She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 7 Chapter 173

Volume 7 Chapter 173 13 Years

Eureka just looked at all of them seriously. Indeed it was not normal for her to speak about such topics. But these girls are having problems regarding this.

First it was Azusa and Feena, now it is Suzuki and Karen. They were all having problems regarding this, now this feels like a very difficult subject. No, there are three of them, even Nana who still has no idea that Natsuki was actually trying to court her.

Just then their foods arrived. But still no one didn't know how to start eating or even talking.

"*sighs* Yes, just speaking about it makes it problematic. See all your reactions? We are in a perilous time but that doesn't mean we are not allowed to fall in love or to think about it. Do you think this is too random of a topic?" she asked looking at the guys.

They could only look at the girls, this is a normal topic to women especially when you and your friends are together but for men it is a bit rare to be talking about it. Suddenly being in the hot seat all of them felt a bit awkward.

"You were so curious as to what we were talking about but now that you got your answer you won't even reply."

Then she started eating, the girls followed her. What she said was true, they asked she answered. But Suzuki and Karen really do want to know what those two think.

"To feel secured and that feeling of having someone special to you, separate from your family, is how I define it. I have experienced half of it and I know in the future that I will also experience its full glory," Nana answered as she smiled knowing why Eureka said all these things. So she would also help.

"But don't get me wrong, I have moved on. Really moved on," she then looked up and said to all of them.

Rino smiled and raffled her hair to which she just slap his hand away.

"Then I guess my explanation to it is to have the feeling of protecting someone. Not just the people under you but someone whom you cherish with everything you got. That just the thought of her disappearing caused you to feel thousands of knives cutting through your heart," Natsuki actually spoke up and said looking at Nana.

This sudden confession at the same time not confession caused a little stir to Nana's heart as she stare back at Natsuki who is smiling warmly at her.

"Family," Rino smiled as he look at Nana then to Eureka.

"For now I suppose that feeling of having your family complete and safe. When your family was always there for each other, guiding and helping each other."

what struck most to Karen was these two words. She had a small smile, she can still fight. Once all of this is over she's going to fight for her feelings and she has no plan on losing.

"To fight," she then raised her head and said.

"To keep on fighting for what you feel is also a form of love. When you still have the chance and won't hurt the person you're going to fight for. Not giving up and keep pushing forward to have them look back at you."

The others looked at the four of them. Before Feena smiled and spoke up, "To accept their own immaturity. You may clash and all but towards the end of the day you still find yourself looking out for him. Thinking about him."

Hideyoshi smiled at her response before he too answered the question, "To compliment each other, even if you have so many differences. You still do things for her just to make her happy. You do things she wanted not because she wanted it but because you also become happy when she smiles because of it."

"When she smiled at the simplest things and you find yourself smiling. When you found yourself looking at her all the time not wanting her to leave your sight. To miss that person even though you just went your separate ways," Mamoru added as he too look at Azusa.

"To be thankful, that when he's with you. You found yourself no longer thinking about the past that you can't return but instead looking forward to the future in which there is the two of you," Azusa answered as she too stare back at him.

"To let go, knowing full well that the person you once love was not meant for you. For letting yourself free from that unrequitted one might lead you to find the one whom you will take care off for the rest of your life," Theo was the one who continued the flow this time taking a glance at Suzuki, which of course no one noticed other than Eureka, Raven and Rino.

"To patiently wait. You can make your move but you also need to wait. Not everyone is ready to love again when they experienced a heartbreak. What you can do is to willingly wait and have patience while creating opportunities," Suzuki replied as she look at Theo, which startled him and could only look back at her and shrug.

All of them looked at Raven and Eureka. The both of them looked at each other.

"To understand," they said at the same time as they look at each other.

They didn't add anything to it. Just like that a knock was heard, then came in to the cubicle they were at was a waiter carrying a cake.

Their brows were furrowed, no one ordered this.

"I just want to celebrate the time I arrived to this kingdom," Eureka spoke up just as the waiter left the room.

"Today is actually the day that I arrived here and became a real part of the kingdom. And together with all of you I just want to celebrate my 13 years of stay here," she said as she smiled at them. Yup the same smile that makes anyone mesmerized at her.

"To celebrate could also be a form of love," she then grinned at all of them. To which everyone respond with a laugh for her randomness.

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