She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 7 Chapter 171

Volume 7 Chapter 171 Are You Sure?


Different times, spoons and forks were dropped. All their faces were filled with shock. Their eyes move from Eureka to Haruka then back to Eureka. Silence filled the room, Haruka too could only stare at Eureka. This news, is it a happy one? Or not?

Eureka cast her eyes down, this is a happy occasion but it's timing is just not right. They are in a very difficult situation. Before anyone could react she looked up and stared at Kaoru.

"We have no time, I will help you in a sealing method. Ao did this but it was only to preserve a life as we tried to save them. Back then it didn't last long. I have researched and studied it, this is a bit of a gamble but I know it won't harm the unborn."

"Wait, relax. What are you saying? It's becoming confusing already," Kaoru asked.

"What I'm saying is that we will seal this child. We are in a perilous time, a very very difficult one. And in this final wave we will be needing even the help of the queen. We can't have a child now."

Haruka held unto her stomach and looked at Eureka worriedly.

"Don't worry, the moment it was created, is also the moment it has a life. I won't allow it to disappear in this war."

"Then what are we going to do?" Kaoru asked once again.

"We are going to seal its growth. At the same time, the seal will also protect it from the outside force. I'll add my own nullifying capability in order for it to have more protection. We have no more time, let's go," Eureka stood up and pulled Kaoru into the secluded training room in the castle.

They disappeared just like that before any of the others could talk.


"Another thing, don't let this news out. It's better for this to be kept as a secret," she came out and said before disappearing once again.

The other four looked at each other before they all burst into tears as they hugged each other.

"Another child, we are having another child. Another baby," was what Akihiro could only say.

Haruka held unto her stomach as she too was tearing up happily. She then looked at Akihiro, "But what should we do? I don't want to lose it."

"Isn't that why Eureka and Kaoru are currently working?"

"I'm just wondering, is she happy about this? Or not?" Nana asked as she looked at the path Eureka and Kaoru took.

"That girl must be happy but she must be very worried. Seeing her reaction a while ago, I am pretty sure about that," Rino answered.

"But she is also right. No matter what don't say this to anyone, even to all our friends," Akihiro commanded as he looked intently at his kids.

The other too nodded in unison. They understand the grave situation they currently are in. They won't risk the life of their younger sibling.


"Wouldn't this be taxing to you as well?" Kaoru asked as Eureka guided him on the sealing process.

"You would be using your nullifying ability, that means your energy would lessen significantly."

"Don't worry, no matter what I won't die. But I also won't allow any of you to die," was her answer. It was confusing and vague that Kaoru didn't know it has a deeper meaning. She won't die but that didn't mean she will still she same as she is right now.

"But no matter what happens our family will be complete, that's my promise and I will never break that promise," Eureka added as she kept guiding him on the sealing method.


Nana and Rino went and continue their plan of going around town with the others. Everyone thought that Eureka might still be asleep or that she declined Nana's invitation. To which Rino explained that she had some urgent matter to attend to with Kaoru but she had accepted the invitation.

"I thought she would start relaxing even for a bit," Karen pouted upon hearing their explanation. In the end she was still dragged to attend some urgent matter.

Rino tapped her nose with his fore finger, "Don't worry she will relax. She might be with us on the upcoming days. Today is just a bit special and she couldn't leave it."

Karen blushed at this gesture of his, she had seen him pat the other's head all this time but this is the first time he did a different action. Patting one's head, for her, was an act that makes you a younger sister to him or her. But this time he did a different gesture.

"Anyway, come on now guys, let's roam around and enjoy these days the fullest," Hideyoshi said energetically as he pulled Feena's hand towards town.

It might be in the middle of war but the stores and the attractions were still on going. Business will always be business for those sellers.

"What do you think?" the girls were whispering with each other as they wait for the guys who are shopping on men attires.

"I don't know but are you sure?" Azusa asked Suzuki who spoke first.

"I am very much sure. His character was just too good for me. And yet I always see him looking at Eureka. So I though that he might still have feelings for her," Suzuki replied as she glanced at Theo.

Yes, their very first interaction was when they attended that ball and Theo have asked her to dance. Back then it was nothing but pure acquaintances becoming friends. But the time they have spent together during those fights and even during their leisure times, she found him attractive.

He has an immature at the same time mature aura. If Hideyoshi was plainly immature and Mamoru and Raven were the mature ones. Theo had both, he was mature when the time needs him to be one, but he was immature when they are just enjoying the time. Like today, he and Hideyoshi were actually playing around the store.

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