She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 7 Chapter 169

Volume 7 Chapter 169 Night Filled With Sorrow

Slowly Eureka raised her hands and grasped unto his clothes, she clenched unto it tighter as her eyes begin to moisten. Not long after that she started crying quietly before she cried louder and louder.

Akihiro just hugged her, she was always acting tough in front of him, sometimes even angry. This is the first time she had cried on him, showing how much she was beaten down. The way she held unto him, it's like she was completely beaten down without a way to rise up again.

Her cries actually reached the top of the stairs where the others are currently at, their heads were bowed down. All the other parents were there waiting for everyone, Haruka pulled her other two children in a hug, Mutsumi hugged Raven as Yukimura hugged them both, the same goes for Feena, Karen, Azusa, Hideyoshi, Mamoru and Theo. Ichiro pulled Suzuki, his daughter and Natsuki, his nephew. They've already heard the whole story and what awaits for all of them. Kaoru has his hand on Haruka's shoulder, his other hand were clenched into a fist.

The night were filled with sorrow, helplessness and bitterness. And all of them understood that the one who has the most pain is Eureka, who had to experience so many things for nothing.

Who knows how long she had cried, in the end she had cried herself until she had fallen asleep. Akihiro wiped the remnants of tears in her face before carrying her up. He was welcomed by everyone whose eyes were the same as his, red.

He looked at all of them helplessly before looking down at the girl in his arms. The parents then sent their kids home and Akihiro brought Eureka to the room she had been using whenever she was brought to the castle.

After doing so the fathers met at the usual place, the knights hut. The others upon seeing Akihiro pat his shoulder. They sat there for the whole night chatting about random things.

"Are you sure it's alright to leave her alone?" Yukimura asked Akihiro.

"I think you already know that she is not alone," Akihiro replied meaningfully.


Her brows that was constantly furrowed were tenderly massaged allowing it to relax. He sat in the bed beside her. His other hand holding hers. He watched her sleep as he tries calming her down.

The moment he arrived a while ago she had tears in her eyes. She was muttering inaudible words and her hands were clenched on her blanket. Sweat even appeared in her forehead.

Knowing that she's having a real bad headache he sat beside her and hold unto her hand, her face slowly relaxed, seeing as she had calmed down he went to the bathroom to fetch some warm water and a cloth to wipe her face. He gently did so afraid that he might wake her up. After doing so he just sat there by her side holding her hand, from time to time massaging her furrowed brows.

"That world, the first world that was destroyed. Did the person who released them knew of his history?" Raven asked quietly.

"No, but that world was too damaged already. And so the seal could easily be broken. Leading someone who has too much darkness in his heart to the place where we were was easy," Fire, who was inside him, came out and answered.

"So it was inevitable. But why would they have to jump back to this time? They could just destroy these worlds on those time lines."

"Because those time lines are stronger. Just as how you guys train to become stronger, of course that would make the future much better for all of you but troublesome for him."

Raven stopped asking and just stared at Eureka. Seeing as he has no more question Fire decided to return inside him. He really is not interested with romance of the living. But even he can tell, these two will have to go through so much more before they can finally be happy.

Azuma said so a while ago, these two will face more trials. Right now both of them are holding back but even if they wanted to push through with it there are still obstacles they would be facing.

Just like that Raven fell asleep beside Eureka, the scene that Akihiro and Haruka saw when they checked on her. Seeing that she looks peaceful beside him they decided not to disturb them any longer.


"Maybe I should raise the security around the castle? That kid could enter this place as he pleases."

"Oh please, she's a grown up and seeing how peaceful she is, shouldn't you be happy?" Haruka asked as she suppress her smile.

"But they still have no title. What would those people think about her? She is innocent in this, maybe I should have dragged that kid a while ago?"

Haruka finally released her laughter, "You really sound like her father now."

"I am her father," Akihiro pouted.

"Yes, we are her parents. So stop acting awkward around her will you? If you act that way then how is she supposed to act towards you?"

Akihiro scratched his head, he knows that but this is difficult for the two of them, a lot of times the two of them would clash. Acting all close now? That would be a bit difficult.

"You have all the time in the world to catch up with her, and so do we. Let's all be a whole family once this war is over," Haruka smiled warmly at him as she held his hand.

"Yes, let's all be whole once we finish this war," he replied as he held her hand back. Both of them watched the sun as it rises.

During this time, Raven woke up first, seeing as he had actually fallen asleep on her bed once again, he could only shake his head as he got up. Fixing the blanket on her before leaving.

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