She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 7 Chapter 172

Volume 7 Chapter 172 Love Is A Serious Matter

"Have you tried asking him about love or such?" Feena asked her.

"I haven't, I don't know how to bring it up. We usually speak with each other when we are all together but most of the time he was with the guys," Suzuki could only sigh.

"Well taking the time and place to open up such a topic into consideration is still the best way to know his stand. When you just suddenly open it up he might become awkward to talk about it."

"Ladies, you hogging over here as you whisper to each other looks quite suspicious. Even the guys have started looking your way," another voice butt in into their conversation.

Looking up some customers have indeed glanced at their side, some were even openly staring at them. The guys would cast glances at them and would furrow their brows.

The ladies could only bit their lips as they stood up awkwardly as if they did something bad.

"Suzuki have you forgotten your ability?" the voice added.

Looking at the person who spoke with them, they were actually startled to see that it was Eureka. They actually took a step back after realizing that it was her. The guys too realized that Eureka was already there with them and so all of them approached her.

"We thought you have an urgent matter?" Karen asked her first.

"I have but I've already done my part, it is Kaoru's time to do the rest. Don't worry he might be able to finish what he was doing by tomorrow. That is if you just miss him and wanted to see him," she answered but the real meaning of her sentence were for Rino and Nana.

the two of them thought.

"I can leave if you didn't want me to be here," she added.

"No, no, no, that's not what we meant. We were just shocked that you came," Feena hastily said.

"I have accepted Nana's invitation. I am not someone who disregards things that I have said I will do," she answered.

This reminded the other five of the time when they were celebrating the promotion of Raven and Eureka. She had accepted their invitation for the celebration no matter how busy she was. She still came and joined them.

"And what are all of you tlking about?" the guys finally asked.

"No nothing. Why? Can't girls gossip from time to time?"

Hearing about the word gossip the guys shrugged it off. Suzuki then used her telepathy to speak with the others.

Suzuki started looking at the girls.

Eureka raised her brows, why would Suzuki be asking her when she herself have no idea about such stuffs? Well of course she knows her feelings towards Raven but taking the initiative or doing something abuot it is far from her mind right now.

Karen butted in.

Suzuki replied as she glanced at Feena and Azusa.

"Hey, hey we are also trying to help but your case is different from ours," Azusa didn't realize that she had blurted this out.

The guys who were walking in front of them actually looked back with all their brows furrowed.

"Seriously what is the problem with all of you?"

"Just keep looking around, let them do what they want to do. Aren't you guys doing the same? Talking about stuffs you want to talk about?" Eureka answered back.

"Shall we eat?" Raven then invited as they stopped near a diner.

Everyone agreed and sat down, after taking their orders. All of them returned to their own conversations.

Karen teased Azusa.

Azusa defended herself.

Karen said once again.

Feena answered.

Karen abruptly looked at Feena.

"You know what, I know you guys are talking in your heads. You suddenly kept quiet but your eyes are talking. What is the problem really?" Hideyoshi interrupted them.

"What is talking about the feeling of love interesting to you guys? If they talk about it right in front of you wouldn't you be saying stuff like how cringe or awkward it is?" Eureka then answered.

"Then you are talking about love. What is it? Did you guys fall in love?" Hideyoshi answered as he looked at the girls.

"*sigh* If they are talking about love, does that only have to do with them liking someone? Can't they just be curious about the feeling called love?"

Seeing how the girls became fl.u.s.tered after being caught by Hideyoshi, Eureka helped them out.

"Tss you all look so serious, we thought it was something very problematic or something."

Eureka shakes her head as she stare at the guys who agreed to Hideyoshi. Well except for Raven and Rino who remained quiet.

"See that now, your reaction is the very thing they didn't want to see or have. This is a serious matter to them for they are already at the age where marriage could already be considered. Aren't you guys the same?"

Her reply made everyone remain silent and just look at her.

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