. Looking at Karen, something clicked in Eureka's mind.

Eureka thought before helping out Rino in creating a cold space for the ten of them.

"Oh there's even a snow flair," Karen exclaimed as she reached out her hand and touched the falling snow." Rino smiled seeing her grin.

Eureka once again sighed.

Magma interrupted her train of thoughts.

Raising her brow she decided not to answer it.

Magma still continued.

Ice finally intercepted.

Looking ahead they have indeed reached the landing.

"We might have arrived at the end of the stairs but we still have a long way to go. Keep up everyone," Eureka commanded the others. To which they all acknowledged.

"Eureka," Raven opened his mouth for the first time after they descended.

"Could I take this as training? The place is hot enough. Our kingdom does not have a place like this. It might only for a short time but I think this would help my body further."

She nodded, Raven then stepped out of the barrier Rino and Eureka have created. The instant it disappeared beads of sweat instantly appeared in Raven's forehead. He gritted his teeth, he didn't expect this heat, but he still continued walking.

"Then I shall join you as well," Nana said as she looked at Eureka before stepping out as well, Nana who didn't expect the extent of the heat instantly knelt. Raven reached out to her but she raised her hand in rejection, she then stood up and started walking once again. The others could only cheer for the two of them. If even this small amount would allow them to become stronger then no one will stop them. All of them continued walking for who knows how long, sometimes they would slow for the other two.

Soon they finally reached the end of the hall and there stood a door.

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