She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 7 Chapter 170

Volume 7 Chapter 170 Giving A Different Bomb

Eureka woke up not long after and felt refreshed. Just as when she was detained back in the northern tower, she felt that she had the best sleep yet. She sat up and looked at her hand, she felt like someone was holding her hand for the entire night.

She was having a nightmare, everyone was dying right in front of her. No matter what she do, they just kept on dying. Then everything turned black but suddenly a light appeared right in front of her and it felt warm. The nightmare she was having vanished.

Just then, "Get up now. Let's go and have a sight viewing around town. It is a beautiful day just for you to be sleeping."

Nana and Rino entered her room as Nana announced. She jumped to Eureka's bed and lay there.

"You're telling me to get up but you are the one who lay down," Eureka shrugged as she got up, she was no longer surprised that she is sleeping in the same room she had used every time she collapses. She went straight to the bathroom where she washed up and get ready. Once again she was not shocked to find the necessary things she needed ready in there already.

"Oh she didn't turn down your offer?" Rino asked Nana after Eureka entered the bathroom.

"Maybe she too just wanted to relax and forget everything we have heard. We have done everything we can already. If we just kept training we'll end up too tired for the real fight. So relaxing once in a while is not that bad."

"Sometimes you can be mature that matches your age," he teased as he raffled her hair.

"Stop that, I'm not a child," she slapped his hand away before sitting up, at the same time she had a grin plastered in her face.

"It seems that someone spent the night here," she said as her smile grew bigger.

"Oh how could you tell?"

"I remember his smell. And the scent was still here."

"Are you a stalker?"

"No, I just remembered because I loved him once. That's just how I love."

Rino just nodded, it didn't escape his hearing when she said the words 'loved him once'. That means she had moved on from him already. Just then Eureka came out already dressed.

"I'm hungry, let's eat first?" she asked the two of them to which they agreed and all three of them went to the dinning hall at the same time. There already present were, Akihiro, Haruka and Kaoru.

"Come on now, eat with us while the food is still warm," Haruka called out to them.

After they all sat down, they talked about random stuffs not mentioning anything about what had happened back in that place. Or about anything that they had found out.

"We are planning on going around town today," Nana said as she remembered their plan.

"Do you still have places you didn't go to?" Akihiro asked.

"Stop that. If they want they can just go back to those places. Go on, don't mind your father. I support you on your relaxation," Haruka said looking happily at her children.

But her face turned to that of a solemn one when she looked at Eureka, "Once this war is over. Is it possible for me to get back my memories?"

Eureka was a bit startled before she smiled and nodded. Akihiro furrowed his brows and wanted to ask why she wanted to have it returned once the war is over. They can just do it now. Kaoru didn't wait for his brother before telling him that unsealing a memory is much more difficult that it seems, he had done so to himself and the backlash was too great. He couldn't use his ability for a week and even after that he still had difficulties.

Eureka then added that even with her nullifying it would still be difficult. She might have used it when bronze appeared causing Raven to remember everything that was taken from him but Haruka's case was different. Her sealed memories have longer time, using nullify would be the same as using the unsealing.

If the two of them do it now when the final wave of the war was just around the corner then it would be very dangerous for all of them. Akihiro could only nod his head after being berated by these two, the tone may not be that of berating but the way they constructed their sentences were that of them berating him.

He could only complain in his head, he was the king but those around him always berates him. Is he that incompetent?

"You're not incompetent, it's just that sometimes you couldn't grasp the situation properly," as if reading what was on his mind, Haruka said with a smile in her lips.

She too understood the gravity of her request and that is why she asked for it after the war.

"But are you sure you want to remember? You almost lost your mind back then, that was how painful it was," Eureka then asked her.

"It might be but we are complete now. Even if I remember the pain it would just remain as a memory. But what I want to remember was the time I carried you three in my stomach, the joy of finding out that I was pregnant, the joy of finding out that I was actually having a twin, the joy of having found out that I am having another child, the joy of feeling the first time you moved. All of those things are what I want to remember," Haruka explained as she held unto her stomach.

Eureka's eyes grew wide. She has the most training on sensing the aura's around them. But since she was too occupied for the past months she didn't notice not until now.

"Are you aware?" she asked her voice filled with uncertainty at the same time worry.

Haruka looked at her confused.

"That you're… pregnant?"

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