She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 7 Chapter 167

Volume 7 Chapter 167 Could Only Laugh

The celebration lasted for who knows how long. Juzo slipped out when he had the chance.

In reality he was jealous of Azuma, both of them were zero but Azuma gets all the

attention. It was fine at first but soon he also got Yuki's attention. It was even her who

courted him. And now, they're having a child? A child?!?

And that was the start of the spread of darkness in his heart. He researched and

researched until he came upon a unique ability, to which he called, Darkness.

Azuma and the others days were blissful until the birth of his son. A joyous event surely

everyone in town were celebrating for them. But Juzo had another plan, he arrived that

day and approached the young child, no one was suspicious of him.

Because of that, the new born child's life ended a day after it was born. Juzo had stabbed

the baby in the heart right on front of his parents. The place suddenly turned chaotic,

everyone tried to attack him but black smokes surround him, defending him and attacking

the others.

That day a whole lot of people died, on that day Darkness became known. Azuma despite

the grief equipped his six friends in order to fight against Juzo who had completely lost

his mind. But found it to be useless for the Darkness was stronger than the elements. Having no other choice, he had equipped the seal ability user as well.

"NO!! I know what you are planning, you can't do that," Yuki said.

"Days of fighting against him didn't give us any hope. Just as I watch you and Atsuya I

came up with something. You two were the strongest, but you two shines the brightest as

well. If he is darkness then we can battle it with Light. But since we have no idea how

strong he had become and this shall be done for the first time, I am uncertain if we can

defeat him before we die."

The others slowly understood what he meant.

"To use such strong ability he had paid a very big price and that is, his sanity. Then if we

are going to use this move, that means you will pay a price as well," Atsuya said.

"Indeed, but we have to stop him or everything will end just like that. And the only way to

do that was to seal him away. It might only be for a hundred years or a thousand but that

is more than enough, at least we have given this world a few more years to live. To seal

him, I am going to use you Yuki, Atsuya and Hayato, to seal him. We'll create a cage to

imprison him, but his strength surely wouldn't allow that and so we are going to seal parts

of him in different worlds. We have known about it, the parallel worlds, if we can do that then we are giving every world more time. Since his sanity is gone, obviously he would go to those places as well."

Everyone was silent, this is after all a great gamble.

"The four of you shall be the second layer of the cage."

"We wouldn't know if you do all that. You could die from it," Yuki once again answered.

"All of you could as well. But we already have no other choice."

Yuki and the others cried but Azuma chose not to. Who said this is easy for him? His child have just died but right after that all the others whom he held dear died one after another. But it couldn't be helped, this is all they can do. He had to stay strong to protect those who remained.

They proceeded with their plan and succeeded but before all of them lost their consciousness.

"*sighs* I have given this world a different way to prosper but a balance is still needed. All of you who have sealed it away, I shall give you another duty..."

The voice trailed off and only Azuma heard everything that it has to say.

(End of Flashback)

"Who is that voice then?" Rino asked after hearing the whole story.

"The almighty one? The one who created everything? Who knows, he suddenly spoke when all of us were about to lose our consciousness. And by the time we woke up, we became consciousness of Ice and Magma. One third of the other four became consciousness as well, the other two thirds became the second layer of the prison for the darkness," Yuki explained to all of them.

"But how did all of you be in the other worlds as well?" Raven asked.

"Just like darkness, parts of us were also present in the other worlds. But unlike him who could absorb his part, ours perished for our real self weren't there. No, because we have no solid bodies," Azuma answered.

"And why do you want to meet us?" Eureka asked.

"You were fighting to stop this war and that person. We can help you somehow. We can lend you our energies to give you a head start in the battle but it shall come with a price."

"Balance is still needed," Eureka said once again, not yet answering to what Azuma had just said.

"Does that mean that no matter what we do, no matter how much we try and kill him. Darkness won't disappear? Or to be more precise, Leo won't disappear?"

"That is indeed true."

Eureka suddenly started laughing, everyone could only stare at her in confusion. This is the first time they saw her laugh and yet it feels like chills run through their spines. Her laugh was so cold.

"So in the end, that almighty one will still allow our enemy to live. *laughs* That no matter what we do, we can never defeat it. And seeing all these, it only means one thing, either we die or we seal it again."

She continued laughing, she looks like a mad person. Her anger, she just couldn't bring it out. She could only laugh for all of these circ.u.mstances.

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