She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 7 Chapter 166

Volume 7 Chapter 166 A Thousand Old Story

"It seems that you have fulfilled your promise," the ancient voice welcomed them after the entered the room.

There sitting in the middle of the room was an old man, he has this smokey appearance as he sat there looking at all of them.

"Welcome to where everything began," he added as he stood up.

All of them became on guard after sensing a very strong aura from him, to which he just laughed, "Don't worry I really can't hurt you now. I am after all just another smoke."

His eyes narrowed as he looked at Eureka, "Come out the two of you."

Magma and Ice came out of their own volition. This greatly surprised all of them.

"Long time no see, you two," the old man laughed as he spread his arms as if welcoming the two of them.

"Shut up," Ice replied, looking closer now, Ice was actually a woman and Magma was a man.

The old man laughed once again as he turned around and looked at the Glass cage where the black smoke was being imprisoned, "Are you still mad that I chose this kind of solution? But this is the only solution for us."

"The price you paid for this are too big, you still don't understand that that is what makes us mad?" Magma answered him.

"That's right, Azuma," another voice butt in.

Then the four dragon statues moved. Opening their eyes, the room was big enough to actually accommodate their big bodies.

"Ah, so you finally wanted to speak with me as well. How nostalgic, to actually hear all your voices," Azuma replied the smile never leaving his face. As he too returned to the way he looked on the day all of them were placed in this situation.

"Why do you have to pay the price of what Juzo have done?" the blue dragon spoke this time.

"Come on now Water, what's done is done. We really can't change that now can we?" Azuma answered his voice carrying a nostalgic feeling.

"So? You brought these kids here to get them to have the same life as we all had?" Ice

asked once again.

"Juzo is getting stronger, I didn't expect someone to find him and actually release a portion of him, well that world was already reaching its limit and so it was inevitable. Now, that first portion is more than enough to wreck havoc in order to search for his other remnants. I also didn't expect for someone to find this place the second time, I took a gamble. And now we have a reunion."

Eureka's group silently listened to everything that was unfolding in front of them. They didn't expect such revelations.

Ice walked closer to Azuma and maybe because they were both smoke likes, when she started punching him it actually hit him, "You stupid, stupid jerk. You were all alone all this time. These four might be here but they were sleeping. The price you payed was greater, the two of us became abilities and were passed down from generation to generation. But we forgot about you. We forgot about you Azuma!!"

She kept punching him as she cried out. Azusa could only pat her head as he smiled at her in defeat. He then looked at Magma who was staring daggers at him, showing how he too was mad at what happened to Azuma.

The four dragons turned to human smokes. The red one was a woman, the blue one was a man, the white one was also a woman and the brown one was a man. Their colors represent their abilities. All of them looked at Azuma disapprovingly.

"But I survived didn't I? Look we all meet again, though were just smokes now. Remnants of who we once were."

"A thousand old story, I think I wanted to hear more of it," Finally Eureka butt in, hearing everything she had concluded that everything started during the times of these people. But Ice and Magma ability were already there for a thousand year. Which means that this happened more than a thousand years ago.

Azuma smiled and looked at them.


More than a thousand years ago, there was no such thing as consciousness of the abilities. Every one just plainly have their own abilities. It was a part of them that's why it was stronger than what was being used to the present time. But even back then a zero was present, and the zeros weren't treated the same way as they were being treated today. They were actually deemed as stronger, if those ability users could use only one ability, the zeros could use any ability. For ability users could become an ability that zeros use. Being a part of them also means that they can transform as one.

Azuma was deemed the strongest, his physical capabilities far exceeded the others. At the same time he can actually use the four elements and the two strongest, Ice and Magma.

"What do you want Yuki?" Azuma complained as a woman was dragging him somewhere.

"Will you stop training and just have fun for a while?" Yuki, who was presently known as Ice, replied back.

Azuma could only let her drag him into a restaurant where he is pretty sure that the others were already there as well.

"I brought him," Yuki announced as they stepped inside the reserved room in the restaurant.

"What celebration are we having today?" Azuma asked as he too stepped inside the room.

"CONGRATULATIONS!!" was what welcomed him together with applause.

His brows were furrowed upon hearing this. He tried to think about it but it was not his birthday. They haven't been to war as well. So why are they congratulating him?

"You didn't tell him yet? Normally these kind of stuffs should be revealed to the involved party first," Atsuya, presently known as Magma, sai upon seeing Azuma's reaction.

Yuki laughed, "I want to change that. And so I decided to tell him last."

She looked at Azuma who was still confused before grinning, "You're gonna be a father now!!"

Her announcement caused Azuma to log before realizing what is currently going on. He's gonna be a father!!

The day was joyous to all of them, well except for one, Juzo.

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