She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 7 Chapter 168

Volume 7 Chapter 168 Needs Her Family

No one could move as they watch her laugh, after a while she finally stopped and looked at Azuma.

"And what kind of help are you giving us? No, let me rephrase that, what kind of help are we buying from you? And what price do we have to pay?"

"We can lend your powers, but it could only be a one time use. With it you would be able to defeat more enemies in the beginning. That shall give you a head start. The price, hmmm half of the power of your abilities. To further explain it, after this fight whether you survive or not we shall be taking half of your power, you will then be weaker than you currently are. Might be even weaker when you started training."

Eureka looked at him intently before facing the others, her eyes asking them whether they are willing to do so or not. The others nodded their heads, this war would decide the future of their world, so what if they become weaker after the fight? They can just improve their physical strength to keep being a knight.

She then looked back at Azuma and the others, "You got your answer."

Azuma's eyes went to Eureka before going to Nana and Rino.

"Don't worry just take mine, instead of theirs."

"But Eureka-"

"Half or three-fourths, it's nothing to me, I've lived half of my life not using my abilities. But if you have paid it then you two will surely die. Taking half of your power means that it will never be replenished no matter how long you live. And that is very dangerous for your energies weren't whole to begin with."

Azuma narrowed his eyes at Eureka. He knows Eureka understood her price as well. A price far different from the others. And if she pushes through with giving half of her powers to compensate for her siblings then…

Eureka shook her head at him,

Azuma smirked at this. She really is somewhat the same as him. They both love taking everything on their own.

After that, the four elements have half of their smoke enter the other six, before letting them go. Eureka let them go first.

"Will we ever meet again?" Yuki asked Azuma.

Azuma could only smile at her, "Maybe someone the same as us, the same soul, but for all of us? Maybe not or maybe a thousand years from now?"

"So basically you are saying that we will remain this way for all eternity? Then would we forget about you again?"

"No I have already paid my price. But you young lady," he then looked at Eureka.

"You chose it didn't you? The price you have paid?" Eureka instead questioned him.

"I see, you really are smart aren't you?"

"Then I shall choose mine. I will trust them, they will bring me back to who I am today, no matter what happens. You chose your friends to forget about you, isn't that the reason why the other four didn't speak to you? Because they have no idea who you are. At the same time, their price was that they shall remain as a statue. They could only move now and the other two only remembered you now because the seal you have placed are already weakened."

Looking at the glass cage with the light dimming she sighed, "As for the seal, the price was his whole life."

She then looked back at Azuma, "But I'd defy that as well. I won't let the almighty one take Kaoru's life away. Plus I have another idea for the end of this war."

"Don't worry, you allowed us to meet once again then we shall give you a gift."

He looked at Yuki and Atsuya, then to the other four before going to the glass cage. All of them understood what he meant and nodded in agreement. As if nodding as well the light of the glass cage flickered.

Eureka didn't ask what he meant but only looked at Atsuya and Yuki. The other two said their final tearful goodbye before returning to her body, she bowed to Azuma before turning on her heel.


"Are you guys really okay with it? I basically decided for all of you," Azuma apologetically said to the other four.

"It doesn't matter, our lives have in reality already ended, plus we all are together in here. It's just too bad that the other two aren't with us. But for those kids, their lives are just beginning."

"What could have happened if I chose a different price?"

"There are no ifs in this world. You already decided so just stick with it. That's what you always say to us right?"

Azuma laughed at this remark.


After coming out, it was already evening. Akihiro, Yukimura, Natsuki, Suzuki and Azusa stayed there waiting for them.

Their faces were a bit down, it was Rino who had explained everything. Eureka was at the back with her eyes cast down. No one tried to ask her if she is okay, her laugh a while ago has a tinge of bitterness in it. As if she was laughing that everything she had experienced, everything that all of them have to go through were for a naught.

After explaining everything, they have decided to end the day and rest. Raven glanced at Eureka before looking at Akihiro who could only stand there looking at her.

"Your highness," he called before nodding his head at him.

"No, you-" he wanted to protest but Raven shakes his head as if saying, she needs her family.

Raven then bowed down before walking up together with the others. Rino and Nana as well left Eureka to their father.

"Are you mad?"

Eureka shakes her head.

"Are you sad?"

*shakes head*

"Are you disappointed?"

*shakes head*

"Eureka," he called as he raise his arms. Eureka looked up at him. Seeing his stance Eureka didn't move and stared at him.

Akihiro smiled before closing the distance between them and wrapping his arms around her. He didn't speak another word and just pat her back continuously.

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